Changing the display language is especially useful in environments where multiple users access a single computer and prefer different languages. You can download and install additional languages for Windows 10 to see menus, dialogs, and other UI items in your preferred language.

Thay đổi ngôn ngữ hiển thị trong Windows 10

Instructions to install language in Windows 10

First, log in to Windows 10 using an administrator account. Press Windows + I to open the “ Settings ” window and then click Time & Language”.

Select “ Region & language ” on the left, and then click the “ Add a language ” button on the right.

The “ Add a Languagewindow displays the languages available to be installed on your computer. The languages are listed alphabetically according to Windows default languages. Click the language you want to start the download.

Go back to the “ Time & Language ” screen; you will see any languages you have installed. Click on a specific language, and you will see three options below: ” Set as default “, Options”, “Remove”. Click ” Options ” and then click the ” Download ” button to download the language and keyboard pack for that language.

Change the display language

To change the user accounts’ language, go back to the “ Time & Language ” Settings page, select the language, and then click ” Set as default “. You should see a message appear in the language that reads, “ Will be display language after next sign-in. ”Log out and back into Windows, and your display language will be set. If you want to change the language of a user account, log on to the account first. You can set up a different language for each user account.

Change the Language of the Welcome screen and new User Accounts

Applying a language pack to a user account may not necessarily change the default Windows system language used in Welcome, Sign In, Sign Out, Shutdown Screen, Start menu items, and built-in admin accounts.

To get all this to change as well, first, make sure you have installed at least one additional language pack and are one of the user accounts set up to use one language. If the computer has only one user account, its display language must be changed from the default.

Open the Control Panel, convert it to icon view if it is not already there, and then double-click Region”.

On the “ Administrative ” tab, click the “Copy settings “ button.

The window that opens allows you to copy the current language with the system account, thus causing everything to appear in the language you choose. You also have an option to set the current language as the default for new users. Just make sure the language visible to the user currently logged in is the one you want to use everywhere. After setting your preferences, click ” OK “, and then restart your computer.

If you have any problems in the following one step or want to share some advice, let us know in the comments below.

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