Once upon a time when people were still fascinated with classic games, the feeling of flying to the sky with balloons was something too wonderful.

I’m not a romantic person or like to think idle, but when I relax in JRPG games, everything is always different. There is a very famous novel in the 2015, about a parallel world where people travel by personal devices flying in the sky, cars turn into jetpacks, and wagons grow wings. into giant balloons, radiating their shadow over everything below.

Giả lập bi hài ký hay câu chuyện về những người cố tìm cách chơi game console trên máy PC

Cometomic or the story of people trying to play console games on a PC Despite many disagreements, but many PC gamers are still quite desirous whenever the PlayStation gets exclusive titles, which they It would take some time later or worse, permanently, that there was no way to go in without asking for help from the emulator.

The writer has a very special hobby with exploring the map or looking at them from the air, especially in JPRG games with balloons or planes. Speaking of hot air balloons, this is the real thing born for the game, when it can fit almost any genre and any historical moment. Hot air balloon is like a creature born on the edge of the modern world but no less magical, it appears from Warcraft III, Red Alert, Final Fantasy, BioShock Infinite and even Call of Duty.

I was fascinated by the hot air balloon early, when I was in the middle of an illusion of fighting melee in Warcraft III, when I turned on the game, I turned on the APM counting software to see and dreamed that someday I would be like Gosu. Solder. Until the day I saw Moon – the player at that time was called the fifth micro Zeppelin race on a level that was almost non-human, it was so flashy and perfect, when a flying ship There is no ability to attack again enough to defeat everything.

Hot air balloon played a big role in previous strategy games, no one who ever played Red Arlert 2 could not forget the “Kirov Reporting” message line from Kirov Airship – Soviet air god. Regardless of whether they are against people or fight with machines, these huge balloons are always horrible, it is dumbfounded as the angel of the air comes forward and spread carpet to destroy all the works below, including when Kirov is shot down it is still unfortunate for anyone to stand below it.

The hot air balloon has such a special attraction and often appears in the game, because the feeling of controlling the sky is always something extremely passionate for anyone. A glimpse of a gloomy ball in the air can be suitable for all types of games, whether it be adventure, tactics or action … in any context, it can be inserted without feeling awkward.

Even in shooting games with a vast battlefield like Battlefield 1, the feeling of fighting and watching each balloon burst into flames, falling slowly into the space below is really nothing compared to pleasure. comparable. The huge pillars of fire that it creates with each successive explosion are the best symphony the gamer wants, the bright sky at night brings victory.

Máy bay và khinh khí cầu trong game – sự lãng mạng và tự do của bầu trời xanh

Things like balloons or airplanes in the game are always something that represents freedom, as well as a little “let loose” of youth. Those who love the Final Fantasy series will always remember the feeling at the end of the game was traveling on giant flying ships, coming to every corner on the map that I have not been before.

Some times more than a decade ago, when people played RPG games completely “instinct” and did not have any specific instructions. Hot air balloons are wings and things to bring gamers to the sky, even though they explore the world in any way they want. I still remember flying to every place, every mountain, every forest possible with the Ragnarok in Final Fantasy VIII, just to see if I missed any secrets or had any monsters to draw spells. genuine or not.

Hot air balloon or aircraft is exactly what makes the world of gamers “open” before their eyes, including the map only encapsulated in a few rounds of flying, but below it are hundreds of thousands of possible locations. is the secret they are seeking to find. It’s like a romantic movie where we leave everything, only in exchange for a few minutes of leisure time in the blue sky.

Máy bay và khinh khí cầu trong game – sự lãng mạn và tự do của bầu trời xanh

With modern games when the Fast Travel features appear in place of walking, the balloon or other flying vehicles are no longer as attractive as the way it used to be, but the passion love to be released into the sky never before. If someday you roam the dusty roads in open world games or go up the high mountains to enjoy the feeling of being alone in the nature, then it is a kind of freedom-like like flying with a balloon.