Humans have had their hair from the time of birth, and until they close their eyes, except under particular circumstances, this natural jewelry also follows us to the grave.

For those interested in scientific research, the hair is a long fibrous horn structure, a derivative of the skin epidermis, covering the person’s scalp. Hair is mainly composed of keratin, calcium, rich in biotin, zinc, sulfur, and nitrogen. Hair color and shape are an essential anthropological sign. Hair can be black, brown, blonde, hung, platinum, red,… can be straight, curly, wavy,… Hair and its beauty history also originated quite early in ancient Egypt and Rome. It was not until 1872 when Marcel Grateau invented the machine that used heat to perform fake hair curling, which was considered a unique turning point for the beauty industry’s birth. Great.
Cuối cùng thì các trò chơi có đạt cảnh giới đồ họa như thật hay không?

In the end, does the game have realistic graphics? Graphics are an everlasting problem of any video game. Even if gamers are not interested, they are still exposed by NSX as an advertising tool.

The hairdressing industry’s history also records Karl Nessler (1872–1951), a German hairdresser, as the industry’s ancestor when he combined the use of a heat generator simultaneously with a curling iron to create a permanent haircut wave. This method, also known as a hot perm, is different from the cold perm technique invented in 1939 by Arnold Willatt, the famous American hairdresser. History is fascinating, but unfortunately, it has nothing to do with the discussion today because I want to talk about the hairs that startled people to look back. It turns out after all these years of technology has advanced unpredictably.

In the early years, hair was something to play for

Before Mario, there were many game characters favored by NSX for a long, smooth hair, but when the graphics technology stopped at each pixel, the soft concept like Sunsilk was also very infinite. Recognizing that limitation, the NSX quickly let their characters wear hats, turban, wear iron armor (Super Mario, Arabian, Zelda, Mega Man, Metroid), handsome short hair (Karateka, Kung Fu, Double Dragon, Jackal, Metal Gear), or more definitely a race without hair that looks as good as Duck Tales, Battletoads or Kirby. The game characters’ long hair and short hair were not clearly defined during the next decade because of its graphical power. They looked no different.
Trước khi có mái tóc chuẩn đến từng sợi, người ta từng có những quả đầu như thế này trong game

It sounds crucial, but the concern of 8X gamers that day is whether there is a game to play, not how bad the character is. This can be evidenced by the fact that many people later playing the old games or the sequels feel unsatisfied. When the sticky rice has gone away, people will not control it, then the sesame rice ball in the past and feel it is a little unattractive. While there are times when I’m still nostalgic about what went along throughout my childhood, it’s hard to find the feeling of nostalgia when the screen shows characters with 8-bit graphics. I have many friends like that. Even my self is like that when there are titles. If I just heard the name, I see a sky of memories but bought it after a few years and still haven’t touched it yet.

The hair is like a piece of firewood on PS1 days. It rained

At the end of the graphics phase with 8-bit pixels, the 8X gamer started overwhelmed with the period when 3D graphics began to storm with the PlayStation appearance. Talking about the competition in 3D graphics, Sony still has many other companies sharing a very lucrative market share, such as the Nintendo N64 or the legendary Genesis machine. SEGA production. Unfortunately, the small market of Vietnam at that time certainly did not have enough users to recruit any other giants besides Sony. So in the minds of the first 8X gamers, when it comes to old memories, they will still be familiar with the rectangular gray machine more than anything else.

Trước khi có mái tóc chuẩn đến từng sợi, người ta từng có những quả đầu như thế này trong game

At that time, the character’s hair in the game received a lot of grooming, to say it is vast. From the different colors of the face of the 8-bit era, now the hair has the length, thickness, and clear lines so that anyone who looks at it will surely know it is hair, not Must have some mess to put on the character’s head. If we look at today’s standards, of course, we can see that those filthy bunch looked gross. Still, in the late 90s of the last century, the roof was a great revolution. The hair can now move independently of the body (even without any physical rules) rather than the accompanying set.

Trước khi có mái tóc chuẩn đến từng sợi, người ta từng có những quả đầu như thế này trong game

Entering the 21st century, along with the space-level leap of new generation consoles or super-powerful graphics cards, the taste of gamers is starting to be more pampering. They begin to complain that Tidus’s hair in Final Fantasy X looks so fake because after going through hundreds of thousands of battles, it is still smooth and retains gluey strokes exactly like Bae Yong Joon’s grooming in the series. Winter Sonata movie. Interestingly, Tidus’ hair in the game looked exactly like the too trendy hair at the time for the Korean actor, who was making the hearts of millions of Asian girls sobbing at the time. After complaining about Tidus’s hair, many other characters also began to be targeted because of hair problems. It is also difficult to blame them when the graphics are getting more beautiful; the higher the public taste is understandable.

Without PS5, people already own the standard hair.

This still has to wait a few more months, when Final Fantasy VII Remake is officially released to discuss. But at least when watching the latest gameplay trailer of this blockbuster, the people were able to admire the play of Square Enix when Cloud’s hair (though still looks ugly and extremely non-physical) has a foot-specific in every hair. If previously the hair movement on the PS2 or the PS3 was still limited in large hair clusters that made the player feel like the Gypsy in the game was in the state of using 24/24 hairspray. In the new trailer, most of Cloud’s hair was able to move whenever a specific gust of wind passed by.

Except for the reddish-yellow and reddish-yellow rape of Cloud and Reno, thank God that the hair of most of the remaining characters of the FFVII Remake is polished practically. This mission received positive feedback from the gaming community in Tifa, Barret, when both had heads that looked very ordinary and remembered, just like in real life, is a dark goal. Most games that have excellent graphics are pursuing. Besides, many people who love Aerith with bobbing brown hair and gently curled tops can make the hearts of every 8X man who ever loved her this year have the opportunity to sob more times again.

Trước khi có mái tóc chuẩn đến từng sợi, người ta từng có những quả đầu như thế này trong game

In short, before the hair looks similar in real life to seven or eight parts like today, gamers have experienced countless hair models that everyone saw in the 80s and 90s. of the last century. PS5 will not be released until later this year. It will not be known if this system will help the hair of the game’s characters look much nicer than its brother, but it is a topic that will be discussed soon.