Because the plot is too short, if you want to enjoy the game, follow the tips of and “sweep” all the side quests of Rage 2.

Although Rage 2 has a very short plot time, it still provides an extremely engaging shooting experience. If you intend to stay with this game for a while while waiting for Doom Eternal to come out, give it a try.

Find a car

6 mẹo các xạ thủ cần biết để sinh tồn… sung sướng hơn trong Rage 2

Rage 2 has 5 main vehicles that you will unlock according to the story (Phoenix, Raptor, Icarus, ChazCar, Xerxes) and 12 auxiliary vehicles randomly appear on the map. Of these, there are three most useful cars: Phoenix that you get early game is most versatile because it has a moderate speed, can be upgraded with additional armor, weapons and acceleration with nitro. The Icarus is extremely convenient if you want to skip the terrain, because it is a highly efficient and versatile individual aircraft. In the end, Xerxes is slow but gives you heavy weapons and extremely thick armor, which is suitable for the mission to bombard enemy bases in the game.

You will receive Icarus after raising Dr. Kvasir’s Project Search & Recover to 7 points. This is very easy: just go to the blue quest on the map (destroying meteors, collecting datapad, finding dead Rangers …) and completing them.

6 mẹo các xạ thủ cần biết để sinh tồn… sung sướng hơn trong Rage 2

The Xerxes looks like a Batmobile.

Xerxes is a little harder to pick up because you need to go to Loosum Hagar and complete the task for this character until she accepts to help you. Every time you order this car, you also need to spend 500 USD.

One thing you may not know is that when damaged, the vehicles can be repaired by standing in front of the vehicle and holding the Ctrl button. This will restore the vehicle’s health as new.

Find Ark

As stated in the previous article, the story of Rage 2 is extremely short and most of its playing time is in extra activities. So, don’t rush to gobble up the main missions, but spend your time hunting for Arks in the game. They contain new skills and extremely useful weapons, making the game more attractive than when just sticking to follow the instructions of the game.

6 mẹo các xạ thủ cần biết để sinh tồn… sung sướng hơn trong Rage 2

The vast open world of Rage 2 has a total of 14 different Ark. Two of these will open as you follow the storyline – once you’ve just finished the tutorial at Vineland and one at Gunbarrel containing the legendary Combat Shotgun. The remaining 14 Ark are scattered everywhere and waiting for you to explore. Finding these Arks is actually very easy: just look for a high point and hold down the Ctrl button, the location of the Ark will be highlighted on the screen with brightly colored pillars of light. You just need to find a suitable means of transportation (preferably Icarus) and fly towards the Ark you need.

The location of the Ark is actually very easy to recognize. They are often different terrain locations around, such as the same road or in small valleys. To unlock the Ark, gamers only need to “kill” the surrounding monsters and walk to the front of the Ark, hold the Ctrl button again so that the AI of the Ark will scan and confirm your character has the right to step inside. After stepping out of the Ark, the game will arrange a group of enemies so you can test your new toy!

6 mẹo các xạ thủ cần biết để sinh tồn… sung sướng hơn trong Rage 2

Damage> all

When you reach Wellspring, gamers will be able to upgrade the health, damage, Overdrive … by buying from The Cyber Dog NPC. In addition, if you have missed the wrong Nanotrite, this NPC also allows you to “erase points” for only 500 USD.

6 mẹo các xạ thủ cần biết để sinh tồn… sung sướng hơn trong Rage 2

This NPC allows you to upgrade your health, damage, remove points, etc.

Focus on damage (Weapon Damage Augmentation), because this is the most important thing to help you survive. “Attacking is the best defense,” so you don’t need to worry about losing your blood after you “kill” your enemies with a few rounds of bullets that can be found everywhere in the game. Each time you upgrade, your damage increases by 5%, but you just have to accumulate and you will see your damage added to 50% after only a short time.

Meet all the NPCs

Unless you have a superlative memory, it is almost impossible to remember which NPC to assign any side quests in Rage 2. Gunbarrel alone, has received about half a dozen missions and they are rampant on the map, but the game does not provide tracking of these tasks. So take the time to talk to the NPCs each time you complete several quests and return to the village to buy more ammunition or manufacturing materials. Not everyone will give you extra rewards, but they will definitely get new lines every time you complete the assigned task.

Let’s go everywhere

6 mẹo các xạ thủ cần biết để sinh tồn… sung sướng hơn trong Rage 2

Rampant side quests on the new map are the main content of Rage 2.

Maybe for the most part of Rage 2, you will only be in Phoenix or Icarus riding in the sky, but this will make you miss a lot of interesting things. Open up the map and look at “suspicious” locations – perhaps an unmarked building, an area of unusual terrain that is completely different from the surrounding, and stop there to explore. In addition to being a way for you to enjoy the beautiful and varied open world of the game, sooner or later you will find something very interesting!

Edit buttons

You may want to switch the Ctrl button function to another button, because it’s on the left hand side and it’s a little inconvenient if you want to surf (press Ctrl while holding one of the four WSAD keys) or use special powers. (hold Ctrl). choose a solution to turn Ctrl into a mouse button on the thumb, while moving the button sitting from C to Ctrl because too familiar with using Ctrl in shooting games.

After switching the function of the Ctrl button from left hand to the right mouse button, Dash to dodge bullets or use special skills becomes much easier and more convenient. Believe it, this will help you “breathe” a lot easier when you have to escape the rain of bullets or AOE attacks of the boss in Rage 2.