After frustrating and frustrating gamers with the loot box in Star Wars: Battlefront II, DICE was determined to rebuild its image in the eyes of fans.

Two years ago, Star Wars: Battlefront II caused a stir in the gaming community and made lawmakers pay attention to loot boxes’ existence in the game. The game is a slap in gamers’ minds and EA’s reputation, making this publisher once again return to the position of “bad guys” in the eyes of gamers.

DICE quyết tâm lấy lại lòng tin của game thủ với Star Wars: Battlefront II

The game’s design director, Dennis Brannvall, expressed regret for this. “Not once in a week did we not think, ‘imagine if we didn’t release a game with such a loot box’.” According to him, Star Wars: Battlefront II is a game worthy of continuing the first version. Pandemic developed the original Battlefront versions before EA took over the series, and gamers should pay attention to the game’s content instead of “the systems that connect them” – including the loot box.

DICE quyết tâm lấy lại lòng tin của game thủ với Star Wars: Battlefront II

Dennis Brannvall.

And we know that did not happen. Gamers’ complaints and concerns about them causing game imbalance (legitimate concerns) had escalated to the point where EA was forced to withdraw the loot box 24 hours before the game was released. , then defer all microtransaction features in the game.

Until now, the loot box of Battlefront II has still existed both inside EA and outside the publisher. While the game’s sales were only 50% of the estimated 14 million copies in the first quarter, lawmakers quarreled about the loot box’s gambling properties. The Deputy Minister of the Interior recently said that Singapore needed to find a way to regulate and control loot boxes’ existence in the games.

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Apex Legends gamers are indignant at EA’s new blood-sucking game. By launching the “pay for … paid” exclusive move at the Iron Crown Collection, Respawn and EA is making Apex Legends gamers angry.

However, EA has invested too much in Star Wars: Battlefront II to ignore it. The game development team at DICE and EA has determined that they need to keep updating their games and regain their trust. “We need to take a step back and clean up – not so different from Rainbow Six Siege,” Dennis said. They didn’t release as they wanted, but now the game (Rainbow Six Siege) is working well, and I think we are in the same process of improving. ”

DICE’s design director admitted that EA and DICE’s reputation has “bottomed out” after the loot box scandal. They are still gradually regaining gamers’ trust by continually improving gameplay and content updates for Battlefront II. “This year, we have provided more content for the game than last year, a sign of a healthy game. The community is also happy like never before, especially with the big announcement yesterday (at Gamescom 2019) ”. All this happened when the DICE team looked back at themselves and revived their morale after a lousy Christmas due to the unwelcome birth of Battlefront II.

DICE quyết tâm lấy lại lòng tin của game thủ với Star Wars: Battlefront II

When it comes to the big announcements that make gamers excited, Mr. Dennis refers to a series of new content for Battlefront II that they revealed at Gamescom 2019. They include new maps, new characters, new game modes. – including the co-op PvE item that gamers are looking forward to, plus the events associated with the launch date of the movie Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. This is a surprise because, since 2015, gamers have been convinced that each Battlefront title will only exist two years before a newer game replaces it. Moreover, all of this content is free for gamers, a completely different business strategy than DICE did with the Battlefront version released in 2015.

Burnout: A brand of high-end racing games, now disgraced Burnout has been a racing game brand, combining the famous destroying elements in the gaming industry since the 2000s. Unfortunately, EA has wholly disgraced this brand.

How does Battlefront (2015) make money? Paid DLCs released every three months of the previous game tear apart the gaming community, causing its game modes to fade over time and discourage buyers and non-buyers. Explaining this strategy, Dennis said that DICE chose the DLC method because they knew when the game would “die” and used it as a way of gaining experience to apply to Battlefront II. So we have a Battlefront II updated every month, new features are continually being added for free for everyone. This makes gamers happy and helps the DICE team feel interested in the work, thereby creating higher quality content.

DICE quyết tâm lấy lại lòng tin của game thủ với Star Wars: Battlefront II

So when will Battlefront II be killed to make way for Battlefront III? The game may remain healthy shortly because, according to Mr. Dennis, the game industry has changed dramatically, and DICE now wants a long-term community instead of having customers come and go. “We want to stick with our games much longer, and we want our gaming communities to feel they are well cared for,” he said. “There is no reason to force gamers to stop playing a game constantly. They like to switch to a new game just because we don’t want to develop an older game. That’s not good for the community, and these days it may not be good for business either. ”