Gibraltar, Pathfinder and Caustic are characters with low win rates because they are … much bigger than other characters, so it’s easier to take bullets.

After a few weeks of launching, gamers playing Caustic, Gibraltar or Pathfinder are realizing that Apex Legends is … unfair to them. These characters have a larger size than the other 5 characters in the game, resulting in a bigger hitbox (body part hit), making them very easy to hit bullets when fighting. You can easily verify this in the game by shooting at targets: Gibraltar or Pathfinder is easy to take bullets, while Lifeline and Wraith are extremely difficult to defeat by their body posture and size on screen.

Apex Legends đang “phân biệt đối xử” các nhân vật to con như Gibraltar

This physical difference is one of the most discussed on the game forums. For a battle royale game where a bit of advantage is also extremely important, the difference in hitbox is something that gamers cannot ignore, especially when they have the same amount of blood and armor. Good gamers can easily win with Bangalore, Lifeline or Wraith, but will “eat onions” if they choose Caustic, Gibraltar because of the difference in the damage ability of these characters. .

In hero-shooter games like Overwatch or Rainbow Six: Siege, the characters come in many different sizes, and their sizes are often tied to the character’s “buffalo” level. For example, Overwatch’s Roadhog fat guy, he has 600 HP while Hanzo is more than 200 HP. In Rainbow Six Siege, strong characters like Rook are classified as Heavy Armor and receive less damage. This does not exist in Apex Legends, and therefore there is almost no reason for gamers to choose large characters in the game.

Apex Legends đang “phân biệt đối xử” các nhân vật to con như Gibraltar

In Rainbow Six Siege, the amount of damage the character will take depends on the thickness of the armor.

Meanwhile, the two opponents of Apex Legends, Fortnite and PUBG, do not have this problem, because the characters in the game do not have the skill set, and everything that gamers use to change the appearance of the character is not affects hitbox.

At the present time, because there is no official information from Respawn developer about the hitbox of the characters, gamers have to test themselves by … punching into the wall behind the character like in a cartoon. SookieSpy, a YouTuber, did an amazing job of measuring hitboxes of characters in a video that you can watch below.

Testing the character’s hitbox in Apex Legends.

Of course, SookieSpy’s results are not 100% accurate, because the characters move during the test and so are a bit different. Besides, during the game, you also do not shoot a stationary character but they are always moving with each movement and skill that the player makes. However, the final result of this test proved to be accurate enough for you to realize the difference is very large between the characters in the game.

Apex Legends đang “phân biệt đối xử” các nhân vật to con như Gibraltar

Wraith has shrunk back and hunches so it is difficult to hit.

On Respawn’s side, the studio’s community manager said they knew about the issue and were discussing a rebalancing of the characters. According to, this is a difficult puzzle because Respawn cannot “evolve” for characters of the same size, while changing the damage ability of each character will lead to other problems.

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Indeed, the fact that you are defeated in Apex Legends is not only by the character’s hitbox, but also a combination of many factors including your aiming ability, the skill of the character, the index of equipped weapons, et cetera et cetera … Gibraltar is the largest in the game, but has a shield that blocks 50 damage from aiming. Wraith and Bangalore, meanwhile, are both small and have extremely flexible positional skills, making it harder for them to be hit. When combining these skills with hitbox and equipment that the character can carry on him, everything suddenly becomes a tangled spider web and makes the game balance problem suddenly extremely difficult.

Apex Legends đang “phân biệt đối xử” các nhân vật to con như Gibraltar

Filling with all that armor …

Let’s consider an example:

  • Suppose Respawn gives Gibraltar maximum armor increased from 100 armor (4 bars) to 150 armor (6 bars) to compensate for his bigger size, and keep Wraith at 100 armor.
  • So Gibraltar will take up to 18 seconds to use 6 Shield Cells to fully restore their armor. 6 seconds is a very dangerous time by the enemy can completely “headshot” you easily.
  • If Respawn wants to keep Gibraltar, they only need 4 Shield Cells to restore their full armor (reducing the number of armor bars from 6 to 4, but the capacity is still 150), they must fix the Shield Cell to restore 1 armor bar.
  • In this case, a Shield Cell will restore 25 Wraith armor as normal, but Gibraltar receives up to 37.5 armor in the same 3-second period using Shield Cell.

So Gibraltar received 2 buffs with only one modification from Respawn. That is not to mention how Gibraltar will receive those 50 additional armor – available upon landing or an intrusion + 50% armor from the armor he picked up? If he appeared with 100 health + 50 armor in the first place, would Gibraltar be too strong compared to other characters and slap them back to the village instantly? If he chooses to add it as an internal skill, he will still be too weak in the early game because 50% of Common armor is only 12.5 damage – about 1 shot.

Apex Legends đang “phân biệt đối xử” các nhân vật to con như Gibraltar

12.5 armor is sufficient for a handgun shot.

After looking at my own example, the author suddenly felt lucky because I was not the one who had to find a way to balance online games . That responsibility is still on Respawn’s game designers, and until they come up with an answer that will satisfy every gamer, thinking they will continue to stick with Wraith, Bangalore and Lifeline.