In February 2019, the world game village unexpectedly received an attractive new battle royale product from EA called Apex Legends.

The title of the game that debuted without a trumpet was finally a big hit, quickly confirming its name and joining forces with other popular multiplayer games. Now Apex Legends has officially turned 1 year old, with the release of Season 4 Assimilation, we will look back on a successful year with many ups and downs of this new phenomenon.

Apex Legends: Hành trình 1 năm với 4 mùa ấm - lạnh

In 2017, PUBG launched and thanks to its brilliant success, battle royale became a new trend. Countless battle royale titles have been released, from new products to hit AAA like Call of Duty and Battlefield, as well as bad ones. In just a short time this category seems to make the game market saturated, gamers are real. Along with the dominance of PUBG and Fortnite, on the indie front there are too many products with battle royale elements, it can be said that not many people expect anything new in this category.

In 2019, amid the thought that the battle royale fever was over, Respawn Entertainment suddenly launched its new product on February 4, 2019. Unlike previous speculations that the new project is Titanfall 3, this is a completely new Free to Play Battle Royale game called Apex Legends. Without any aggressive marketing campaign, Apex Legends was released on the announcement day and became a new phenomenon in the gaming industry after exactly 1 night. Only in the first 8 hours this new game has 1 million players. The number of players continued to increase dramatically with 2.5 million players after 1 day and 25 million players in the first week. After 1 month, Apex Legends reached a desirable milestone with 50 million players.

Apex Legends: Hành trình 1 năm với 4 mùa ấm - lạnh

Apex Legends is highly appreciated by both professionals and gamers for blowing a new breath into the battle royale genre. With fast, intense gameplay and emphasizing team coordination, diverse character classes with a variety of fighting styles, the ping system makes communication between players more convenient and allows reviving teammates making Apex Legends becomes more unique and worth playing than among dozens of other battle royale products. Apex Legends quickly became a formidable opponent of big players like Fortnite and PUBG.

After initial success, Respawn launched Season 1 Wild Frontier with the first Battlepass package on March 19. The updated content includes an entirely new character, Octane, and a number of adjustments to balance the game. Season 1 of Apex Legends is not appreciated due to the lack of rich content as well as not many new additions. Along with that during Season 1, there was only one short-term event, Legendary Hunt. It partly makes players not have much reason to buy Battlepass as well as make the game somewhat cooler than before.

Apex Legends: Hành trình 1 năm với 4 mùa ấm - lạnh

However, Respawn also has a number of marginal additions to the game’s world story such as short films as well as some hidden details in the map to give content suggestions in the coming seasons. Respawn Entertainment also stated that they do not want to force employees to work overtime (crunch) to produce content on a regular basis like Fortnite so Apex will only release new content according to specific seasons and events.

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When the craze Apex Legends created has cooled down somewhat, on 2/7, Season 2 Battle Charge officially launched. Season 2 introduces a new character named Wattson and a new weapon model, L-STAR. The environment in the game is also more unique with the appearance of many influential creatures to match each game.

Season 2 of Apex Legends was rated higher than the disappointing Season 1 before adding a series of challenges during the day and week to create more motivation for players to stick with the game longer. Along with that is the rank system introduced into the game with the ambition to turn Apex into an esport game. The Iron Crown Collection event started on August 13 with the short-term presence of Solo mode, which has long been requested by fans. Season 2 has helped warm the battlefield in Apex Legends again and confirmed the foothold of the game on the market.

Apex Legends: Hành trình 1 năm với 4 mùa ấm - lạnh

However not everything is positive. The Iron Crown Collection event held on 3/8 was controversial when an ax skin can only be obtained through the purchase of a series of other loot boxes for a minimum price of up to $ 150. It is said to be a despicable way to suck blood and receive extremely negative reactions from the community. Things escalated when the conflict occurred between fans and developer Respawn Entertainment. Finally Respawn made the necessary changes to ease the situation.

On October 1, 2019, the long-awaited Season 3 Meltdown officially launched. Season 3 introduces a new character as a hacker named Crypto that has been suggested in the game for a long time. There is also the appearance of a new weapon, the Charge Rifle. The game map was also completely changed when King Canon gave way to World’s Edge, a larger map with a variety of environments and contexts. Season 3 is a great success as the community appreciated and attracted many new players to Apex Legends. Thanks to that success, EA announced Apex Legends will be considered as an annual brand of the company and is expected to live well for at least the next 10 years.

Apex Legends: Hành trình 1 năm với 4 mùa ấm - lạnh

On 4/2/2020, Apex Legends celebrated its 1st birthday with the release of Season 4 Assimilation. Season 4 introduces a new character named Revenant, a new weapon called Sentinel and many changes in the World’s Edge map. The current Season 4 continues to warm up the Apex gaming community and continue to receive much praise. We can expect 2020 to be another successful year of Apex Legends.