With Windows 7, Microsoft introduced a new volume mixer to allow users to adjust and set volume levels for individual programs. The volume mixer exists in Windows 10, but starting with it only supports classic desktop programs.

The built-in audio mixer in Windows 10 (right-click the volume icon in the taskbar and click Open volume buffer) doesn’t support modern apps or Universal Windows Platform (UWP). This means you can’t use the built-in volume mixer to install or control the volume level of modern apps and apps installed from the Store. For example, you cannot set the volume level for Edge and Groove Music using the built-in mixer.

So, how to adjust the volume level for each app in Windows 10? Try EarTrumpet.

EarTrumpet: Adjust the volume levels for apps and programs in Windows 10

EarTrumpet is a free volume mixer for Windows 10. The EarTrumpet app lets you adjust volume levels for both classic desktop and modern applications like Groove Music and Edge.

EarTrumpet: Điều chỉnh âm lượng cho các ứng dụng cá nhân trong Windows 10

EarTrumpet’s interface looks like the default volume mixer in Windows 10. The functionality of EarTrumpet is similar to the default volume mixer.

After installing the application, the EarTrumpet icon appears in the system tray area. Click on the icon showing all classic desktop programs and modern applications. Launch modern apps and traditional programs to see their entry in the EarTrumpet list. Slide the soundbar to adjust the volume level for each application and program.

EarTrumpet is probably the best choice for the default volume mixer in Windows 10. If you want volume level control for both classic desktop programs and modern applications, EarTrumpet is a good bet.

EarTrumpet điều chỉnh mức âm lượng cho các ứng dụng trong Windows 10 pic1

Finally, before you go to the Store to install an app, the app developer says that the app might cause your Windows 10 to freeze due to an error in Windows 10. So we recommend creating a manual system restore point before trying the App on your PC. We ran EarTrumpet on a test computer running Windows 10 Pro (x64) for the past two days without any issues.

Visit the following Windows Store link to install the app. As you probably know, you need to sign in to the Windows Store with a Microsoft account to install apps from the Store.