Pieces of Eden is the common name for artifacts made by the Isu clan, playing an important role throughout the Assassin’s Creed series.

Anyone who has ever played through Assassin’s Creed knows how horrible the civilization of the isu race, how the Pieces of Eden or the Treasure of Eden is a testament to the technological evolution of the culture. I have lost it. These are elaborate artifacts with tremendous power that can manipulate and affect the human mind. Some are less dangerous and have extraordinary abilities such as using the magnetic field (Shard of Eden), transmitting information at a distance (Crystal Skull), or giving the person store great power opposite (Shroud of Eden).

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After the Great Catastrophe that destroyed the Isu civilization and nation, the Pieces of Eden were scattered everywhere and circulated through the hands of many different owners who always left a unique mark in human history ( according to the game’s story). Even today, when Layla Hassan was using dark science to connect with his ancestral blood vessels, the hidden power in these treasures could not be deciphered despite his research efforts for thousands of years of geniuses on both the Assassin Brotherhood and the Templars.

The Isu’s main purpose when creating Pieces of Eden is to serve humanity’s enslavement more quickly, but that does not prevent them from creating many Treasures with extraordinary powers. For example, the Shroud of Eden can heal all minor wounds, restore the rebirth, or protect the owner’s life in a critical situation. Another terrorist toy is the Sword of Eden, a weapon that can create energy explosions that can take down any enemy. According to the game’s story, this sword was used by Genghis Khan while conquering the world.

Some of the other Pieces of Eden have a weaker effect than science can now simulate, such as the Crystal Skull, which helps chat between the two continents or silently monitor others’ behavior and make people wary. Despite its power, treasures are still capable of being destroyed by human experiments. Due to not containing huge energy, when destroyed, the Treasures always give off shocking energy that is no less than a thermonuclear bomb test. The horrific explosion in Tunguska, Siberia, in 1908 was often considered to be due to a meteorite impact. Still, it was the result of a failed experiment that caused a Paradise Treasure to explode.

Pieces of Eden has appeared in Assassin’s Creed.

Spear of LeonidasSpear of Leonidas; Leonidas’ blades or the Heavenly Spear are the most common names of this treasure. Legend has it that thanks to the power of the spear, the King of Sparta could command 300 warriors fighting with the army of about 10,000 people of the Persian Empire led by Xerxes the Great in the legendary Thermopylae battle. Of course, with the overwhelming final force, Leonidas was still killed, his weapon was broken, but the spear tip was brought to his daughter Myrrine to preserve. Later the spear was used by his granddaughter Kassandra, the legendary Greek mercenary used as a melee weapon to participate in the Peloponnesian conflict between Athens and Sparta.

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There is still much skepticism about Spear of Leonidas because it does not bring any terrible supernatural power to the user. The spear’s most significant effect is transforming the user’s rage (adrenaline) into special attacks with substantial damage or adding additional features such as fire or poison to the attack. The spear’s other features are also quite useful, such as invisibility for a short time, healing, or increasing the bow and arrow’s attack power. Besides, that spear can be upgraded to unlock more exotic abilities. During his adventure, Kassandra repeatedly visited the ancient blacksmith on the island of Andros to do this. Later found by Layla Hassan, it was only an ancient weapon of historical value. This is also why the Spear of Leonidas is not considered an official Treasure because its power will dissipate over time.

Pyramid (Isu): It is possible to view the pyramid (Isu) like the predictive sphere of fortune-tellers, but it really “sees through” the past of the one who touches it and can predict. The future is based on these facts. In the 5th century BC, this treasure was guarded by Pythagoras followers before being stolen by the Cult of Kosmos. We took full advantage of Pieces of Eden’s ability to hand it over to Alexios (Deimos) because he was a direct descendant of the first civilization.

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Kidnapped and brainwashed from an early age, Alexios was extremely loyal to the Kosmos Society when using Pyramid (Isu) to calculate the prophecies beneficial to their domination and then spread out into the open air Oracle to Delphi temple. Those who are predicted in the future will be detrimental to the Ancient Society are destroyed mercilessly. This important paradise treasure was carefully hidden by the Cult of Komos in the underground cave below Apollo’s temple. Still, it was eventually destroyed by Kassandra after she saw the future of the long struggle for thousands of years between the Assassins and the Order of the Temples.

The staff of Hermes Trismegistus: Hermes Trismegistus is a skillful craftsman, a genius scientist, a senior engineer of the Isu clan. His erudition led later to both the Greeks and the ancient Egyptians to respect him as a god. Even Hermes’ beliefs and philosophies were redesigned to become the creed of an ancient cult called Cult of Hermes, one of the forerunners of the later Cult of Kosmos. Hermes’s scepter is the scientist’s most pleasing creature, unlike the Pieces of Eden that only bring temporary immortality, this scepter can cause people to enter a state of immortality, immortality long, as long as they have it in their hands. However, once the wand is dropped or given to another person, the previous owner is immediately old or even dies if he has lived for too long, as in the case of Pythagoras and Kassandra.

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In addition to the primary ability to keep the owner immortal, the staff Staff of Hermes Trismegistus also has many additional skills such as increasing the power and reflexes of the user. It gives the owner the ability to manipulate energy to create explosions or release deadly rays. Also, teleportation is a useful skill, and the staff is also the key to sealing and opening the door to the ancient city of Atlantis. Unlike the long fate of many Pieces of Eden possessing terrible power when transferred through the hands of many owners, in fact, to the Assassin’s Creed Odyssey version, this Paradise treasure has only reached three people, including Pythagoras. Kassandra, Layla Hassan, and Hermes Trismegistus himself, who created it.

Ankh: Pieces of Eden can cure all diseases and temporarily revive the deceased. This heavenly treasure can also be used as a recording device when storing the living people’s words, and gestures then replayed through a corpse. The oldest time Ankh was used was that after Set killed Osiris, his wife, the goddess Isis, used Ankh to revive Osiris to live another night. Later this treasure was often used by Egyptian pharaohs as a symbol of their divine power. 

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In the middle of the 1st century AD, Ankh was stolen from Roman soldiers’ pharaoh’s tomb to sneak transport to Rome. Many owners passed on this paradise treasure, such as Lugos, Accipiter, Aquilus, Swart, Lucius., Caïus Fulvus Vultur, and Valeria. In contrast to the Hermes scepter’s relatively smooth lineage, Ankh’s transfer history, a creature capable of healing, is full of conflict and violence when other members of the two factions keep robbing each other of their robbers. By the 14th century, the last information about Ankh appeared when it became the target of a fight between Brothers of the Cross (Templar faction) and German assassin Lukas Zurburg. By 1350, both Lukas Zurburg and Brothers of the Cross disappeared mysteriously. From that point on, no more information about Ankh appeared.