Fishing function is an interesting update in Far Cry 5 compared to its predecessors, here are some tips for an interesting fishing session.

In the series of features included in Far Cry 5 , fishing is almost a part of “nothing to stick on people”. It brings relaxing and entertaining nature, which is not much related to the shooting environment in the game. Therefore, it becomes a strange “change of wind” for players who are tired after intense combat missions.

Far Cry 5

Fishing is an elegant hobby of a gunner

However, to have a leisurely fishing session or a comfortable fishing experience in the middle of the mess in the game is really not easy. The game has tried to find such an experience and has some experience, please share it with the people as follows:

What to prepare to go fishing?

To fish, you first need a fishing rod . You can pick it up in some places in the game or you can buy it in a weapon shop. Fishing rods are located to open a special weapon category with Rocket Launcher, Fire Guns, LMG .. you can only buy basic types, high-end fishing rods are only open under certain conditions.

For best preparation, you should open the Fisher King skill in the perk table for survival. This skill is a basic group so it does not require a lot of points to open. With it you will pull the line faster and catch a lot of heavier fish. In other words, without this skill, fishing will be very boring.

Where to find fish?

With a fishing rod, it is not easy to find fish. You can easily fish anywhere like rivers, lakes, ponds … However, these are just “easy” fish like Rainbow Trout , want to find other types of fish, the harder ones to conquer. then you need your own way.

Fishing magazines can be found scattered everywhere

First you can find the fishing magazines scattered in the game. Each book will reveal a new location of fish on the map, usually those of high difficulty or rare and strange fishes. However, this is quite difficult because the game map is too large, so finding each magazine is clearly “high”.

The second way more directly and manually: Run detecting. You don’t need magazines because the game requires you to get close enough to the location of each fish to automatically open it. So, just start the boat and spend the time running along the river and you can open most of the fish spots . In addition, this journey is not too boring because along the river you can come across many fun things like chasing enemy ships, disrupt groups of enemies on the river bank.

Far Cry 5

Getting up close to these young people is to spot fish

One trick to identify fish spots is to have a weapon shop buddy wearing a fishing jacket standing by the river. Usually accompanied by frozen boxes and a few fishing rods, this represents a fishing station for the locals.

How to fishing peacefully?

When there’s enough gear and fishing, another pretty important thing will come: How do you go fishing alone? As you know, in the game there is always patrol force of enemies. If you do not choose a clever fishing spot you will be bothered continuously by a lot of patrols both on the river and on land. The enemy will “hook” you when you are struggling with a stubborn fish, another feeling very annoying and “falling mood”.

Far Cry 5

Fishing should be focused, harassed will be very frustrating

So the first method is to fish in the “liberated” area, to make sure you need to win one of the three areas of the game or at least occupy all the outposts around that point. This will reduce enemy patrol density and increase our patrol density in the area. You will be more likely to leave the fishing relaxed.

One more thing you need to note is to choose the location of the sentence as hidden as possible. Stay away from the road is a top priority because you do not want to meet the water patrol, would you like to add more road patrol to drink tea to hook the hook? Fishing is a quiet and restrained discipline, be calm … calm … don’t draw a gun at anything.

How to fish?

When you have everything, the last thing you need to do is … fight with the fish. The basic way of fishing is to throw the fishing rod in the middle of the river, pulling or tugging at the fishing line to lure the fish. You will see some currents chasing your hook, that is, the fish are swimming in. When fish bite, just right click to jerk and start the fight to pull the line. When you pull the fish to your feet, you have caught it .

Far Cry 5

Pulling the rope in the opposite direction of the fish’s movement exhausted it

The tricky point here is how to “wrestle” with the fish so that it lets you pull the rope towards you. With easy fishes like Rainbow Trout, it’s not too difficult to pull. However, with difficult fish they will pull very strong strings and if you do not “give in” they will tear off and run away.

Fighting a difficult fish requires you to be persistent and to “let go” in time. Fishing lines will show the tension from green (normal) to orange (stretch) and red (nearly broken). When the fish pulls on the rope or you have pulled the rope too hard, turn it off immediately and start over. As the game guides, you pull the rope to the opposite direction of the fish pulling and then pull the rope back, so you “gobble” with the fish until it is tired and let you catch.

Far Cry 5

Pangasius is very big

The higher the difficulty, the harder the fish will last and your patience will therefore need to be trained an extra level. Just accidentally pulled a bit or drag a little long wire will cut immediately . This is the most accurate evidence for the phrase “old and ragged.”

Interesting things about fishing of Far Cry 5

Do not expect too much in this fishing function, except that it describes fishing and is certified by professional anglers. Let’s find out some more interesting or … not very interesting about fishing in Far Cry 5:

Far Cry 5

Probably $ 100 all kinds

  • Every fish sells for $ 100 , regardless of whether it’s an easy or a hard fish, the selling price is the same price, don’t beat your shop to buy your fish!

Far Cry 5

It’s hard to believe that it almost broke your need for bracing

  • The difficulty is not necessarily big, you will be surprised when the difficult level fish you have to wrestle for tens of minutes to make it surrender only … by fist . While the Rainbow Trout is easy to spread out. That’s his life!
  • There are three quests related to fishing in Far Cry 5. They appear at the Dylan’s Master Bait Shop – North Widow’s Creek once again learned to fish with Skylar , go fishing three types of fish at the request of Skylar and fish. The Admiral legend at the request of Skylar.

Far Cry 5

The best stick is Old Betsy

  • The last fishing rod, the Old Betsy Rod, only opens when you finish breaking all fishing records in all areas. This record is calculated according to the weight of each of the 12 species of fish you catch compared to the record level prescribed.

Above is the fishing experience I collected during the game of Far Cry 5. Hope to help you have moments of leisurely leisure amid gunfire explosions resounding in Hope County. Maybe sometimes you will sink a few ships regardless of the enemy – I just because it broke the ungainly. But remember, retreats … tranquility …