I am talking about the computer mouse. Well, using a computer mouse says it’s one of the niftiest inventions among computer devices. I’ll tell you about some of the mouse tricks that I often use to make using my computer much more comfortable.

I’ve noticed that people often use their mouse to click open a program or document, open a context menu, and select and drag and drop files or folders. But the mouse can do more.

Tips for using Mouse for Windows

These tricks may not be helpful for everyone, but they are useful to word processing. Though, some of them are quite popular and are used by many around them – lesser-known ones but very helpful.

1. Select Text Using the [SHIFT] key

(Shift + Left Click) This is one of the simplest mouse tricks. However, you can easily select text by clicking the left mouse button and dragging it, but this sometimes becomes unfortunate when selecting a specific character. Drags often choose the complete word, and this trick helps there. I also use this tip when my mouse doesn’t pull all the way.

2. Select Multiple Text Using the [CTRL] key

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This trick is not that common that I guess. Using this wizard, you can select multiple paragraphs of text in a document. Select a text and then press and hold the [CTRL] key and select the next piece of text you want.

Have you ever wanted to select multiple paragraphs of text on a single document? Then what do you do? Here is the answer. Hold down the Ctrl key while selecting text. Again, keeping it pressed, select another piece of text; Select the third part of the text, and so on.

I must mention here that this trick doesn’t work on online sites. You can use this trick only on your Microsoft Office documents.

3. Select Vertical Text with the [Alt] key

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Do you know how to select vertical text? It is easy; just press and hold the [Alt] key and select the text using your mouse’s left button.

I must mention here that this trick also doesn’t work on online sites either. You can use this trick only on your Microsoft Office documents.

4. Zoom in and out

I often need this procedure because my vision is a bit weak. I usually work in Word with a Zoomed In page.

If you also want to Zoom in your Word document, press [CTRL] and scroll up and [CTRL] and scroll down to zoom out.

5. Maximize or Close the window

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This is quite an ordinary mouse, but I find it worth adding to my list of helpful mouse tricks. If you want to close the window, double click on the Windows logo in the top left corner of your window.

To maximize or reinstate the window, double click on the title bar.

6. Open the link in a new tab

You can open any link in a new tab by holding down the [CTRL] key and clicking on it. However, just right-clicking gives us the option to open links in new windows, view tabs, and incognito windows, but this trick saves you time.

This trick is also helpful when your right-click doesn’t work, which is quite common with my Windows machine.

7. Expanded context menu

mouse tricks

We all know that our mouse right-click will bring up the context menu, but if you want an expanded context menu, press and hold the [SHIFT] key while you right-click on the child. Doing this will bring up the extended context menu.

8. Open multiple links

This is one of my favorite and most used mouse tricks. As a blogger and writer, I do a lot of research, and this trick helps me open a lot of links in real-time.

I press and hold the [CTRL] key and click the link you want to stay in. All of them will open in a new tab.

9. Automatically scroll windows

While reading on the Internet, I often come across articles with long lists or long pages. I hate reading articles because I hate keeping my finger on the mouse to scroll down sincerely.

I was thrilled to learn this automatic scrolling trick. I take the mouse pointer on the scroll bar and click the mouse’s middle button, and the whole deck is scrolled automatically. I left-click the mouse when I want to scroll to stop.

10. Drag and Drop

People often press the right mouse button to open the context menu, but I use it to move, copy, or link a portion of my document. I select the text I want to move/copy and then drag the mouse to the place where I want it to be and click the button to my mouse’s right. I get the options Move here, Copy here, Link here, Create hyperlink and Cancel. I choose the option I want.

Drap and drop files into a folder by right-clicking. Once you release the mouse button, you will see many options!

I have compiled a list of 10 useful mouse tricks. I certainly have more, and I am eager to learn them. If you are using any other tricks worth adding to my list, please let me know in the comments box below.