In the 3 ‘big bosses’ of Auto Chess village, which game will be the most suitable and worth playing in the genre that is storming the world game market?

Despite a modest beginning as a mod of Dota 2, Dota Auto Chess is a worldwide trend. Even many other publishers want to follow this trend to create their version of Auto Chess.

And among the dozens of Auto Chess products on the market today, three are considered to be the most impressive. Includes Auto Drodo Chess Mobile Studio (human birth Auto mod DotA Chess), Valve’s Dota Underlords, and finally Teamfight Tactics (Arena Truth) of Riot Games.

Of course, since these are three completely different titles, the game is dark, and the content changes a lot through the heavy hands of other publishers. If you are wondering what kind of game to play, let’s look at the article below to understand better the 3 ‘bosses’ of the Auto Chess genre and see which game suits you best!

Auto Chess Mobile

Developer: Drodo Studio.

Platform: Android, iOS.

Auto Chess

Developed by the Drodo Studio team itself, Auto Chess Mobile is the unadjusted standard product of the Dota Auto Chess mod on Dota 2.

Although everyone knows the name Auto Chess Mobile, you can only find and download this game on the iOS or Android app market with the name Auto Chess: Origins. As expected, Drodo Studio will release the PC version, but there is no specific release time. However, the mobile version players can still transfer the entire item to the PC version when it is officially launched.

However, when it comes to game balance, Auto Chess Mobile deserves first place. Because the developer has a long time experimenting on the Dota Auto Chess mod, their experience is also in the upper hand in this category.

Auto Chess

The chess pieces of Auto Chess Mobile are designed in a cute chibi style.

This game is currently considered the latest update to the original Dota Auto Chess version on Dota 2. A few days ago, Auto Chess Mobile added a race God called Divinity. Divinity also has the same effect as God. If no other race is activated, all allies will have a 50% reduction in cooldown speed.

If you are a fan of the same genre as the original, Auto Chess Mobile will surely be the game you should play. Due to the new game’s release, Drodo Studio changed the flag or race units’ design and name. If you want to get acquainted quickly, players can go to the instructions at the top of the screen to refer to the game’s entire content.

Dota Underlords

Developer: Valve.

Platform: PC, Android, iOS.

Auto Chess

Valve has previously contacted Drodo Studio to discuss the development of a specific game for Dota Auto Chess. Although the results were not satisfactory, the two also happily agreed to allow everyone to use the content together. And so Drodo Studio released Auto Chess Mobile, and Valve quietly launched Dota Underlords on June 20.

Most chess pieces are similar to Dota Auto Chess, but Valve also does not use the original mod’s entire contents but instead adds spice to Dota Underlords more attractive and unique.

That is the supply system after each wave of soldiers. Of course, the items received will be dropped randomly, but one thing is for sure, any player will receive an item if they win the waves of soldiers. This minimizes the case of players having a ‘dignity’ that is too high to obtain many items while others only drop from one to two things in the game of their predecessors. The equipment system in Dota Underlords has been changed quite a lot, so you can click here if you want to refer.

Auto Chess

A completely new and diverse equipment system is the highlight of Dota Underlords.

Besides, Valve also introduces other races to increase diversity. For example, Blood-Bound (including Ogre Magi and Warlock) is useful when a unit of this type is defeated, which will increase 100% damage to the same class during the turn. Or Deadeye (Gyrocopter and Sniper) will allow these ethnic units to focus only on the opponent’s lowest blood units.

Dota Underlords is Valve’s official store so that this game will keep the champion’s design closer to the player. The graphics in the game also inherited quite a lot from Dota 2, so it’s beautiful and impressive is indisputable.

However, it still inherits too much from its predecessor, so people still consider it to be just a ‘fake’ product. The changing gameplay also makes it difficult for many players to catch up to the game’s pace. The features in the game do not show clearly, making the experience of the player significantly reduced. Currently, this game is still in the development stage, and I hope that Valve will make this game more different and unique than the original version on Dota 2.

Currently, Dota Underlords is available on many platforms, from PC, Android to iOS. Therefore, if you want to play this game anywhere, from home to work or cafe, this is the Auto Chess genre you should play.

Teamfight Tactics

Developer: Riot Games.

Platform: PC.

Auto Chess

And this is a product considered to be a game developed based on inspiration from Dota Auto Chess without too much influence from the original. Currently, League of Legends still has a vast number of players, so the design of an Auto Chess-style version to retain users is quite understandable.

Because this is a mod inspired by the original version without any control, Riot also doesn’t want me to have the reputation of ‘copying’ the original game, so I’m also very free to create my mod. For example, the number of experience points or the maximum level is also different.

The Truth Arena’s shortcomings, The Truth Arena, is a perfect game, but it still has many incomplete features, mostly fundamental due to development time.

Everything from each type of champion’s effects on assembling equipment is characterized by League of Legends in the Arena of Truth (Teamfight Tactics). The equipment system is pretty much related to the original game. But the way to pair equipment is quite complicated and requires the player to memorize but not have the instructions in the game. And the generals are designed around Runeterra world, such as the Empire, the Ice Kingdom, the Yordle, the Transfiguration, …

Auto Chess

Whoever has low health first will be chosen first, a significant improvement over their predecessors.

Riot Games also has more convenient upgrades before its predecessor. For example, they are informing specific rounds to players via the notification bar at the top of the screen. Or there was a time when everyone picked champions in the circle. Those who have the lowest amount of blood will be prioritized, so these players have the opportunity to catch up with the opponent.

Arena of Truth is designed slightly different from the two games mentioned above. So it also introduces a lot of new features and makes players spend more time to get acquainted. Currently, this mod is still in the development phase, so there are still many ‘grain’ in the game, such as equipment errors, game bugs, …

Not to mention, according to the writer, this is just a follow-up product to retain players, so of course, the balance of equipment or lineup is not yet perfect as Auto Chess Mobile. Perhaps Riot Games will need more time to improve the Arena of Truth.

If you are a fan of League of Legends and do not mind a few small mistakes, the Arena of Truth will not be a bad choice.