Not just a meme, but Doom Guy and Isabelle appearing together are also intentional in the sense of violence.

These days, the community has been very excited about the “off-line” relationship between Doom Guy – the legendary Doom series protagonist, Isabelle – the assistant mayor dog in Animal Crossing.

In general, just putting these two games together is ridiculous. One is a shotgun that looks like a bloody violence ranking, while the other is a casual game that manages the farm, but Like so many absurdities in this world, Doom Guy and Isabelle all have their reasons.

This meme’s origin comes from the two titles Doom Eternal and Animal Crossing: New Horizons, both have the same original release date on March 20, 2020 (mainly because Bethesda delayed the release date). So in his spare time, the fanart community devised a trick for Doom Guy to teach Isabelle (the character used as a symbol in the new Animal Crossing) to shoot a gun.

At first, this was just one of the many memes that were like “a devil hunter trying to alienate a cute character into a violent path”, but for some unknown reason, it’s suddenly as famous as Bowsette’s. Now that both games’ release date is near, this freaky couple is sweeping the internet with a cute style that comes with booby. As well as Some of the great painters began to apply rule 34 to them.

Doom Guy X Isabelle và câu chuyện tao dạy thú cưng đi đồ sát quỷ

If briefly described, these two games have absolutely nothing to do with each other, when Doom Guy is a madman imprisoned with demons (not knowing which one is imprisoned with another), hands wielding heavy guns covered in blood, shattering the bodies of any idiots who stand in the way. Meanwhile, Isabelle resembles a pet-rearing puppy, wagging its tail to celebrate its arrival in a space full of rainbow colors. Even the game genre is similar when Doom is a first-person shooter, and Animal Crossing is a farm building simulation.

But in reality, there’s no such thing as a random pot in the world because you know that even crazy guys like Doom Guy still have pets – he’s the same guy who once owned a rabbit named Daisy, but Unfortunately, Daisy’s life was not very good when it was born right from the first Doom. Daisy was one of the reasons that miserable demons miserable with Doom Guy when he went to hell in Episode 4 to kill the monsters to avenge the beloved Daisy. So don’t touch John Wick’s dog and don’t touch the Doom Guy’s rabbit.

The Doom Guy needs a new and random pet. Isabelle was chosen, after all, a pet dog or a pet rabbit is similar, and Isabelle is an upgrade of Daisy because it is smarter and can speak. So the first thing that Doom Guy needs to do if he wants to keep his pet alive when he goes to hell again is to teach him how to use a gun to kill demons like killing his master, which is quite logical. This is the couple.


Doom Guy X Isabelle và câu chuyện tao dạy thú cưng đi đồ sát quỷ

And do not think Isabelle in the form of a childish dog is harmless. As Game said in a recent fictional corner article, the animal island in Animal Crossing is like a prison for children. , the beasts lured the kids here to be mayors, giving them huge amounts of debt to keep the kids working forever. The story of Animal Crossing has a virtual, fictional smell about the animals. Typically, Isabelle piles up a pile of debt on players’ heads, forcing them to work as slaves for a lifetime and unable to flee.

Objectively speaking, Doom and Animal Crossing are quite similar. One side is the devil locked up with an immortal crazy guy holding a gun, while the other is a bunch of talking animals that lure children into hell to do thousands of thousands without merit to death. They smell the violence of the weaker than the same.

Imagine Isabelle sitting on Doom Guy’s shoulder holding a fluttering shot-gun holding cigar eight rounds of smoke, watching the demons running and running as their owner approached the slaughter one by one. It was quite similar to the picture. The image of an assistant dog who always seeks out a ton of debt papers on a child’s head, the cute, innocent face that hides the rabid soul who tries to take advantage of the less educated kids.

Doom Guy X Isabelle và câu chuyện tao dạy thú cưng đi đồ sát quỷ

So this combination sounds a bit lame, but if you consider that Doom Guy needs a new pet to be your companions to hell, Isabelle wants to gain practical experience in the process. It makes sense to improve your slave contract business.

Combining a madman with a rabid dog, Doom Guy teaches Isabelle how to use weapons to return to Animal Crossing Island to practice by kidnapping children quickly, while Isabelle takes care of the lyrics. The phone smelled of death when the owner was holding two guns in the middle of the pool of blood, thinking that he felt sorry for the devils.