In Windows 10, the lock screen image is displayed in some cases. For example, if you lock the user session with Win + L or click on the Start Menu user image, the lock screen image will appear and show a wallpaper. If you’re signed in to Windows 10, you’ll need to remove the Lock screen to continue with the login screen. Here’s how you can change the lock screen wallpaper to a custom one in Windows 10.

In Windows 10, the lock screen wallpaper can be set through the Settings app. Users can visit the following page: Settings -> Personalization -> Lock screen.

Thay đổi hình nền trên màn hình khóa trong Windows 10

You can use Windows spotlight, image, or a set of photos from a folder as a slideshow to the lock screen.

Note: in Windows 10, there are two lock screens. The first is the default Lock screen that appears when you log out, either have a password set for your user account or have enabled Ctrl + Alt + Delete. The second lock screen is related to your user account. This post will see how to change the lock screen wallpaper for the user’s lock screen.

Instructions to change the lock screen in Windows 10

1. Open Setting.

2. Go to Personalization -> Lock screen.

3. Under the background on the right, you can choose one of the following options.

  • Windows Spotlight – shows different platforms downloaded from the Internet automatically.

  • Picture – here, you can set a single image to use as the lock screen background.

You can select a specific image out of the box: Alternatively, you can set up a custom image using the Browse button. Click it and open the desired image:

  • Slideshow – use this option to have a slideshow on your lock screen. It will play the images from the folders you put in. Click “ Add a folder ” to add a new folder with images to be run on the lock screen:

Advanced slideshow setting under the folder list allows you to fine-tune the slideshow behavior. You may want to adjust it:

Tip: You can also use the Photos app to set your favorite image as the lock screen background. Open the desired image in the Photos app and click the three-dot menu button.

There, click on the item “Set as”. A new menu will appear on the screen with the command “Set as lock screen” which you can use to set the current image as the lock screen.

There is a keyboard shortcut Ctrl + L defined for the same action. You can tap to set the lock screen background directly from the Photos app.