Yandex Browser is designed for people who love to surf the web comfortably, quickly, and safely. Try a high-quality branded browser on the Chromium engine right now – switch bookmarks. Passwords and add-ons from the old browser will take less than a minute in automatic mode.

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Security is ensured by checking links using Safe Browsing and downloading files downloaded by Kaspersky Lab systems. The modern, minimal interface will help you navigate web pages comfortably and provide the proper controls when it’s necessary. One of the innovations is Tablo, with frequently visited websites, which appear after clicking on the address bar.

Yandex browser feature

  • Change search provider directly from the address bar in one click;
  • Refined interface;
  • Save the most useful web pages on a special board;
  • Instantly translate a word, text, or an entire web page into any language;
  • Quick access to map service;
  • Mail client integration;
  • View text documents in TXT, PDF, DOCX, FB2, EPUB, PPTX formats;
  • Interrupted download resumes are not present in Chrome;
  • Allows alerts from social networks;
  • View requests in Wikipedia without logging in;
  • Access anonymous websites;
  • Synchronize simultaneously with Google and Yandex;
  • Install extensions that add many useful features.

Integrated protection against malicious websites

The browser is designed for easy and secure web surfing. Active user protection technology based on Kaspersky Lab’s solutions and tools perfectly copes with malicious elements on dangerous websites, making it impossible to keep internet security on the machine.

When connected to public networks with weak protection, the Yandex browser activates automatic traffic encryption, eliminating the possibility of passing bank card numbers and other confidential information to scammers.

The fact that Yandex Browser checks downloads is “fast” and cannot say. Under the protection of Security, you do not worry about safety while working on the Internet.

Instant loading page

The company created a fast browser without fear of low connection speeds. If you have problems, go to settings and turn on the “Turbo” mode. It speeds uploading web pages, saves traffic, and improves the security of your network connection by transmitting data through the search engine’s VPN server.

Technology developed by Opera programmers but modified using the Blink tool. Also, here, video compression is implemented while watching – the author’s technology!

Smart Search and Bookmarks

If you consider speed and safety as secondary specs, the developers have one more time. Unique Japanese smart chain is a convenient search with suggestions for installing Yandex Browser for Windows 7 – 10 computers, smartphones, and all gadgets.

First, its integration with Yandex services shows answers to easy questions like currency rates or weather forecasts without visiting the page.

Second, the search prompt, which ignores the problem page, will be sent to the target resource, even if you enter its address in Russian. Try writing “VK” and see for yourself.

Third, the names of the pages that may interest you are shown here. For example, after adding a product to your shopping cart in an online store, a link to it will appear in a convenient place before your eyes.

In terms of frequently visited resources, the Yandex browser, like the famous Chrome, adds Scorecard pages, where they are sorted by frequency of visit.

Interesting news and articles right on the home screen

The ability to view articles selected based on the Zen service’s preferences is another useful and pleasant option. Just be careful – studying news and videos, you can lose time and forget about the urgent issues. “Zen” works excellent and accurately guesses preferences. And don’t worry, there are no shocking ads. Adblock for Yandex Browser is not required.


  • According to synthetic tests, a fast and free browser from the company Yandex took first place in terms of website loading speed;
  • Unlike the popular Google Chrome, Opera, Mozilla has Adobe Flash Player (no flash player, cannot view some documents);
  • Much simplify the management and reception of related information;
  • Compatibility with Opera addons and Google Store extensions and add-ons;
  • Turbo mode – reduce traffic consumption, optimize load times, open access to blocked resources;
  • Integrated Defender – Protects technology that scans visited websites, downloads virus files with exclusive Kaspersky Lab tools, and securely stores your passwords.
  • Own dictionary, better at checking the typed text for typos;
  • Integrate maps with advanced functions (navigation, folders), as well as other Yandex tools – mail, cloud storage, etc.;
  • Multi-version – the mobile compatible version released – Android smartphones and tablets, iPhone, iPad (iOS);
  • The new Yandex browser is optimized for both Microsoft Windows XP and laterWindows7, 8, 10.


  • Small tabs pin icon.