After users upgraded to Windows 10, some noticed that the username displayed when they signed in with a Microsoft account was not what they wanted. In some cases, the last name has been truncated, while in other cases, the email was displayed. Today, we will see how you can change your Account’s displayed profile username in Windows 10.

Change the account username in Windows 10 when signed in with a Microsoft Account

Method 1: Change the account name in Control Panel.

1. Access Access Control Panel / User Accounts and Family Safety / User Accounts.

2. Select “Change your account name”.

Thay đổi tên tài khoản trong Windows 10

3. Enter a new name in the box and click Change Name.

Method 2: Change the account name in Local User and Groups.

Step 1: Open Run Windows + R, type lusrmgr.msc, and click OK to open Local Users and Groups.

2. Open the Users folder, right-click on the user, and select Rename in the menu.

3. Enter a new name in the name box.

Method 3: Change the administrator or guest name in the Local Group Policy Editor.

1. Access Local Group Policy Editor.

2. Open Computer Configuration / Windows Settings / Security Settings / Local Policies / Security Options / Accounts: Rename administrator account: Rename the admin account (or Account: Rename the guest account).

3. Enter a new name and press OK.