As Far Cry 5’s plot moves into the main content, Deputy enters Holland Valley and faces the challenge of trust from John Seed.

The plot of Far Cry 5 continues after the main character Deputy says goodbye to the Dutch benefactor, leaving him to stay on the island base as a remote guide and I enter the control area of the PEG sects to prevent them from waning. close to Hope County and save kidnapped teammates.

When the Deputy left the island, Dutch suggested he go south into the Holland Valley because in the capital town of Fall’s End there was a small group trying to resist and form an anti-war force. If they were helped and regained the town, this would be a good starting force against the PEG’s simultaneous assault campaign. This is an area managed by the Seed’s youngest brother, John Seed.

Cốt truyện Far Cry 5 – P.2: Ngươi tin hay không tin?

According to the Far Cry 5 storyline in Book of Joseph, John Seed is a young, intelligent man who is very good at manipulating others. His violent past has helped him develop a psychic ability, wriggle and deal with others very cleverly to help himself escape the beatings and psychological torture from his adoptive parents. Growing up he studied law and used this gifted ability as an advantage to become an extremely talented lawyer. John Seed used his legal ability to seize Hope County residents’ land and used his manipulation ability to entice them to join PEG. He is considered to be the legal representative of this sect who hires human resources and collects assets in the most gentle and intelligent ways.

Shortly after entering Holland Valley territory, the Deputy received a TV signal that was intentionally broadcast by John Seed to convince people here to join PEG with the slogan “Just say: Yes”. In the video there is the appearance of Deputy Chief of Police Hudson with bruises on the face. The only way to save Hudson is to defeat John Seed Corporation in Holland Valley.

The Deputy started his battle by driving the PEG troops out of some locations on the edge of town, rescuing the Boomer dog and taking him along as a companion. On the edge of town, the Deputy rescues a group of people trapped in the old church, one of whom is Pastor Jerome, pastor of the church and leader of the rebel forces at Fall’s End. John begins to notice a vandal who is interfering with his operation, so his strongest task force ambushes the Deputy, using live anesthetic bullets.

The deputy regained consciousness and found himself drowned in the water with the other captives. After being pulled up, each of them was baptized by John and joined PEG. But when Deputy’s turn came, John stopped and said, “This person is not clean.” He immediately plunges the Deputy into the water and pulls it up again, but is dissatisfied, while he plans to submerge again and this time seems to kill the Deputy when Joseph appears. He criticized his brother for abusing and misleading the meaning of baptism and saying that he believed the Deputy still had a chance to see the mistake.

Cốt truyện Far Cry 5 – P.2: Ngươi tin hay không tin?

The deputy was loaded into a van and taken to the prison to be locked up to wait for a change of mind. Along the way, the car was ambushed by Pastor Jerome’s group, the Deputy was rescued and the ambush team freed the remaining prisoners and then paved the way through the PEG rescue force to escape safely.

With this victory, the Deputy and the anti-war forces gained more confidence in carrying out more sabotage missions, causing the PEG troops heavy losses. The Deputy met more important people with good combat skills and techniques in the Holland Valley area and helped them join the anti-war force to make it stronger. The deputy police chief helped veteran warrior Grace Armstrong push PEG from the cemetery to prevent them from breaking the graves of the dead veterans. The deputy also helped Nick Rye, a pilot who piloted a local plane, reclaim the hovercraft from his grandfather and chased the PEGs from the farm and airport area to protect his wife Kim. Your pregnancy.

Cốt truyện Far Cry 5 – P.2: Ngươi tin hay không tin?

Most importantly, the deputy sheriff helped the rebel forces regain control of the town of Fall’s End. Here Deputy met Mary May Fairgrave, the female tavern owner who was also a steadfast helper for the anti-war forces.

John Seed was furious that he could not kill the Deputy while he disintegrated his forces day by day. He then dispatched the task force with anesthetic gun to hunt down the Deputy again and this time of course also succeeded.

The provincial deputy realized that he was in a closed room, tied to a chair and opposite Hudson was similarly tied up. John walked into the room with a set of twirling tools and other things that looked like torture tools. He chatted about his childhood with his pious parents who always made him confess a sin or he would be beaten every day. He realized that just saying “yes” could be saved, even though he was not guilty just by saying “yes” and making something up so he wouldn’t get hit.

John also explained the “sincere” confession that he applied to the confessor, which is to tattoo the sins on his body and then cut off the guilty skin as a way to turn away from sin and repent. . John believes that it takes real human suffering to prove his sincere repentance and to be saved. After preparing everything, he asked both of the tied men who would go first, but no one said anything that made him angry and chose Deputy first.

Cốt truyện Far Cry 5 – P.2: Ngươi tin hay không tin?

John pushed the wheelchair tying Hudson back to his cell to prepare to “work” with the Deputy. Taking advantage of being alone in the room, our protagonist devises a way to get rid of the bind, which is to move the chair to the stairs and plunge down the stairs below. The strong fall was a shattered chair and helped the Deputy to escape with a damp body. Taking advantage of the complexity of the cellar architecture, the Deputy sneaked out to take out the guards and get out of the complex confined area in the siren and the security guards surrounded.

It turned out that this was one of the old government missile tunnels after dismantling all the abandoned weapons and now falling into the hands of PEG, they were built into a nuclear bomb shelter in preparation for the upcoming “The Collapse”. . According to the Far Cry 5 plot, there are several such missile tunnels throughout Hope County and most of them fall into the hands of the PEGs that have been fortified into bomb shelters. They brought their people to settle with the food they stored in that reserve in the event of a disaster that would close in hiding until the radioactivity would return to re-create the world.

Leaving the hand of John, Deputy and the counter-forces continued to cause more great losses such as the shock of the word “Yes” which was his propaganda symbol on the mountainside near the town, destroying the cow farm that the PEGs rob and demolish the gold mine that PEGs are mining. John was infuriated because he was increasingly cornered. He decided not to use the gentlemanly method any more and sent his strongest force to attack the Fall’s End and arrest all the key members of the anti-war force and force the Deputy to surrender himself in the town’s church.

Cốt truyện Far Cry 5 – P.2: Ngươi tin hay không tin?

Entering the church, the Deputy is knocked down by a PEG, and when he wakes up, John sees the tattoo “Wrath” (angry – one of the biblical great failures) on his chest. Pastor Jerome, Nick Rye and Mary May Fairgrave were also arrested and tattooed on their own. John forcefully forced his men to fire their guns to force people to perform the baptismal ritual, he discarded the Bible in Jerome’s hands and replaced it with PEG’s prayer books and forced the priest to follow him for the ceremony.

Jerome hesitated and made John beat him to the ground, the priest quickly picked up his sutta instead of PEG. John turned to Nick and asked him to confess, Nick protested violently, but after John whispered something in his ear, he surrendered obediently to accept baptism. John and his handcuffed Nick to the floor with a piece of leather knife tattooed “Greed” (greed) that he reserved for Nick and then pinned the piece of leather on the wall.

Jerome turned slightly to the Deputy and tapped the bible in his hand to signal. John turned to conduct a baptism for Deputy, Jerome brought the bible to Deputy with the question “yes”? The Deputy quickly flipped the book and pulled out a gun to shoot John, but his boss slipped his hand, so he only grazed him.

Cốt truyện Far Cry 5 – P.2: Ngươi tin hay không tin?

The others immediately attacked the guards to relieve the Deputy while John was escorted to the car by his juniors. The rebels immediately gathered and organized chasing closely. Escape on base, John climbed on the plane to escape, but Deputy jumped on another plane chasing, Nick Rye also took off to help distract the aircraft of PEG. John’s plane was caught on fire and he was able to land safely, but was seriously injured, in his dying state he tried to say, “What if Joseph was right?” The world is rotting, humanity is decaying and on the verge of destruction but people simply deny that fact and do not want to believe, people say Joseph is crazy but think carefully he is not crazy at all.

Cốt truyện Far Cry 5 – P.2: Ngươi tin hay không tin?

From the key on John’s body, the Deputy returned to the former rocket cellar to unlock the door and attacked to wipe out the remaining PEG troops inside. In the cell, the deputy sheriff met his colleague Hudson and led her to flee the bunker before it exploded. Everyone returned to Fall’s End to celebrate the victory and from now Holland Holland is officially released.

After the party, Kim called for help and the Deputy drove to Nick’s farm immediately. Here, Kim is laboring and giving birth, Nick asked the deputy police chief to drive the couple to the maternity home. While Nick sat in the back seat to reassure Kim in extremely difficult ways, the Deputy driver’s seat was sweating with a harder distance than usual with many obstacles that “even dreams do not see.” But in the end, Kim went to the maternity home and gave birth to a girl. Nick who liked boys so he named his flight service “Nick and son” now laments that he must change the company name to “Nick and daughter”.

The Deputy’s journey in the Holland Valley region according to the Far Cry 5 storyline will end here, our hero continues to the neighboring area of Hanbane River which is run by John’s sister Faith Seed with a completely different way of governing.

Let’s take a look at Far Cry’s story in the next 5 sections about Deputy’s journey at Hanbane River!