Far Cry: New Dawn has the answer to this question, but I must say that you will be disappointed to know what happened to all three.

Far Cry: New Dawn has officially been released, and like the previous two spin-off versions, Blood Dragon and Primal, gamers are once again returning to the familiar land that they have “crushed” before. There. However, unlike both Blood Dragon and Primal, which had an extreme timeline, or completely unrelated, New Dawn chose only 17 years after the end of Far Cry 5. Therefore, it made gamers ask: what happened to the most important characters of Far Cry 5, namely Boomer dog, Joseph Seed, and the anonymous protagonist “Deputy”?

The article contains much information that spoils Far Cry 5 and Far Cry New Dawn’s plot. It would be best if you considered it before proceeding to the next section.

New Dawn’s content continues this ending.

First of all, we have to talk about the dog Boomer, the four-legged friend that I cherish forever in Far Cry 5. You probably can easily guess his fate because dogs often do not live to 17 years old. When returning to Fang Center in New Dawn, you can find a small church. Beneath this church is a tunnel that leads to a wooden covered tomb. Destroy this wood, and you will realize this is the resting place of Boomer dog.

Sau vụ nổ hạt nhân trong Far Cry 5, số phận của Boomer, Joseph Seed và Deputy ra sao?

Meanwhile, the owner of Fang Center, Wade, survived the explosion. He wanted to rebuild his small zoo and mentioned the bear Cheeseburger. It’s a pity that Ubisoft didn’t tell us about this bear’s fate 17 years after the nuclear explosion. In return, Ubisoft gives us two new four-legged friends, Timber dog and Horatio boar.

While Boomer had to die and Cheeseburger was unknown, Joseph Seed was alive, as you might have guessed in the cinematic footage at the end of Far Cry 5. This was disappointing though unintended. He is also the only villain in the Far Cry series that is 100% sure to be alive after the game ends, while the other top characters in the series can be destroyed.

Sau vụ nổ hạt nhân trong Far Cry 5, số phận của Boomer, Joseph Seed và Deputy ra sao?

The fate of the main character of Far Cry 5 is Deputy (title, not his real name), a bit mysterious if gamers do not pay attention to the events occurring in New Dawn. Again, if you don’t want to spoil this vital episode, stop reading this article and come back after you’ve finished the game. Ok, you have been warned. Now start the crazy spoil!

In New Dawn, our main character needs an ally to oppose the sisters’ Highwaymen gang, Mickey and Lou. Your only option is to go to New Eden, a new organization formed from the remnants of the Eden’s Gate sect founded by Joseph Seed. New Eden gave up science and technology and lived by hunting with bows and arrows, wearing animal skins just like the prehistoric people in Primal.

Sau vụ nổ hạt nhân trong Far Cry 5, số phận của Boomer, Joseph Seed và Deputy ra sao?

When you find this cult’s refuge in the North, you are “greeted” by a wooden masked figure called The Judge and sent off. After completing the quest to find a book written by Joseph Seed, The new Judge lets you enter the Eden Gate base, which is being run by the son of Joseph Seed. Afterward, The Judge becomes one of the comrades that you can recruit. However, he never spoke and only made hissing as if he had no tongue.

The player will go through a bunker on the Dutch island (where you started Far Cry 5). In this bunker are many papers written by Deputy during the locked up period with Joseph Seed. One of them has the following content:

Sau vụ nổ hạt nhân trong Far Cry 5, số phận của Boomer, Joseph Seed và Deputy ra sao?

“… God let you know. If I listen to him, that is a good thing, right, and I can help, save people, correct mistakes, and everything will be okay. If I judge in his role as judge, judgment is right and just, and judgment is the word of god. I got it. I regret it … Please give me a mask. I’m scared. I can’t let anyone know me. Let me revive like this world, new and free from sin, and I will fight to refine sin. Thanks, Joseph, thank you, Father. ”

The content of these notes suggests that during the time he was trapped underground with Joseph, the Deputy was successfully brainwashed and looked at things like this crazy guy. The Deputy character in Far Cry 5 is The Judge.

Sau vụ nổ hạt nhân trong Far Cry 5, số phận của Boomer, Joseph Seed và Deputy ra sao?

New Dawn’s map is narrowed compared to Far Cry 5, but Dutch’s Island still exists.

There is plenty of other evidence to support this speculation. There was a quest to find pictures in the game, which referred to the horrors that New Eden had done to the main character Deputy. When bringing The Judge to the Roughneck’s Crag shooting range (where players’ friends gathered together with similar to the 8-bit Pizza Bar in Far Cry 5), Father Jerome and Hurk will chat with The Judge whether this character said nothing. They mention “the old days” and what happened to The Judge. Carmina Rye will also thank The Judge for helping her parents, and Nick Rye will also show he knows The Judge.

Sau vụ nổ hạt nhân trong Far Cry 5, số phận của Boomer, Joseph Seed và Deputy ra sao?

That’s it, that’s the end of the Deputy lead character in Far Cry 5. He/she was brainwashed by Joseph Seed, always wearing a wooden mask, unable to speak, and so scared of technology. Now get in a car. The ending of Far Cry 5 was very dark and pessimistic, but what happened in New Dawn made everything so much darker and partly made the whole content of Far Cry 5 meaningless.