The default desktop background or wallpaper in Windows 10 is no doubt, but not all users want to keep that desktop background for a long time and want to change the default desktop background.

You can set custom wallpaper on each monitor on Windows 10, and in this tutorial, you will learn how.

How to change the wallpaper on a Windows 10 computer

  1. Open Settings.
  2. Click Personalization. (or right-click and choose Personalization)

    Thay đổi nền màn hình Windows 10 Hinh 1

  3. Click on Background.
  4. In the “Background.” Drop-down menu, select Picture. 

    Thay đổi hình nền windows 10

  5. Under “ Choose your picture ”, click Browse to select the picture you want to set as desktop background, choose the image, then click the Choose picture button to change desktop background in Windows 10. That’s it! The preview will now show a new desktop background.

Another way Change wallpaper in Windows 10 easier and faster:

Step 1: Open File Explorer (Windows Explorer) and then navigate to the folder containing the image you want to place on the Windows 10 desktop platform.

Step 2: Right-click on the image and then click Set as desktop background.

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