The events of The Last of Us are summarized to help you quickly grasp the plot development and the correlation between the characters in the game.

To keep track of the game’s plot, the Game will summarize the main timeline of The Last of Us. The┬átimeline has many references and is also estimated:

In 1984 – 1985

– September 26, Joel was born.

Between 1986 – 1989

– Tommy is born.

The 1990s or early 2000s

– Joel is getting married

The year 2001

– Joel’s wife, after giving birth to Sarah, left him, Joel became a single father.

The Last of Us

Sarah, Joel’s young daughter

In 2008

– Henry is born.

In 2013

– A Cordyceps Brain Infection called Cordyceps Brain Infection appears on South American crops and has infected the first person.

– It began to spread through Asia, Europe, and the Middle East.

– An infected person who does not control his / her behavior is a sign of infection.

– The first level of infection is called Runner.

The Last of Us

The runner is the first form of transformation of an infected person

September 2013

– The pandemic spread to America and quickly spread to Austin, Texas.


– Joel’s birthday. Sarah tried to wait for her father to come back with a birthday present as a watch.


– A pandemic broke out in Austin early in the morning.

– Sarah was killed during a pandemic by the US military.

– Austin is quarantined.

End of 2013

– A pandemic hit Lincoln. Everyone there was infected

– The survivors include Bill and Frank.

– FEDRA and the US military began to establish the Quarantine Zone.

– The next infected area is Boston. After that, Boston was quarantined.

– Next is Hartford; Hartford is also isolated.

The Last of Us

Bill is one of the survivors at Lincoln

Around the end of 2013 or in 2014

– Marlene formed a militia group called Firefiles.

– The US military begins to attack Firefiles.

– The first cases of pandemics start to appear at Eastern Colorado University. A team of graduate students contacted the military for help

– The plague makes its way to Salt Lake City, Utah. The whole city is isolated.

– Pandemic continues to appear in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. After that, this place was isolated.

– The next level of infection has changed into Stalker.

In 2015

– January 18, 2015: The university survivors have no food left.

– Late February, early March: One of them decided to go out to get some extra supplies.

2016 or 2017

– Riley Abel is born

The Last of Us

Riley Abel and Ellie

2018 or 2019

– Anna gave birth to Ellie, then died (possibly due to Meningeal Fungi). Marlene took care of Ellie on Ellie’s behalf.

In the period of possible from 2015 – 2019

– Firefiles, based at Eastern Colorado University, began providing necessary supplies to other locations in seven months.

– Eastern Colorado University’s Firefiles accepted five new members from Chicago, and then they added three new soldiers and a biologist from San Francisco.

An infected laboratory monkey bites-A Firefiles scientist at Eastern Colorado University. (According to records, it has been at least five years since the establishment of Firefiles.)

– The survivors decide to evacuate to Salt Lake City.

2019 or 2020

– Sam was born.

Late 2019, early 2020

– Stage 3 of the infection is Clicker.

The Last of Us

Clicker, the third stage of fungal infection

Between 2018 and 2023

– Diet slumps in Pittsburgh.

– The rebel groups begin to rebel with the help of Firefiles, take control – the city.

– Three teenagers murdered a small family. They were publicly tried but acquitted and were justified as being assisting with collecting supplies.

– All citizens of Pittsburgh join the hunter group (Hunter). Those who speak against them are shot to death by their leader.

– Stage 4 of the infection evolves into Bloater

The Last of Us

Stage 4 of the infected person is Bloater

Between 2013 and 2033

– The final form of the disease begins to form spor

– Joel becomes Hunter after having a conflict with his younger brother Tommy.

– Bill and Frank survived and remained in Lincoln. They set many traps to defend themselves.

– Unable to stand up to Joel’s conflicting ways of life, Tommy joined Firefiles and left the group.

– Joel met Tess and became a smuggler.

– Davil discovers a group of cannibals.

– Joel, Tess, and Bill smuggle necessary supplies between Boston and Lincoln.


– Tess bought a gun from a man named Robert, later bought by Marlene.

The Last of Us

Joel, Tess, and Ellie

July 2033

– The army raided the GoldStone building and was killed by the Infected Group.

Summer 2033

– Boston became the last Active Isolation Area.

The army almost destroyed-Firefiles Boston.

– The Left Behind event takes place.

– Firefiles learns that Ellie is immune to CBI and tries to get her out of Boston.

– Tess is attacked by Robert’s men, resulting in her and Joel following Robert and killing him.

– Marlene was injured after a gun battle with the US military.

– Joel and Tess help Marlene find more weapons.

– Joel, Tess, and Marlene find a safe house, where two of them decide to take Ellie out of Boston.

– Joel, Tess, and Ellie avoid collisions with the army, then discovered in downtown Boston.

– Tess became infected and died at the hands of the army.

– Joel and Ellie headed for Lincoln to get their car back.

– The two reach Pittsburgh, meet Henry and Sam.

– After that, Henry and Sam died.

The Last of Us

Joel and Ellie in the car

Fall 2033

– Joel and Ellie find Jackson County.

– Joel reunited with Tommy and his wife, Maria.

– Surviving a robbery, Ellie left. Tommy and Joel immediately went to see her.

– When Joel rethought guardian Ellie, Tommy advised them both to Eastern Colorado University.

– Both went to the University and found out that Firefiles had moved to Salt Lake. Joel was also injured when he fell from above and was pierced by an iron rod.

Winter 2033

– Joel was seriously injured, forcing Ellie to cure her companion.

– While stitching the wound, Ellie also discovered Joel’s wound was infected.

– Both hide in the Lakeside resort, living in the wild.

Late 2033 and early 2034

– When Joel is recovering, Ellie has a meeting with David and his group. She offered to exchange meat for antibiotics to treat Joel.

– David’s group goes after Ellie and kidnaps her. However, Ellie still did not reveal Joel’s hideout.

– Joel, fully recovered, tortured David’s two longmen to find their lair.

– To avoid being eaten, Ellie seeks to escape, killing David and his men.

– Joel found Ellie, with her away from David’s group, and left town.

Ellie defeated David and freed herself.

In 2034

– Marlene’s group arrived in Utah on March 15.

– On March 23, they arrived at Salt Lake. Marlene decided to make a magazine that told how well everyone’s spirits were when they met their comrades and collapsed when they learned that Ellie’s escort had been killed.


– Joel and Ellie to Salt Lake. Joel began to think about returning to Tommy, but Ellie resolutely completed the task.

– Ellie gives Joel a picture of him, and Sarah Joel accepted the truth and stepped through the obsession of losing children in the past.

– When the two of them crossed the underground sewer, Ellie lost consciousness. Later while trying to help Ellie, Joel is knocked unconscious by the Firefiles member.

– Joel then wakes up in the hospital and sees Marlene. When he learned that Ellie had to die to prepare the antidote, he killed Ethan (a member of Fireflies) and went to the operating room.

– Joel saved Ellie but was surrounded by Marlene. Joel then killed Marlene and climbed into the car to flee.

– When Ellie gradually regained consciousness, Joel lied about Fireflies giving up making the vaccine.

In the middle of 2034

– The two return to Jackson.

– Ellie told Joel about her contribution to vaccine production. Although trying to persuade her, the collapse of Fireflies made her doubt the truth in Joel’s story.

– Finally, the two stay with Tommy.

The Last of Us