These secrets include the innocuous fun and the links between our Doom Slayer and other games.

When everyone tried to limit the road, Doom Eternal (and Animal Crossing) came out to give our gamers something to do in the middle of the day. As an FPS fan, I jumped right into this game to verify it was worth the gamers’ wait, and the answer was yes. You can preview the first impressions of the game while waiting for the detailed review. This time, let’s introduce you to some interesting easter eggs you can find in Doom Eternal!

Posts of course contain spoil, so if you have not completed the game and do not want to be revealed the story, you should temporarily “abstain”!

Book collection of Doom Slayer

In our base (with the name “standard without adjustment” is Fortress of Doom), our protagonist has a rather epic set of books next to a chair that doesn’t look very comfortable. When you read these books’ names, you will probably laugh when you discover the interesting parody games that software has included.

6 bí mật thú vị về Doom Slayer mà bạn sẽ tìm thấy trong Doom Eternal

This image is inherently horizontal but stands up for readability.

On this shelf, you can find “The Vault Dweller’s Survival Guide” or “Nuka Cola – a history from the era of nuclear flavor” (Fallout clones), “Why I’m So Great” – Why am I so cool by Dork Norkem (Duke Nukem clone), “Mesa Science Magazine: Predicting unintended consequences” (Half-Life), “Von Braum: Technical guidance system AI on board ” (System Shock 2),…

Some clones of lesser-known or non-FPS games such as Daikatana, Devil Daggers, … Among them are From Nope Fish to Dope Fish, which refers to Commander Keen, a game with an important connection to Doom will mention later.

Familiar death

I discovered this by accident when I ran out of blood while swimming in lava. Do you still remember Arnold’s famous thumb in the movie Terminator 2, when he decided to self-destruct by sinking into a pool of molten metal? In the final seconds, Terminator’s right hand shrank into a “number one.”

6 bí mật thú vị về Doom Slayer mà bạn sẽ tìm thấy trong Doom Eternal

In Doom Eternal, you will also see this icon when you let Doom Slayer sink into any lava pool. Finding it may not be easy because gamers often die from being destroyed by the demons but will automatically revive immediately if there is a reserve network.

Secret cutscenes

A concise but humorous cut scene was broadcast on the internet shortly after Doom Eternal was born and the first “buffalo plow” gamers completed the game. It shows a devil using two Doom Eternal and Cyberdemon toys to play a fight while creating sound effects with his mouth. The camera pulled back slightly to show the viewer that the Doom Slayer stepped behind him, and he loaded the Combat Shotgun, emitting a familiar noise that startled the demon.

If you want to see these cutscenes, you will have to scroll to the end of Doom Eternal’s credit table after you’ve finished all 14 levels. It does not add any gameplay elements or storyline but still smiles at gamers because of its humor.

The classic screenplay

If in Doom 2016, gamers can find classic Doom screens with maze runner graphics right in each level, in Doom Eternal, those screens are separated and inserted into the “old” computer “that Doom Slayer has in his base. To enjoy these levels, you must complete the game once, then go to the old computer in the private room of Doom Slayer and enter the code FLYNNTAGGART. He is a Space Marine soldier, the Doom novel’s protagonist called Knee-Deep in the Dead, Hell on Earth, Infernal Sky, and Endgame released in 1995-1996, but probably not only the character. The main character of the novel.

6 bí mật thú vị về Doom Slayer mà bạn sẽ tìm thấy trong Doom Eternal

Doom Slayer’s pet bunny

Doom’s veteran fans must know that Doom Slayer has a pet bunny he named Daisy. Its fate seems to have been determined when the demons invaded the earth, and the image of Daisy’s head appeared in the final seconds of the Thy Flesh Consumed screen in Ultimate Doom. He also brought one of its legs as a souvenir, as mentioned in Quake Champions.

But it seems that this rabbit is not dead! Many eye-catching gamers have discovered rabbits’ appearance in many levels of Doom Eternal, often hiding in dark corners. It seems that in this reboot, Daisy is no longer considered dead but merely stepped out to explore the vast world around it.

Commander Keen

I discovered this easter egg for the first time in the 3rd level Cultist Base. Right in front of the gates of the evil cult worshiping Hell Priest, you’ll find a crane jutting out over the edge. This crane hangs a fish that looks very silly and bad to offend the viewer. The “Dopefish” fish mentioned in the book that I mentioned at the beginning of the article and ranked … the second stupid in the world.

6 bí mật thú vị về Doom Slayer mà bạn sẽ tìm thấy trong Doom Eternal

Dopefish first appeared in the 2D Commander Keen: Goodbye Galaxy, where 8-year-old Billy Blaze transformed into a Keen commander to save the world from aliens’ invasion. Do you know who Billy is? The boy also has a different name: William J. Blazkowicz the second, the grandson of BJ Blazkowicz (Wolfenstein), the father of the third Blazkowicz – who is now also known as Doom Slayer!