This will be the first version of Photoshop to support touch operations fully.

After a long time announcing a complete Photoshop version for iPad devices, Adobe today officially announced the first release version of this application. The Photoshop app for iPad has been redesigned to better fit the touch interface, along with Photoshop’s core tools.

Adobe phát hành Photoshop phiên bản hoàn chỉnh cho iPad

Users of supported iPad devices have been able to download and experience this Photoshop application for free in the App Store for 30 days. After 30 days of trial, the application will cost 9.99 USD / month, equivalent to about 230,000 VND, registered as a monthly subscription through paid via the application or Adobe Creative Cloud.

However, Adobe says version 1.0 of Photoshop for iPad will not necessarily be as full of features as the Photoshop version for computers, but only focus on support and compatibility with Apple Pencil and deployment. Touch operation interface. However, Photoshop for iPad will still support opening and editing PSD files completely. Adobe is also committed to updating the future’s missing features, including several basic features such as brushes, masks, or smart selection.

Adobe phát hành Photoshop phiên bản hoàn chỉnh cho iPad

Looking ahead, at the Adobe MAX 2019 event held in November, Adobe may also introduce a full version of Illustrator for iPad and will be released next year.

Readers can download and experience the Photoshop application for iPad at this link. The app supports all iPad devices updated to iPadOS.

Source: GenK