All the information about Apex Legends’ Ranking Series system, the “forgiving” feature of losing points, and the rewards you can get are here.

After four months of the debut, the appeal of Apex Legends has dropped quite a lot compared to the first days. However, the game still has a loyal community of gamers who, though frustrated with Season 1, are willing to give Respawn Entertainment more opportunities with Season Pass 2 while waiting for new features. Their waiting effort seems to have paid off: at EA Play 2019, which took place in early June, Respawn announced they would add a ranked game to the game, although they haven’t revealed the details yet. More specific news. It was not until July 1 that we knew how this rating would work.

Apex Legends - Chế độ xếp hạng mới ra mắt hoạt động ra sao?

Specifically, Respawn will give six different rankings for gamers “climbing,” similar to League of Legends. They are ranked from low to high as Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, and end in Apex Predator (roughly translated as “the ultimate predator”). Each rank in this group will be divided into four small divisions from 4 (lowest) to 1 (highest), and of course, all gamers will start at Bronze 4. Players need a minimum of level 10 to play rank, and their achievements will be converted into rank (RP) points at the end of the match. When reaching enough points, they will rise to the new rank.

How will rank points in Apex Legends be calculated? According to Respawn’s rules, gamers can receive RP from two sources while playing. You will receive 1 RP when defeating one opponent in battle (maximum 5 RP per game) and from your rank in the match. With a total of 20 teams in each match, RP points are distributed as follows:

  • Teams in ranks 10 to 6 will receive 2 RP.
  • Tier 5 and 4 teams receive 4 RP.
  • 3rd and 2nd placed teams receive 7 RP.
  • The top 1 team receives 12 RP.

This means the maximum amount of RP that gamers can get in a match is 17 RP. Teams from rank 20 to 11 do not lose their RP despite their poor performance, but they will still drop points because when participating in a ranking match, gamers will have to spend an “entrance fee” as their RP points – a solution is given instead of deducting points when losing. The entrance fee is specific to each person and based on their rank, calculated as follows:

  • Rank for free.
  • Silver Rank: 1 RP
  • Gold Rank: 2 RP
  • Platinum Rank: 3 RP.
  • Diamond Rank: 4 RP.
  • Rank Apex: 5 RP.

According to Respawn, the rating system of Apex Legends will try to put players in the same rank together to create balanced matches but will also consider the waiting time factor. Therefore, Silver rank gamers will meet Gold rank and vice versa, to keep gamers from waiting too long when starting the match. If you rank with your friends, the game will rank the game based on the player with the team’s highest rank.

Mãn nhãn với những pha "sấy" đẳng cấp của huyền thoại Kylin trong Apex Legends

Enjoy the high-class “drying” stages of the legendary Kylin in Apex Legends. Enjoy the classy handling of one of the FPS monuments of exports Vietnam village in the game Apex Legends: Kylin – Duong Vi Khoa

This means that when you rank at the same rank as a Silver rank, a Gold rank, the game will treat your team as a Gold rank. You do not have to pay any RP when entering the game, while Silver players must pay 1 point and Gold rank players pay 2 points. Respawn said the reason for this is to force gamers to try to level up by themselves, instead of relying on high-ranking “burden” friends to climb the rank.

Although you can lose RP points when you do not have a good achievement in the game, you will never drop your rank but only drop the division – that is, you can fall from Gold 3 to Gold 4 but cannot drop from Gold 4 to Silver 1. To be able to gain a division and enter a new rank, you will need a certain amount of RP points:

Apex Legends - Chế độ xếp hạng mới ra mắt hoạt động ra sao?

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Also, the rank of Apex Legends has a “forgive” feature for gamers. Let’s say you play Diamond rank and end up at 11 or worse, but have two lives. Usually, you will lose 2 RP points (-4 points to attend, +2 network points), but you won’t lose any issues if forgiven. This “forgive” feature only takes place when you have a rage quit teammate, game error … in short. The case is not the fault of the gamer. “We plan to monitor this feature more closely if it shows signs of abuse,” Respawn said.

Respawn has partially revealed the rewards of this ranking mode. In addition to the badges for rank, gamers will receive weapons for weapons and Dive Trail – or the color effects the character leaves behind when you plunge into the battlefield at the beginning of the battle. Besides, Respawn also promised that there could be other rewards added to the game in the future for players who achieve high rankings.

Apex Legends - Chế độ xếp hạng mới ra mắt hoạt động ra sao?

Badges that players will receive depending on the last rank of the Series.

In addition to information on how the rating system works, the development team also publishes other information about their goals when designing this rating system. According to Respawn community manager Jayfresh, the ranking system is a way to reward gamers who are competitive. Highly skilled players will have their own space to compete with people of the same level when fighting for rank, instead of “plowing” new soldiers in Skulltown. The reward system is designed with a maximum limit of 5 RP per game and is also explained to ensure fairness for the supporting players because they can hardly gather dozens of kills per game like gamers who play attack.

To keep gamers on track to strive after each Series, Respawn said that when a Series ends, the player’s rank will be “soft reset,” or a slight decrease, in the new season. Based on the data collected during this first season (and subsequent seasons), they will adjust the scoring and rating system accordingly.

Apex Legends - Chế độ xếp hạng mới ra mắt hoạt động ra sao?

Finally, Apex rank Legends will be subdivided into the series (similar to the Season of LMHT). The first series of the game started on July 2 and will last for the entire season 2, ending in September. This is a particular case because Respawn said the following Series might not coincide with the launch of a new Season like this one. Respawn will review and discuss the time between Series and their length at the end of Season 2.