Information of Far Cry 5 blockbuster game cracked less than a month after launch made the Denuvo anti-crack software “devalued”.

A pretty shaken information was spread today, it’s crack version blockbuster titles from Ubisoft Far Cry 5 release has appeared on multiple distribution channels famous crack game. The date of the game’s release, on March 27, 2018, appears only for 20 days until the crack release. It can be said that this is a new victory of the hackers on the front against Denuvo anti-piracy software. This crack version was made by the CPY team, a famous team cracker.

Far Cry 5

A reasonably large crack distribution site posted a pirated download of Far Cry 5

The fight against Denuvo is very intense

The battle between game makers and crackers who specialize in cracking games for “piracy” seems to have stabilized after the arrival of Denuvo in 2014. The original hackers appeared to have won when cracked. A successful game using this software is Dragon Age Inquisition, just one month after its launch. This achievement belongs to the 3DM crack group, and they continue to crack for games using Denuvo continuously after that.

With this momentum, cracking the game using Denuvo becomes more feasible than ever. Game publishers say that the most critical game sales are 30 days after release, so even after being cracked after one month, it can be considered a success of Denuvo.

Far Cry 5

Tomb Raider and Far Cry Primal are both protected by Denuvo

However, the Denuvo anti-interference software development team did not give in easily. They released new updates that complicated it many times. Until early 2016, the 3DM team was said to have given up not being able to crack Just Cause 3 due to the new Denuvo version that this game uses too complicated. The crack group then officially announced it would stop cracking games using the software for a year to investigate whether copyrighted games in China have increased.

However, stopping the 3DM game does not mean that all crackers stop. In August 2016, the Doom game’s Denuvo version was successfully bypassed by a hacker named Voski. This bypass was a crack to fool Denuvo that everything was okay instead of disabling it altogether. A series of other games using this anti-hack version were bypassed shortly after, but this vulnerability was immediately removed by the Denuvo team in an update three days later.

Far Cry 5

Doom was protected by Denuvo but was successfully cracked.

Once again, the jailbreak team emerged when the crack team CONSPIR4CY (CPY) suddenly launched a complete unlocking version for a series of games like Doom, Rise of the Tomb Raider, Inside. This group has learned how to disable Denuvo with a new method. Developers have been pitying Denuvo out of games like Doom, Inside, Climb… seem to be bored with this software. CPY continues to be the team providing a crack for Denuvo games ever since.

Falling then straining, then losing again

Denuvo seems to be cornered, and the critical hit for them is that the title of this protective software is the fastest crack in history, Resident Evil 7, with a record … 5 days after its release. More and more crackers are breaking the protection of this anti-hack software. In May 2017, a Russian hacker nickname BALDMAN successfully cracked Nier: Automata and Sniper: Ghost Warrior 3. On June 4 of the same year, another hacker, MKDEV, successfully cracked the Constructor HD game, and then a series of other games cracked faster and faster. There are even times when the game using Denuvo is cracked just a few hours after launch.

Far Cry 5

Resident Evil 7 becomes Denuvo’s fastest cracked game.

However, the anti-hacking development team has continued to use a new update method, and this time Ubisoft’s Assassin’s Creed Origins game becomes challenging. CPY finally cracked the game successfully, but they struggled for three months. In February 2018, 3DM returned with a fatal blow to Denuvo when they cracked Final Fantasy XV 3 hours before the release. Now the time has become a negative number. Many people claimed that they had used the crack based on the Demo.exe file of FF XV and broke the game before the PC version was released (after a little while after the console version).

Far Cry 5

Assassin’s Creed Origins makes it difficult for crackers to last up to 3 months.

Far Cry 5 cracked, and a new shortening.

The CPY team continued to show their progress when successfully cracking Far Cry 5 with the same Denuvo version that made them struggle for three months, now shortened to … 20 days. The games using this anti-crack software may continue to be cracked faster and faster, and if the Denuvo team does not have new timely updates, the old perspective will appear again. The game will be cracked on the day of release.

The war between protection and crack continues with the victory in favor of crackers. Publishers continue to face the problem of product cracking and loss. As for Far Cry 5, please do not ask where to download the crack version. The game will not only where you need to know. It has fallen into the hands of CPY.