Death Stranding will be available on PC and June 2020, as well as some new features more favorable than Playstation 4.

So after a long wait, PC gamers have finally experienced the Death Stranding blockbuster, this game has an official launch date in June 2020 on both the Steam and Epic Store at the same time. Of course, to compensate for this delay, Kojima talked about several new features specifically for Death Stranding’s PC, especially they were never available on Playstation 4.

Cốt truyện Assassin’s Creed, Pieces of Eden những báu vật địa đàng – P.1

P.1 Pieces of Eden is the common name for the artifacts made by the Isu clan, playing an important role throughout the history of the Assassin’s Creed series.

The first is the Death Mode ‘s Photo Mode feature that will appear on PC, but to make things even more interesting, it has now been improved by adding 8 billion filters that allow you to edit everything, from width of the scene, the weather, the color of the image to create the effect. More specifically, the new phote Mode allows players to change the appearance of Sam, which means you can edit facial expressions, as well as create optional poses like superhero movies. so.

Unlike other Photo Mode modes, Hideo Kojima makes Death Strangding more features “drag” photos frame by frame, easier to understand, you can snap continuous shots then select the angle and start editing directly. . Through the demo demo, you can see the Photo Mode of Death Strangding is the most modern when compared to other games, moreover this offer is only for PC gamers, Playstation 4 is not experienced yet.

Those who place Death Strangding on Steam will receive a special gift, a Half-Life style Headcrab hat, and we also have other special costumes such as Gravity Gloves from Half-Life: Alyx or glasses. Cool legend of Gordon Freeman. All of this will only be for those who put Death Strangding on Steam, but for the Epic Games Store, we still haven’t seen them have anything cool.

If you pre-order Death Strangding, you will receive Gold and Silver outfits like the Playstation 4 version, but the PC community is once more favored when they are given 10 more tracks of Death Strangding due to Ludvig Forssell composed, these are songs that have never been published before. An Artbook – The Art of Death Stranding will also be an additional bonus for this PC version, generally considering the gift level, the PC receives nearly 3 times the Playstation 4.

Death Stranding và những thay đổi mới khi lên PC

Of course, on the PC, the settings of the Death Strangding will also change or correct to upgrade, the game will support 120 FPS and reset the image standard to fit for the ultrawide screen. Latest. One thing is for sure, the picture quality of Death Strangding on PC will be even better than Playstation 4, because it has more options and this time Hideo Kojima wants to push this game limit further.

Death Strangding will almost certainly be protected by Denuvo to prevent being cracked right from launch, but it is unclear how long it will last before surrendering. Currently, according to the Playstation 4 disc sales, Death Stranding is in the top of the games with the most successful launch week of 2019 in Japan, as well as the 2nd in Europe, with more than 250 thousand. sold after 5 weeks.

Death Stranding và những thay đổi mới khi lên PC

However, the PC version will appear to have no new content, because according to a recent interview, Hideo Kojima made it clear that if Death Stranding had a sequel, it would start from scratch. ie a completely new storyline that is not related to the current storyline, the only thing that will be retained is that Kojima still wants to work with Norman Reedus.

Moreover, Kojima himself has no plans for a sequel or extra story for Death Stranding, so we cannot see any new DLC information for this game until now. Therefore, Playstation 4 gamers will not need to worry about Death Stranding on PC.

Death Stranding và những thay đổi mới khi lên PC

For those who have never played Death Stranding, its story is about a post-apocalyptic world where humans are subjected to the hunt of alien creatures called BT and Time Fall events. rain causes everything to age hundreds of times, making it impossible for plants to grow on the ground. The protagonist of Death Stranding is Sam Porter, a freighter transporting goods between the residences to help maintain life, after a few incidents Sam has assumed the responsibility of building a communication system along the water. America, to help people can once again reunite.

Death Stranding has received mixed reviews, some praising its gameplay as completely new when adventuring, others arguing that this game is more like a shipper simulator. nothing special. But the plot of Death Stranding is extremely twisted brain as well as special unexpected knots, the Game has articles on creatures as well as events in Death Stranding for those who want to learn more.