Is it after a period of use, your laptop will often encounter phenomena such as hot machine, running slowly, freezing, running, keyboard flickering, keys shorting … You think it is only due to Win error or hardware Does that make you very anxious to have your device repaired and even costing a lot of money?

1. No regular maintenance and cleaning of the machine

The cleaning and maintenance of laptops actually consist of the following tasks: cleaning the body and internal components, changing the cooling cream, lubricating the fan, hinges. The regular cleaning of these devices is very simple and fast, but you often do not clean or rarely clean the machine. This makes the machine can reduce up to 80% performance and durability. And your computer is often not as clean as you think, with the hot and humid climate all year round and environmental pollution in Vietnam, for a long time dust will cling to the slots, the corner, the fan, the connection ports. , or keystrokes, keyboard, etc. Especially the slot contains a lot of dirt that clog and obstruct the long-term heat dissipation will lead to damage to the main and components that cause slow phenomenon, freeze, disconnect, power down …. This could cost you millions to replace the main or repair the device. Even those who were surprised to see maintenance of insects or ants nesting in a machine without even knowing it.

The cooling cream part, usually after 4-6 months will dry out, so it needs to be replaced to ensure the cooling performance. Besides, the lubricating oil is periodically changed to help the fan operate smoothly.

2. The device configuration (RAM, CPU, Hard Disk) is low and especially the lack of SSD hard drive

If you own a machine with less than 4GB of RAM, a low-CPU or hard drive is an old standard HDD, then when using the machine for many hours, constantly almost certainly will encounter the phenomenon of lag, freeze. Because laptops equipped with that configuration currently no longer meet most of your needs such as graphics processing, entertainment, gaming and even basic office IT tasks.

HDDs are full of data or after a long time of use, the speed will be significantly reduced. The addition of an SSD helps minimize boot time, access data extremely fast and safely, helping to increase the speed of the device by about 20 times compared to normal.It is definitely an extremely effective solution to help for your computer does not encounter the problem of slow running, freezing and lag lag.

3. The machine installed with wrong operating system, driver, junk software and virus infection

In the process of interacting with customers, I encountered cases where the machine is equipped with a low-end Core 2Dou or Core i3 CPU but installs the Windows 10 operating system. Many people own a laptop with a very high configuration but install Windows version. Low version like Win XP or Low life Windows. A good rule of thumb is that the software installation needs to be compatible with the hardware configuration in order for the device to take full advantage of its features and performance.

5 sai lầm nghiêm trọng khi sử dụng laptop khiến máy bị chậm, đơ, lag giảm 80% hiệu suất máy mà bạn không ngờ tới

Downloading and installing drivers from websites other than the manufacturer’s homepage can make your computer more likely to hang.

In addition, laptops are also susceptible to viruses or malware when you access the web or install software from unofficial sites. Infected viruses will soon lead to significant slowdowns and no guarantee of data security and safety.

4. Use multitasking software, applications

Opening lots of unnecessary applications or multiple “Tab” browsers will take up a lot of memory and consume resources which can easily cause overload. And many of you have the habit of having many programs start with Windows causing the computer to be slow, frozen, and indispensable …

5. Misuse of charging accessories

When you buy an external charger, you usually test it on the power, but do not pay attention to the parameters of voltage, power and amperage proposed by the company under the body. For example, your laptop has a capacity of 90W, but when you buy a charger of only 45 or 60W, although the machine is still on, but using the wrong charger for a long time will lead to overheating, shock, battery bottles, … Or the fact that some brands have the same charging pin structure, they often plug into each other, you think they can replace each other but this is not necessarily true.

5 sai lầm nghiêm trọng khi sử dụng laptop khiến máy bị chậm, đơ, lag giảm 80% hiệu suất máy mà bạn không ngờ tới

In a nutshell, you need to avoid 5 mistakes: The first is not hygienic, regular laptop maintenance, the second is to use a machine with a lower configuration than the demand and especially the lack of SSD, the third is to install the wrong operating system, driver, software and to be infected with a virus, the fourth is to misuse multitasking software, applications and finally use the wrong type of charger.

Source: GenK