Devil hunters are back in Devil May Cry 5, with the familiar crazy guillotine play with many more hegemony characters than before.

The character in the Devil May Cry 5 demo is still a Nero boy (now quite mature), with the familiar weaponry and the “Red Gas” gun and sword from Queen 4. Almost all. Nero’s combos and energy accumulation styles are kept unchanged. The attack rhythm, the aerial combo is also the old button style. Those who have played through this series will get acquainted in just a few minutes.

You still go through the area and fight demons to get the Red Orbs to upgrade for weapons, the more combos, and no overlap. The more Red Orbs will be. Necessary Devil May Cry 5 still has the same tempo and gameplay as previous versions. Maybe after the “spin-off” part made by Ninja Theory was criticized like crazy, Capcom had to return to the original values of the line of this game.

Devil May Cry 5 Demo: Mãn nhãn, đã tay và cực kỳ thỏa mãn

There are many improvements in this Devil May Cry 5, but the Game will only list those directly experienced due to the Demo’s limited duration. First, Nero had now cosplayed Too Young when his demon arm was gone, it was replaced by machine accessories called Devil Breaker.

There are many types of Devil Breaker with many different features, from exploding, bouncing, or helping Nero to surf in the air. This is a good point of Capcom. Instead of adding skills directly to the character, they switch them to a support form from the map, so the player is not confused and makes the game seem more diverse.

Devil Breaker can be used for free, but they will have a fixed number of “bullets” that will gradually consume when using the ultimate. When a Devil Breaker runs out of ammunition, it will be neutralized (destroyed) and only recover if there are bullets. When fully charged, the Devil Breaker will have extremely ferocious power, enough to clean the demons. The path or even the boss must be pushed back.

Devil May Cry 5 Demo: Mãn nhãn, đã tay và cực kỳ thỏa mãn

Now players can upgrade their skills or reload the Devil Breaker through the road’s phone poles, basically not much different from the saved statues in Devil May Cry 3. But the boss fighting mechanism Devil May Cry 5 is excellent hands. The demo will let players encounter a giant monster with a belly that knows how to spitfire. This will be when Nero shows how useful the Devil Breakers are.

Usually, Nero can only jump two steps in the air or use a gun to reduce the speed of dropping, but not use the “drag and drop” with the demon arm as in Part 4. But the Devil Breaker is different because one of them helps him to surf in the air. The best thing is that it is not limited to the number of times, as long as Nero can hit – surf sequentially and do not run out of ammo. You can stay in heaven for as long as you like.

Nếu được phép chọn lại, tui vẫn cứ mê game thôi!

If I’m allowed to choose again, I still love the game! It all started nearly two decades ago. At that time, I was a young and handsome six-pack – now always but look more stylish.

Because of this mechanism, the boss fight in Devil May Cry 5 is extremely happy. You will feel like you are immortal even though the enemy is dozens of times bigger, each time the other father’s fist is about to strike. Down, use Devil Breaker to glide, and you’re done. The writer who dealt with the first boss in the demo almost did not need a drop of blood, because while surfing, jumping and dancing twice, he could use slashing swords to reduce the falling speed, it was too bad, disdain—the upper minister just so much as to the limit.

Devil May Cry 5 images are taken from RE Engine – something Capcom developed and used in the Resident Evil 2 Remake. You will see the monsters are very different from the previous games, but they are shaped with the devil May Cry series’ sticky skin characteristic.

The main character in this demo is Nero, the boy of 10 years ago, just like a younger version of Dante, from the way he talks and walks and provokes the demons. Nero’s attacks look better, especially with the Devil Breaker arms, the Red Queen sword, when “turned on the gas” still emits fire like it used to feel extremely powerful when it sent the demons away a mile.

Devil May Cry 5 Demo: Mãn nhãn, đã tay và cực kỳ thỏa mãn

Overall, it isn’t easy to evaluate a game through just a demo comprehensively. Still, Capcom has retained all the Devil May Cry series’s familiarity, with new enhancements to attract players. Devil May Cry 5 is likely to be a must-buy game shortly. The game will be officially released on March 8, 2019.