Disable computer USB port

6 Ways to Disable Computer USB Port and Enhance Computer Protection

Your data in your personal computer is very important and you will not want to share it with anyone without your permission. But many times your data can be stolen by anyone using pendrives, USB data stores that you don’t know about.

Have you ever thought to protect your USB port so no one can use your system’s USB port without your knowledge?

Vô hiệu hóa cổng USB máy tính

To disable computer USB port so no one will be allowed to use your system’s USB port without your permission. This will help increase your system security.

Use the BIOS to disable the USB port

When starting the computer, you press Delete, F2, F8 … to access the BIOS.

Here, look to Advanced Settings or Onboard Devices (depending on the different types of motherboards that the shortcuts access and the order in which the menus are arranged is also different):

Vô hiệ hóa cổng USB bằng BIOS

Disable computer USB port by Registry

  1. Use the keyboard shortcut to start Run Windows ie Window + R. For more keyboard shortcuts to make your work easier, you can check below link which has detailed explanations for each and every shortcut in Microsoft operating system window and still more Such tricks are yet to come on this blog.
  1. In the run window type the command ” regedit ” as shown in the picture below and click OK . This will launch Registry Editor Window.

    Vô hiệu hóa cổng USB máy tính - Hinh 1

  2. If you are logged in with different user except Administrator then it will ask for administrator permission, just give permission and go to next step.
  3. In the next window navigate to the path HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE >> SYSTEM >> CurrentControlSet >> services as shown in the screenshot below.

    Registry Editor-HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE >> SYSTEM >> CurrentControlSet >> services

  4. In the directory scroll down to find U sbstor to get the settings regarding USB services provided in your system.

    Vô hiệu hóa cổng USB máy tính - Hình 3

  1. After you choose the usbstor folder you will get the option to play a trick that you are expecting. In the screenshot above there is a Start Selection value of 3 . Edit this value to 4 and make sure Hexadecimal is selected in the same window and click on OK .

    Vô hiệu hóa cổng USB máy tính - Hình 4

  1. Now you can close the entire window that you have opened while performing the steps above. After this step is done successfully no will be able to access your USB port without your permission. Hence enhancing the system’s security.
  1. If you want to use USB then follow the same steps 1-6 and change the value of Start to 3 . Simple! Isn’t that difficult ??

Disable the USB port using Device Manager

Applies to Windows 7 and Windows 8

1. Type device manage in the Search box on Start Menu, then press Enter to open the Device manager window.

2. On the Device Manager window, find and click Universal Serial Bus Controllers (USB) .

Universal Serial Bus Controllers (USB)

3. Double click on the specific USB port.

4. On the USB Root dialog box, click the Driver tab .

5. Click Disable .

Vô hiệu hóa cổng USB

Use intelliadmin to disable / enable USB port

You can download and use a free USB Drive Disabler / Enabler tool that allows you to easily enable or disable USB drives on your Windows PC. www.intelliadmin.com to download.

Use Microsoft Fix It.

Ifa USB storage deviceis already installed on your Windows computer, you can edit the Registry in Windows domains to ensure that USB does not work when one connects it to a PC, use theMicrosoft Fix it 50061this. Check first if it applies to your version ofWindowsoperating system.

Use free third-party software

You can download or purchase the best software and tools to protect your Windows 7 computer from data loss or theft when enabling or disabling the USB port. Also you can download USB Drive Disable Pro to enable or disable the USB port on your Windows 7 computer / laptop.