4 Ways to Prevent and Remove Autorun Virus from PC and Pendrive

4 Ways to Prevent and Remove Autorun Virus from PC and Pendrive

We can easily stop and remove autorun virus from your drive or from your computer. In this tutorial, Badawave.com will guide you 4 ways to remove Autorun Virus in your computer.

4 Cách Ngăn chặn và Loại bỏ Virus Autorun khỏi máy tính và Pendrive

What is Autorun.inf?

You can see the autorun.inf file in Pendrive or in the computer drive. It’s not really a virus. This file contains automatic executable setup file and some other information related to your device. When you insert pendrive into usb slot, the first window executes this autorun file. Windows works according to the instructions of the autorun file. You can also find the autorun.inf file in your C drive. For example your CD / DVD drive software must contain an autorun file in order to perform the function automatically.

Windows first executes the autorun.inf file. For this reason, the attacker places the virus in this file, so that they can spread the virus easily to the entire system.

Can I delete autorun.inf files?

Yes. You can delete autorun.inf file. Nothing will happen to Pendrive or your computer, if you delete the autorun file. When you delete the autorun.inf file from Pendrive, Windows won’t automatically open Pendrive. Of course, you can access the pendrive files by going to my computer. It is good practice to remove autorun.inf file from pendrive.

How to Remove Autorun Virus from Computer |

You cannot remove autorun virus manually. Because autorun.inf file can contain system, hidden, archive, and read-only properties.

Xóa autorun.inf

When you want to delete any file with any one of the four attributes, you first need to remove those attributes from the file. You can change file properties by using command prompt.

Here I will show you the possible methods to remove autorun virus from pendrive or PC.

Method 1: Create duplicate autorun.inf file

This method can work for older versions of Windows. It will not work in the latest versions. If you have the latest version, you can skip this method.

Insert your pen drive into the usb slot. Open pen drive. Right click on space. Create a new empty text document with the name “autorun.inf”. Save the document, it will ask you to replace existing automatic files. Click Yes. Now you have replaced autorun file with empty autorun.inf file. You are currently virus free.

The latest version of Windows will not overwrite an existing file, instead it creates a file with the title autorun (2) .inf.

Method 2: Uninstall autorun virus using command prompt

This is the best method to remove any virus including autorun.inf file.

Insert pendrive into usb slot. Just go to my computer and note your pendrive letter (C or D or E or F or G). Just see below screenshot, this is drive ‘G’ which is my Pendrive drive letter.

Loại bỏ autorun.inf từ ổ đĩa bút

Run command prompt as administrator. For older versions of Windows, follow the steps below.

Go to Start -> go to Run -> type cmd and click OK -> Right click on Command Prompt and select “ Run as Administrator . You will see a command prompt window.

Type G: and press enter

Type attrib-h -s -r -a *. * And press Enter

Loại bỏ virus autorun

This command will remove hidden, system, read-only and archiv properties from all files in drive ‘G’. You can also use attrib-h -s -r – a autorun.inf to remove attributes only from autorun.inf file.

Now type del autorun.inf and press Enter it will delete the file. You can also manually delete autorun files.

Xóa tập tin auturon

If you get any problem in this method, you can try next method.

Method 3: delete autorun file in safe mode

Sometimes you may get ” access denied ” error after trying ” attrib ” command.

Truy cập bị từ chối

To resolve this issue, just reboot the system in safe mode. If you don’t know how to start the system in safe mode.

Open your pendrive. Delete autorun file. You can easily delete files in safe mode. If you cannot delete the file. Right click on the autorun.inf file -> Click ” Properties ” -> Go to ” Security ” -> and adjust the access to ” EVERYONE “.

Now restart your computer in normal mode and apply attrib and del commands shown in method 2.

Still if you see the problem, then go for the next step.

Method 4: Use winrar and sdformatter

Open your pendrive with winrar. Copy all the files from the drive pen to your computer by going to autorun.inf in pendrive. Pendrive format. You can use sdformatter to format pen drive instead of formatting windows preferences. Because this software even delete viruses from your pen drive.

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