Doom 4 was originally intended to succeed Part 3 with a linear playing style that incorporates a Call of Duty-style movie plot, but it was later forgotten.

It is undeniable the huge influence of Doom on the gaming industry, more specifically the FPS game. This legendary FPS series marked its glorious return in 2016 with a reboot version called Doom and classic FPS games’ values. With the success of Doom 2016, the upcoming Doom Eternal is expected to continue that success. But things could have been different if the fourth Doom game wasn’t Doom 2016 but a different version, the original version called Doom 4 1.0

Doom 4 1.0 – Phiên bản không chính thức của DOOM 2016 với phong cách Call of Duty

In 2004, Doom 3 officially launched gamers. Unlike the run and gun nature of the previous two Doom games, Doom 3 focuses more on the survival story and plot. Because of that, the game, though rated very positively, also received mixed reviews from gamers. According to the plan, after Doom 3, there will be another survival horror project based on many elements of Doom 3 bearing the code Darkness. But the Darkness project was canceled early, making room for Rage development and a new Doom game. This means that the software team must split into two development teams. Doom 4 officially entered the first phase in August 2007 and was formally announced on May 7, 2008.

Most employees atSoftware focus on perfecting Rage to ensure progress and join Doom 4 after Rage officially launched. Doom 4 is expected to be based on tech five engines, aiming for 30 FPS on the console and 60 FPS on the PC, and the quality of graphics superior to what Rage shows. At the same time, Doom 4 is also expected to be on the PS4.

Doom 4 1.0 – Phiên bản không chính thức của DOOM 2016 với phong cách Call of Duty

The story of Doom 4 is said to follow Doom 3 and can be considered a reboot of Doom II Hell on Earth. The setting will be the post-apocalyptic Earth after being invaded by hells from hell. The game will follow a group of warriors who set up a resistance army against torture with the demons. According to the leaked images and videos, Doom 4 will focus heavily on building the plot and characters, including tactical combat elements, cinematic cutscenes, and NPCs to Interactive players. The story is thought to be more of a psychological war movie rather than mere science fiction.

In terms of gameplay, instead of the high-speed shooting style commonly found in FPS games from software, Doom 4 will be a more linear and cinematic game, similar to the trend of FPS games at that time that Call of Duty is the most typical example. Players can choose different conversations to interact with the characters in the game. Character control will be similar to the FPS games simultaneously, especially in the gun’s view with a fly. The main character’s movements will be slower and more realistic, requiring specific tactics and calculations, along with the ability to hide and shoot behind obstacles similar to TPS games.

Doom 4 1.0 – Phiên bản không chính thức của DOOM 2016 với phong cách Call of Duty

Due to modern military shooters’ elements applied to Doom 4, this version is now referred to by the staff software Call of Doom. A unique feature of Doom 4 is the melee mechanism called sync melee that allows the main character to deliver a finishing blow at close range. This finishing has many different animations, depending on the translator, the location the player is targeting, and the surroundings. This can be considered one of the few factors retained by Doom 2016 and utilized to become a glory kill with faster speed.

Doom Guy X Isabelle and the story of a pet guy who teaches pets to kill slayers. Not just a meme, Doom Guy and Isabelle appearing together are also intentional according to a particular edge’s violent definition.

Many years have passed since its publication, information about Doom 4 is rarely released, making the gaming community and the press too excited. There have been many rumors about Doom 4 being canceled despite software and Bethesda always reassuring the community. By 2013, Kotaku said that the Doom 4 project was stuck in the development hell state due to poor management and lack of strategic vision, whereby the whole project was restarted in 2011. When Doom 4 restarted, most of the key personnel did not continue to work on the project, including the legendary John Carmack. Almost the entire development team was replaced by people who were supposed to have faith. Intense passion as well as understands Doom the most.

As for Doom 4 1.0, people working software thought it was far from the quintessence that made Doom. Accordingly, this version of “Call of Doom” may be rich in the cinematic and elaborate storyline. Still, it will force players to “take a while” before allowing people to confront the demons. When asked, John Carmack said: “Doom only means two things: the devil and the shotgun.” Doom 4 1.0, if done, could still be a good game, but a right Doom game is a place where only people and legions of demons from a hell that is enough.