Microsoft brought a series of interesting surprises in its presentation at E3 2017 with Xbox One X, the blockbuster game and the ancestor of Assasin’s Brotherhood.

Microsoft brought a series of interesting surprises in its presentation at E3 2017 with Xbox One X, blockbuster games and especially the ancestor of Assasin’s Brotherhood.

It can be said that Microsoft’s performance at E3 2017 combines “no surprises” and “overwhelming surprises”. The program structure was as expected of the majority of fans when they introduced a new console model and a series of game trailers later served as the foundation for the new console launch. The majority of the show’s time is in the trailer presentation but also brings a lot of surprises to the games that are first shown.

All are the background for Project Scorpio, or officially called Xbox One X!

Xbox One X – The most powerful console in the world

That is the slogan that was repeated throughout the Microsoft program at E3 2017. Project Scorpio is the name of the new upgraded Xbox One model using the Scorpio engine introduced by Microsoft. The Xbox One X has 4K output graphics, custom 2.3 GHz processor, 12GB GDDR5 RAM, 326 GB / s bandwidth and up to 6 Teraflops graphics processing power.

Xbox One X is compatible with all previous Xbox One games and accessories. Moreover, Microsoft also introduced a new upgrade for the backward compatibility program when adding Xbox 360 games and a series of games from the first Xbox like Crimson Skies. Now owners of the Xbox One device (One, One X and One S) will be able to play even more old games.

This event, besides Xbox One X, Microsoft also introduced another model: Xbox One S. Both models are designed in a “slim” style with a compact appearance up to 40% compared to the original Xbox One. . Xbox One S is an upgraded version of the classic Xbox One with 4K graphics and a 2TB hard drive.

e3 2017

Xbox One X and Xbox One S

The Xbox One S will go on sale this week in the US for just $ 249, while the Xbox One X will go on sale worldwide on November 7, 2017 with a reference price of $ 499.

During this presentation, Microsoft introduced 42 titles including 24 exclusive games for Xbox One X.

Assassin’s Creed Origins – First assassin

One of the super hot titles for Xbox One X is Assassin’s Creed Origins from Ubisoft. The company representative brought the official E3 2017 trailer and gameplay trailer to try a short screen in the alpha build of this game.

Trailer E3 2017 of Assassin’s Creed Origins

Players will play the ancestor of the assassin guild, Bayek, living in ancient Egypt. The character’s life and feats led to the creation of the assassin later, so Bayek can be considered the ancestor of the assassins.

The gameplay featured many impressive details such as the sharp 4K graphics of Xbox One X, the skills and action effects of assassins such as slow-mo action, stealth kill, chain kill, face-to-face combat and in the final scene it seems the arrow chases its target.

One-screen gameplay trailer of Assassin’s Creed Origins

The game will reach players on October 27, 2017.

Sea of Thieves – All in one boat

As was revealed earlier, a group game called Sea of Thieves was introduced quite carefully during this show. This is a game played in the context of the navy, players will work in groups as a crew of a pirate ship and travel around the magical world of navigation.

The gameplay trailer for Sea of Thieves

The player’s journey will go through treasure-hunting adventures, fighting against the ghosts of protecting wealth and PvP. During the journey, the player must work together, supporting each other for the ultimate goal of winning the team, the crew on his ship.

The game uses cartoon-style graphics and pretty details such as eating bananas to recover HP, moving by … getting into cannons and shooting away.

Anthem – Great product from Bioware

As introduced at EA’s show yesterday, Anthem is a new online game product developed by Bioware exclusively for Xbox One X for the first time at E3 2017. Getting into your eyes is a familiar scene. belongs to the world of dust and mechanics after apocalypse. This setting is reminiscent of Rage or Rey’s early scene in Star Wars The Force Awaken.

Players will play a free warrior using support armor called Javelin when stepping out of the city to fight. Javelin is an exosuite system specifically designed for each character with travel and combat support functions. Players can fly, dive underwater, jump by jet pack like Titan Fall. In combat, it supports weapons from simple guns such as individual guns to mortars, target cluster missiles and creates energy pressure (energy charge) that repels the surrounding enemies.

Anthem’s gameplay trailer, introducing Javelin armor

The game is designed in the style of co-op party, there are many other players can join the mission. In the production video, the manufacturer can see a party of 4 characters with 4 Javelin sets with completely different shape functions.

The game is expected to launch in 2018.

Middle-Earth: Shadow of War – Total war

The producer of Middle-Earth: Shadow of War also has a short introduction to the upcoming game for Xbox One X. Accordingly, many details are “pushed” beyond the head of Shadow of Mordor.

Typically, the Nemesis system becomes more flexible, players can talk to the person who has been captured by the story as friends instead of as rigid as the first. Players also witnessed the complexity of this system when capturing an army of their own, ordaining, arranging their leader squad. The highest objective is to bring down the high ranking leaders of the enemy with full force war.

Middle-Earth’s gameplay trailer: Shadow of War

Instead of surreptitiously invading and “stealing”, players will lead a monumental success with their own army. The leaders selected to participate in the success of the battle will decide the battle with the military forces that they carry and ultimately support the main character and defeat the big boss.

The personal combat system was also improved when the demo video showed a series of flexible, continuous rotation skills between the protagonist Talion and the spirit of the elf Celebrimbor. This flexibility helps both fight off a rather large army of enemies, one thing in Shadow of Mordor is a very difficult situation to chew.

A series of exciting new game trailers

Of the 42 games featured in the show, many games appeared in a very attractive and unexpected way. These include: Forza 7 Motorsport with Porche GT2RS 2017, Minecraft 4K and a shared server for all platforms, Metro Exodus, Ori and the will of Wisps, Crackdown 3, Ashen, Black Desert, Dragon Ball Fighter Z, State of Decay 2 …

Metro Exodus, a beautiful shooter in 4K graphics

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds will have an exclusive version for Xbox One X

Minecraft will update to 4K, the Super Duper package increases the quality of graphics and general server for all platforms

Deep Rock Galactic with gameplay similar to Minecraft and Starships Troopers

TForza Motorsport 7, the racing world is so crisp and vivid

Super Lucky’s Tale – gentle platformer game for Xbox One X