Having to reschedule a continuous release could be the critical weakness of Ghost of Tsushima, as gamers will compare it to previous titles on the same topic.

The fact that Ghost of Tsushima finally has an official release date has made many gamers relieved. It has been delayed, delayed, and delayed countless times since the information announcement in 2017. now on.

But the Ghost of Tsushima launch at this point is quite sensitive, as it accidentally belongs to the trio of Samurai style game blockbusters along with Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice and Nioh 2, indeed. It will be compared and must under tremendous pressure to please the fans.

Despite being released at a pretty good time in June, that means Ghost of Tsushima will be a horse alone, not competing with dozens of blockbusters like Nioh 2, Resident Evil 3 Remake, and Final Fantasy VII Remake. This is just The advantage is both a disadvantage, because although you will not be taken guests but will be compared from the community. If Ghost of Tsushima is just a regular open-world action game, it is different, but with its samurai style, whatever style, the kind will be dragged on the scales with two seniors Sekiro and Nioh 2.

The problem here is that you’d instead debut late or early, but for now, Sekiro just won Game of the year, and Nioh 2 is highly rated for 8 with 9, which is the heat of these two games. Is still too prevalent, then how much pressure Ghost of Tsushima will need to say.

Ghost of Tsushima có thể vượt qua cái bóng quá lớn từ Sekiro và Nioh 2?

A real gamer will look at each of its fluff, from the storyline, gameplay, shaping, graphic style, bosses, and more. If only something is a little bit bad, it will be dragged out to find the right pattern. Moreover, due to the Ghost of Tsushima’s delay, I hope to put more into it. Because when you continuously postpone the release date for many years and are a proprietary game for Playstation, there are only two options: becoming super blockbuster or trash, but not in the middle of it.

It can be seen from the time when it was introduced, Ghost of Tsushima has made gamers curious with the introduction as a Samurai-style game, but in the open world, this is what makes it different from its predecessors. (which only focuses on the action), but also because of this, the game is continuously delayed. The context of the Ghost of Tsushima in the 1270s when the Mongols invaded Japan, at least its historical position, was different from Sekiro and Nioh (wartime setting), which would help separate the title. This game is about the story.

Ghost of Tsushima có thể vượt qua cái bóng quá lớn từ Sekiro và Nioh 2?

The problem is that if compared to the plot, whether Ghost of Tsushima is strong enough to stand out or not, temporarily ignore Nioh 2 because this game series has never focused on the plot but more on gameplay. But Sekiro is a different matter because with his characteristic magical or magical style, From Software’s game has taken all the glory, that is, regardless of style, Ghost of Tsushima also will be screened forcefully.

Based on what Ghost of Tsushima announced, it can be seen that it will not be the type of game with the legendary devil element like Sekiro, but will follow the modified history like Nioh 2. But unless the Ghost of Tsushima has to make significant knots, it won’t be able to stand out, and any type will be told to be “not equal to Sekiro” by gamers.

Ghost of Tsushima có thể vượt qua cái bóng quá lớn từ Sekiro và Nioh 2?

The gameplay of Ghost of Tsushima will play a decisive role in 60% of the game’s success. is another half samurai (coincidentally with Sekiro). In the gameplay demos, Jin can see the fighting style is quite strange. It is a bit slow and goes in waves (both moving and hit). There is also a counterattack but not a continuous type.

The stealth element is evident in Ghost of Tsushima, and it resembles the classic Tenchu-style ninja games, which rely on terrain to interact as we saw Jin pierce through the curtains to kill the enemy. The problem of Ghost of Tsushima is how much it will balance fighting and stealth because if you keep going, as usual, you can use stealth, but if you go into the boss, it will be too typical to carry a sword already.

The only good thing is that the Ghost of Tsushima is not a Souls-like game, so at least it won’t have to worry about how difficult it can be to focus on improving its gameplay. Fans expect a different world of Samurai, rather than merely fencing or plowing, so the Ghost of Tsushima style should create a mutation when not labeled as Souls-like two seniors.

Ghost of Tsushima có thể vượt qua cái bóng quá lớn từ Sekiro và Nioh 2?

And it is still unclear about the so-called open world of Ghost of Tsushima because the demo has not shown much, which will make this game more prominent in the samurai game series. But we have seen so many so-called “open-world-open” genres with 2 Assassin’s Creed games. What are you sneaking about when you can hold a sword to slay everything and make sure? Is exceptionally unhealthy for a killer theme game.

Which direction does Ghost of Tsushima go, and whether it optimizes the gamers’ hobby or not, a bad unfinished game is even worse when stealth does not work but is lacking. Many people put their faith and hope in the birth of Ghost of Tsushima, hoping that this will continue to be another fantastic exclusive game on Playstation 4. And also hope that Sucker Punch will have prepared the “tricks.” “Especially help the game not being overwhelmed by two products and style of samurai ahead.