Pieces of Eden is a high-tech piece of Isu, so not everyone has the power to use them.

Back in the Pieces of Eden section, the previous Paradise treasures we learned about Spear of Leonidas, Staff of Hermes Trismegistu, Pyramid (Isu) and Ankh. These are all treasures possessing special powers such as helping young users to not age, live forever and not die or can see through the past or even predict the future of the investigated. Are there any other treasures that have been lost throughout Assassin Brother and Templar’s entire fighting history? The answer is of course yes.

Crystal Skull : The effect of this crystal skull in the past shook so horribly when it was possible to help the Isu through it to monitor a lot of human slaves and also help them convey the news quickly. . In general, its two main effects are communication and observation as well as smartphones today. Slightly more advanced and darkly science is that on the forehead of the skull there is an empty box with a vial containing the identity of someone’s DNA. When bringing this DNA skull to the Isu temples, it is possible to monitor where and where DNA is taken.

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The first time we saw a crystal skull was in the 16th century when the assassin guild in Italy tasked Giovanni Borgia with the Hernán Cortés’ expeditionary army to search for the Pieces of Eden in Mexico. The tragic thing about Giovanni’s identity is that Pope Alexander VI or Rodrigo Borgia, a great master of the Italian Templar Association, was also his grandfather. In the process of accompanying the expedition of Cortés, Giovanni discovered a crystal skull owned by the Aztecs at Tenochtitlan.

In the chaos when Spanish warriors attacked in the middle of the Aztec sacrifice, Giovanni took advantage of this Paradise Treasure. Returning to Europe, Giovanni handed the skull to Bombastus scientist, the researcher of Pieces of Eden. Despite the many experiments, Bombastus still could not discover the effects of this toy, so it was only considered as a delicate decoration of the Aztec people. Only Givanni refused to give up staring at the empty eyes of the skull for at least an hour every day for 22 years. In 1542, the effort finally paid off when, through the crystal skull, he unexpectedly contacted a man from far away China who also happened to be buying another skull.

The next time the skull appeared in gamers’ eyes was in 1719, when Bartholomew Roberts a Sage and pirate, agreed to take Edward Kenway to the Observatory to track the behavior of some suspicious individuals. After activating the crystal skull at the Observatory to monitor through the eyes of Jack Rackham and Woodes Rogers, Bartholomew fled and locked Edward in. When escaped, Conor’s grandfather discovered that the pirate had disappeared. It took three years of searching for Edward to find Bartholomew wandering somewhere in the West Indies and West Africa.

Eventually Edward Kenway killed Bartholomew Roberts and recovered the crystal skull but unfortunately Observatory in Jamaica was also discovered by the Caribbean Society of Temples. After killing Laureano de Torres y Ayal, Templar Grand Master, Edward Kenway and Ah Tabai, the Assassins Guild Advisor decided to bring the Crystal Skull back to the Observatory while sealing everything in the hope that there would be no more. Any bad can find them.

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In modern times, basically the essential values of these crystal skulls are no longer available when people can communicate with each other using smartphones and tracking enemies through satellites. Even many scientific inventions in 2012 went beyond the original features of the Crystal Skull. The small amount left and many Observatory destroyed over the past few thousand years made their use more and more wasted. Later, Abstergo executives Alan Rikkin and Warren Vidic discovered that Assassin could not track them when using Crystal Skull to communicate. Because of that, they still used them as a secure enough channel that the Assassins Guild could not eavesdrop on.

Legend of Prometheus’s consciousness is stored inside The Shroud of Eden, leading to the possibility that this Isu will possess the artifact user’s body temporarily when it is activated. This is a sida version of Staff of Hermes Trismegistu because although many people mistakenly think that it is really impossible to revive a person who has been dead for a long time, however, if you wrap a corpse with a cloth, it can recover that body. at the molecular level, and can be used to regenerate an Isu. The original form of the shroud was white due to being stained by someone’s blood, a faint shadow was also printed on it. It felt like someone had been horribly tortured and wrapped in a body so it was imprinted with blood on the cloth.

In 1700 BC, the cloth first appeared when Jacob gave it to his son Josep. After having been passed down for generations, perhaps people have started using it as a power-up cloak for their users, and it is likely King David used it to defeat the giant Goliath in 970 BC. But many people believe that the appearance of The Shroud of Eden is even older when it was considered Jason’s Golden Fleece. What is guarded by a dragon who never sleeps in Colchis and the hero must summon the legendary crew of Argonauts to recover it.

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In ancient times the hermit of the Hermit (the precursor of the Assassins) tried to use the shroud to revive Marcus Junius Brutus, a Roman Republican politician and one of the first members. of Poison Poetry but failed. According to witnesses, “although Brtus’s corpse opened his eyes and moved his arm, his cold body did not breathe or react to any interaction from the outside.” , after a while the corpse remained motionless like “dying a second time”.

Around the middle of the 14th century, exactly in 1355, the cloth was owned by Geoffroy de Charny, but was stolen by the Assassins’ Society. It was later hidden by Renato Auditore in Monteriggioni, Italy. Sometime later, Mario Auditore, a descendant of Renato, discovered the cloth and hid it, after learning that the Order of the Templar was searching for it. Centuries later, Edward Kenway stumbled upon the fabric. He originally hid it in the Tower of London, but after Edward died, the cloth was hidden beneath Buckingham Palace. By 1868, The Shroud of Eden was dug up again by the great Crawford Starrick, Templar. Three assassins Jacob Frye, Evie Frye and Henry Green surrounded him but thanks to the strength of the cloth, it was very difficult for them to defeat Crawford to put it back.

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In 2015, the secret room under Buckingham Palace witnessed a fierce conflict between Shaun Hasings, Rebecca Crane and Galina Voronina of Assassin Brother along with Isabelle Ardant, Juhani Otso Berg and Violet da Costa of the templar faction to compete for the templar. The Shroud of Eden. Eventually the Temple faction prevailed when Violet da Costa took the cloth away, and everyone thought she would bring it back to Álvaro Gramática, Abstergo Technology Research Director, to use in the Phoenix project. But no, Violet da Costa is Juno’s descendant and silently proceeds with the plan to use the cloth to develop a suitable body to regenerate her goddess.