In Windows 10, you can add the Hibernate option to the power button menu within the Start menu. Using this command, you can easily use hibernation instead of the shutdown command, and your computer will remain powered off. Hibernation in Windows is very useful and saves time because you don’t have to close open documents and apps before you power off the system. You can resume your work the next time exactly where you left off. Here’s how to add the Hibernate command to Start Menu in Windows 10.

Instructions Add Hibernate to the Start Menu

If the Start menu in Windows 10 doesn’t have the Hibernate option, you need to do the following:

1. Open the Control Panel.

2. Go to the following: Hardware and Sound Power Options

3. On the left, click on “ Choose what the power buttons do “:

4. Click the Change Settings link that is not currently available. Shutdown options will become editable. Check if that option is called Hibernate (Show in the Sources menu). You are done.



Thêm Hibernate vào Start Menu trong Windows 10