The Far Cry New Dawn experience’s early hours showed many exciting and new things, maybe a little more than the Far Cry 5 version.

Far Cry New Dawn can be seen as a continuation of Far Cry 5 before, but both the world and its gameplay are painted in a slightly different way, and it seems that is why it or a little more than version 5. I have a substantial prejudice against Far Cry 5, so some changes in New Dawn made me feel better. Ubisoft is still the same. Opening the game on Uplay 1 day later, Steam’s opening makes this guy wait until late to enter the game.

Trải nghiệm Far Cry New Dawn – Hấp dẫn phần khởi đầu

Far Cry New Dawn started nearly 20 years after the day the atomic bomb exploded at the end of season 5

The story in Far Cry New Dawn continues nearly 20 years after Far Cry 5. Introduced by Carmina Rye, Nick Rye’s daughter and the same girl escorted to a maternity ward by her friend there. Now she’s a twenties teenager and inherits an apocalyptic world uplifting and ruined. The restrained style of the team has made Far Cry so attractive still.

However, the main character you play is not Carmina. You are an unknown captain (Captain) accompanied by a post-apocalyptic life reconstruction expert, Thomas Rush. Thomas is famous for rebuilding apocalyptic settlements throughout the United States, and Hope County survivors have invited him to help rebuild it.

Trải nghiệm Far Cry New Dawn – Hấp dẫn phần khởi đầu

You can choose your gender but be attached to the role of an anonymous Captain following Thomas Rush.

Thomas energetically led hundreds of people and materials on a train to help Hope County rebuild. However, the Highwaymen were robbed by twin sisters Mickey and Lou, which derailed, causing the train to overturn almost all of Thomas’s followers. The bandits appear and take everything they bring to Hope County and persuade Thomas to join them. Thomas refuses and tries to escape, only to push you off a cliff into the river and accept being caught. Carmina rescues you ashore, and the two begin their journey back to Prosperity base to find a way to save the situation.

Trải nghiệm Far Cry New Dawn – Hấp dẫn phần khởi đầu

The beautiful girl was invited to save the world.

It can be said that for a person who used to play Far Cry 5, although disappointed with it, meeting old acquaintances after 20 years creates an incredible feeling of eagerness. Stretching out at the beginning of the game is a lot of material that tells you the status of old friends from the past. I heard the news of Nick Rye’s help, Grace’s, I heard that Hurk’s brakes were still alive and entrenched in front of the Highwaymen.

Trải nghiệm Far Cry New Dawn – Hấp dẫn phần khởi đầu

Nick Rye is still alive and imprisoned somewhere. Over there is the perverted madman Sharky Boshaw now old.

You can still choose the gender and outfit for the protagonist in terms of gameplay. I don’t know if the development team accidentally wants to show a radioactive world where the beard selection applies to women.

Trải nghiệm Far Cry New Dawn – Hấp dẫn phần khởi đầu


The most impressive feature of the gameplay that Far Cry New Dawn brings you is the Prosperity base that works like a castle. Clash of Clans. You have to collect resources of all kinds and use them to upgrade the main house and functional areas such as gun-making tables, herbal fields, garages, and even scouting houses to have maps marking resources’ location.

Although the post-apocalyptic resources division seems confusing and full of garbage, it makes the game much more balanced. Money is replaced by copper coils, used to them buy cast into the projectile. The main material to build an Ethanol house is to rob it in a hearing box or occupy some outpost to receive a reward.

Some types of skill-to-home benefits, such as the infirmary, will help increase your HP bar instead of the previous skill. Similarly, the training camp will empower the Specialists to follow you instead of rising with skills.

Trải nghiệm Far Cry New Dawn – Hấp dẫn phần khởi đầu

To upgrade the home requires a lot of Ethanol.

Weapons and vehicles are divided by tier/rank. When you raise a house to the corresponding tier that will open for manufacturing, you still have to collect materials from forging them. The firearms in Far Cry New Dawn are designed for the post-apocalyptic nature, looking like scrap and luxuriant lum. However, it is limited in that you can not freely customize, can not attach additional sights or silencers to a gun. Now each gun has a hard-mounted accessory, and the higher the tier, the better it will be. For example, the tier 1 submachine gun has only 50 bullets and no viewfinder, Tier 2 has a red dot grip, Tier 3 and above start genuine ACOG optical viewfinder.

Trải nghiệm Far Cry New Dawn – Hấp dẫn phần khởi đầu

Guns look pretty “junk” due to being made from scrap.

Guns are now more interesting, you need Titanium to forge them, but this resource is quite rare. It is more challenging and exciting than the way of buying up all the previous versions. Especially the Highwaymen’s wagons have Titanium, which makes you very excited to rob the car. It was not as light as the Project Eden’s cargo wagons that had previously contained rockets or flamethrowers looked like they didn’t want to rob them.

VIP guns also appear, and you can choose between waiting to upgrade your house high enough to make or open with Far Cry Credit, a virtual currency in the game that is rare but can be picked up in some places. It is more appealing and more adventurous than buying with money like Far Cry 5.

Trải nghiệm Far Cry New Dawn – Hấp dẫn phần khởi đầu

VIP guns can be purchased with Far Cry Credit

Although using the map of version 5, the environment in Far Cry New Dawn is very different. The pink color is wide open by a flower covering the whole ground. The works are mostly ruined ruins or buried half in ashes. Occasionally when walking, you may encounter “hearing,” as the PUBG people call it, the supply boxes dropped by the Highwaymen for them. You need to hurry forward and collect all, maybe you will encounter them to get the enemy’s items, but it is not too difficult to “kill the bandits”.

Trải nghiệm Far Cry New Dawn – Hấp dẫn phần khởi đầu

Hearing about !!!!!!!

Enemies in the game also by Tier, the higher the buffalo’s health distinguished by the number of HP points. Tier 1 was a fragile line, but in Tier 4, like a bison, Bizon fired a machine gun like a mosquito biting stainless steel. At that time, he only had to run or climb to the house’s roof to hide.

Overall after a few hours of experience with Far Cry New Dawn, I feel a shooter worth playing, marginally better than its predecessor Far Cry 5, and most have a lower price due to the secondary version. The storyline should not be expected because the beginning of the episode shows that it is just as nonsense as part 5. Only one intriguing detail is that the twin sisters Mikey and Lou mention “Pops” (teenage slang referring to the father or older and more senior). A mysterious man probably ranked above both sisters.