2 How to dim or increase the brightness of the laptop or the LCD screen of the laptop

2 How to dim or increase the brightness of the laptop or the LCD screen of the laptop

Previously, we talked about how you can manually turn off a laptop or laptop LCD screen using a utility called Turn Off LCD. Today we are going to share with you another tip on how to dim or brighten your LCD screen. I can easily brighten Acer’s laptop screen by pressing Fn + Left keys at the same time to brighten it or Fn + Right keys to dim it. Key combinations are different for each laptop. Some are Fn + F7 for shutdown, and Fn + F8 to turn it on.

You should be able to see which keys are used by looking at them, and look for which keys have an icon for brightness, usually in light blue. If you can’t find it, just check your laptop’s manual for whether there is a shortcut for this purpose. But most of the ones I see are Fn keys, number keys or special keys like arrow keys and so on

2 Cách làm mờ hoặc tăng độ sáng của máy tính xách tay hoặc màn hình LCD của máy tính xách tay

A laptop LCD monitor is not like a desktop LCD monitor, where there are buttons for you to adjust brightness, contrast, color etc so if your laptop doesn’t have keys The combination can be used to adjust the brightness of the LCD, Or if you have a key combination that doesn’t seem to work because a broken FN key can’t be remapped, then you’re pretty much stuck. towels with either too dim or too bright the screen.

But no worries as here are a few solutions for how to easily adjust the brightness of your LCD screen.

1. DimScreen

DimScreen is part of Skrommel’s 1 hour software hosted at DonationCoder. It’s small, easy to use and serves its purpose, that is to dim the entire screen.

DimScreen is portable and only 400KB in size. While it was running, it only took 1.6 MB of memory. To change the brightness, you can right-click the tray icon and choose a blur ratio. If you go to settings, you can configure a hotkey to easily increase or decrease opacity.

There is only 1 problem with this tool when you are playing video on your computer. The video will only show black screen. However, I tried to dim the screen with DimScreen and played Counter Strike but with no effect at all. DimScreen was implemented with the AutoHotKey scripting language.

Download DimScreen

2. Volumouse

Volumouse is a utility developed by NirSoft and can be used to adjust screen brightness. It was originally developed to control the system’s sound via the mouse wheel, but as time has gone by, a lot of other features have been added to it. Volumouse is only around 100KB, much smaller than DimScreen and can do much more.

To use Volumouse to control screen brightness, you need to set up a rule for it by selecting a key to rate from the first drop-down box and selecting “Screen Brightness” from the drop-down menu of Component. The picture below is when I press and hold the Ctrl key and scroll down the mouse wheel, the screen dims. And when I press and hold the Ctrl key and scroll up the mouse wheel, the screen gets brighter.

Volumouse also has an option for an on-screen display or percentage meter in addition to implementing specific rules for certain programs.

Obviously if you want to use Volumouse on a laptop, it will depend on whether you have a mouse connected or whether your touch pad has a scrolling option.

Download Volumouse

If you want to make the screen brighter or dimmer, you should also check the graphics adapter driver settings because there is usually an option to change the color, brightness, gamma level, RGB etc. of screen