Although I knew about Nioh a bit late, my emotions were still intact when I played and chewing green beans and pennywort while still lying on my stomach.

Before I came to Nioh, I mostly heard it through phrases like ” Game like Dark Souls”, “Dark Souls Japanese Version ” or, more negatively, ” 99% Japanese-style Dark Souls Game “. In general, I have never played Dark Souls, so the review screen does not have much effect. Just thinking it won’t be that hard, the internet advertising screens are mostly slashing wind according to the movement.

Playing Nioh is like having a beautiful wife, two people who are physically and spiritually united. Nothing could be more perfect. Except for every night every 5 minutes, she will get you up, torturing torture with everything possible without any reason, lie there and rest for about 4 minutes and then continue to be eaten act like that all night. And even after being whacked like that, you still love her passionately for some strange teratogenic reason, like quitting smoking.

In short, playing Nioh is like being patient, or more simply, it makes us feel like a pervert who likes to be abusive.sized * m).

Cảm nhận Nioh: Game giành cho người thích bị hành hạ

There is an essential thing when I play Nioh that I enlightened to: “Any pot can beat you to death ” and ” any mob on the road is a final boss .” Unlike other games that have customized difficulty levels for players, Nioh locks down the game in the first place, and it is set to the highest possible level, or can be called more intuitively ” you will definitely swear when playing. ”.

To put it merely, Nioh is very easy to play. The monsters on the way to hit one are from 1/3 to 1/2 of the health tree, strong little monsters are gentle 70% of the blood, and the boss is often will have scenes ” punch and die don’t talk much ”. I remember vividly struggling all 5 hours to get to the first stage in Nioh. My mind was tense from permanent inhibition. My mouth was chewing the fence of green peas and cilantro whenever the character got Mob exactly. One ax has fought like a dead fish.

Besides having such barbaric difficulty, Nioh’s main difference is that it has a limited system of players called “Ky”. To put it simply, Ky is a physical bar, and it will slowly exhaust every time the character is active. Meaning you cannot enter nd rumble a combo like Devil May Cry or Dynasty Warriors but must follow the rhythm continuously: hit > wait for Ky to be able to fight again. If you are a first-time player, you will not grasp Ky’s rhythm and rush to fight like an idiot, then stand panting like a buffalo and be knocked by Mob’s big head.

Cảm nhận Nioh: Game giành cho người thích bị hành hạ

Note, this is a normal monster, not a boss.

Because of this deadly Ky system, Nioh became extremely difficult, allowing monsters to hit too hard, and the character itself was not free to hit, greatly affecting the gameplay. If you use Ky too much, standing, and recovering, the reaction occurred like rice, but in the game, if you touch it lightly, from 2/3 to 3/4 of the flying blood tree, you can support the pot.

In Nioh, you will die very, very, very often because of all the different genres. It’s like an endless loop, you meet any mob >> hit it a few times and then suddenly take a fly for 2/3 of the potions of blood >> you have no time to regain your spirit again and then move up Thien always. Solo with a normal mob in Nioh has been a difficult task, but the concept of being alone forgets it, making sure you will lie on the right one note.

” Death in Nioh is like a wind, always around us “ , this is a saying that sums up everything in Nioh, when you will die so many times for all kinds of crazy reasons. By the way, I have mentioned the “body-picking” case yet, because every time you lie down, the character will drop Amrita (experience points in Nioh). If you accidentally die before recovering, it will be considered as Amrita number. This will be gone. How wonderful it was to vomit for an hour, die without end and die without any experience at all. Indeed, crying doesn’t work out loud.

Cảm nhận Nioh: Game giành cho người thích bị hành hạ

And this is a normal monster, not a Boss.

And the most frightening part of Nioh is the mention of fighting bosses. Compared to mobs, they are not that bad, usually only playing “softly” half the health. The bosses are also humane because it is often enough to TRUE one enough to see the character on the roof to watch the naked chick. Yes, you did not hear wrong. Hit ON ONE. Nioh just liked it. Nioh designed it like that. If you can’t play then, you will turn.

On average, in a boss battle, you will have to die a dozen times to recognize enough moves as well as “beat” to hit them most safely. The process of fighting bosses in Nioh needs patience because you can not rush in, Yolo when the boss only needs to flick once to immediately hit the road. The most practical word to use in this case is “stealing” i.e., you hit the boss one hit and then back out, wait for Ky to recover, and continue to do so until successful.

Suffering is a very long and arduous process, and the Boss is a lot of blood. This is like holding a toothpick against a lion, stabbing it a few dozen times to see nothing but just one slap is forever. Another problem is that Nioh is limited to only players who can hold up to 8 healing HP, but with a single blow that takes 2/3 of the HP from the Boss, it is an arduous battle. , where you can be crazy about inhibiting at any time.

Cảm nhận Nioh: Game giành cho người thích bị hành hạ

Boss in Nioh

So why is Nioh both difficult, absurd, and persistent so it can attract players, perhaps because of the “unwilling to give in” mentality of gamers. When you went through the first phase of porridge onions instead of rice, you will find Nioh is an excellent game in terms of image and depth. The first is that the Ky system separates the boundaries between casual and hardcore gamers. It is also very realistic because no one can swing their sword and rumble continuously without stopping.

Many people say that Nioh is just a “follow” type of Dark Souls but Japanese style. This is mainly for the reason that any game is difficult. The default is similar to Dark Souls. But remember, the team that created Nioh is Team Ninja, the father of Ninja Gaiden – the definition of the so-called hard-to-match game before Dark Souls was born. Moreover, the nature of Nioh has a powerful East Asian style from costumes, weapons to monsters, all 100% from Japanese mythology and based on real historical events.

Another thing that makes Nioh different is its traditional RPG feature, or “plowing,” very similar to Diablo. The equipment in Nioh is divided into five steps, from low to high. There are two ways to forge weapons or go to the boss to drop it. Nioh is almost a true plow RPG because if you want an excellent gear to roam at the end of the game, you will have to plow very, a lot to temporarily call it like. It creates excitement for the player instead of stretching his brain to beat the Boss day in and day out.

Cảm nhận Nioh: Game giành cho người thích bị hành hạ

The image in Nioh is Japanese

I didn’t have the luck to experience Nioh right from the moment it came out, but when it was stuck, it seemed to be drowned in the game for the past few days. Nioh is very hardcore and picky, but if you go through the early stages, you will find this is a great game and very deep, is a game that should have owned Playstation 4.