The common feature of Bleeding Edge or the “Overwatch” knockoff games is that they initially attract many players but quickly regress.

Just like the MOBA genre many years ago, Bleeding Edge or its brothers are in the MOBA combination shooting genre – or more commonly called Overwatch-like games are starting to regress. They all have a similar point that is very attractive to players initially lowly faded away and kept calm a kept not break up.

Bleeding Edge had just launched a few days ago, and it had received a lot of positive reviews about the gameplay when it came out with a product that is easy to access fun, and especially did not have the “tryhard” as the game. Bleeding Edge balances characters from close-range and long-range combat and has additional physical bars to help players dodge attacks. This makes it a lot easier to play because newbies will not encounter the case of poking their heads out and being shot in the middle of the head and dying like other shooters.

However, most Bleeding Edge players agree that this game will likely only float for a short time and sink soon if there is no new content. The reason is that the Bleeding Edge play style is a single color and does not show the player’s skill. Its action style is passive and more focused on the target occupation than the ability competition.

This situation is very similar to the MOBA FPS games like Overwatch in that they always have an excellent start and attract a large number of players, but then slowly sink in. too, the exact word is “soon to bloom and fade.”

Bleeding Edge và những game giống Overwatch “sớm nở tối tàn”

It can be said that this time is still the golden period of the MOBA genre combined with the shooting. Since Overwatch gave birth to this game series, we can see how attractive it is before that. Not to mention Team Fortress 2, but it hasn’t created a significant trend like Overwatch. This game series came when people were getting fed up with MOBA and were looking for something more novel. Incidentally, the combination of shooting guns attracted a new number of players eager to learn.

Overwatch and its juniors like Bleeding Edge have a significant advantage in that it strikes most people’s strange psychology. Unlike traditional MOBA with wide viewing angles and restrictive goals. This genre deals with the High individual processing phase comes with a first-person perspective that gives you a sense of liveliness and excitement on the battlefield. Moreover, eliminating the purchase mechanism and allowing the character to rotate at any time, it is very accessible, and anyone can rush in to play (rather than having to remember a long pile of recipes like apple juice) of Dota 2).

With Overwatch setting a standard on how to design characters, screens, and more for this genre. MOBA games that combine FPS were born like mushrooms after the rain in the past can include basket goods such as Paladins, Battleborn, Apex Legends, and most recently, Bleeding Edge. They all create specific mutations and attracted a lot of players, but only briefly before sinking.

Apex Legends: Hành trình 1 năm với 4 mùa ấm - lạnh

Even the current Overwatch is struggling to maintain its player population. Its appeal has dropped significantly since its launch. Even when the game launched its tournament with the franchise system, the number of viewers only progressed in the early stages, not the necessary surge.

Blizzard is still trying to release Overwatch 2 to hold back, but that is a long time ago. The situation of other games like Apex Legends is similar – I agree that Apex Legends has created a frenzy when born. But over time, it also gradually cooled down significantly. Bleeding Edge is getting into the seniors’ footsteps when many people are raised and excited about it, but most of them treat this as entertainment, not intending to stick for long.

There are plenty of reasons for this, but mostly due to the nature of these games. First, the core of MOBA FPS is to fight hand-to-hand, not around the goal (because your battlefield is already a winning target). It forces players in a small range to catch, forcing them to plunge into each other continuously. This has a good point in reducing the time of the game, but also a bad point is the quite destructive tactics of the whole map.

Bleeding Edge và những game giống Overwatch “sớm nở tối tàn”

Moreover, MOBA FPS games mostly do not have a map system (Bleeding Edge has a mod but cannot be counted as a map), which loses the best part of MOBA, which is the way to build multi-character. It’s also because there are no items to balance or create new content that is quite annoying, because there are only new generals or new maps around, while traditional MOBA can change the way of character building. Based on the map, a new meta has changed.

In the end, games like Bleeding Edge are easy to access, which means that players will also quickly grasp all the good things about it, easy to come and go, so it is not strange that the initial excitement part has ended. , then people will leave that game very quickly to find a different “strange” product.