Each Specialist companion in Far Cry 5 has a different mood and works, so choosing an appropriate team is also exciting.

In the Far Cry 5 Roster system, if eliminating the mercenary fighters, which are easy to find and not much special, there are 9 Specialists designed with its characteristics. These Specialists have been created by Far Cry 5 for their biography, unique skills, and individual poses. Depending on each of these auxiliary characters’ strength, the player will choose the most specific way to cater to his play.

Far Cry 5

You can choose up to 2 companions at the same time, not to mention you play co-op.

Far Cry 5 gives you two companion slots for one available position and the other open with advanced skills. If you play alone, you can have a team of 3 people fighting (including you), and selecting the most suitable members of the nine people provided by the game is also a problem. Let Game learn about these special friends and how they work.

Boomer – Good dog

The Boomer is the star of Far Cry 5 because it has been given special attention since it was revealed. The 4-legged specialist comes from the family of the pumpkin farmer’s family, but unfortunately, the incident happened, PEGs massacred its owner, and Boomer was locked in a cage waiting for “handling.” The task to unlock this dog is also simple, save him, kill all the surrounding enemies, and then stroke him to create relationships.

Far Cry 5

The people at the pumpkin farm were killed. The only Boomer survived.

Boomer is not a Specialist when his strength is to investigate rather than fight. Boomer is very strong at detecting enemies. He will show you by tagging enemies at close range or growling when seeing danger signs from afar like enemies or beasts. The Boomer also has some uses for taking down enemies from the back (takedown).

Far Cry 5

In return, the Boomer fight is relatively weak due to the low amount of blood but attacking with melee. The enemy is very easy to defeat this dog with a series of bullets, with those who carry the “heavy” Boomer, even more, have the door. Using this dog effectively only applies to those who have a fondness for playing sneaky ninja style. Those who choose to play face-to-face combat will see Boomer is a true dumbbell when it comes to having to revive every time. It was taken out.

Nick Rye – Brave pilot

Sounds like someone in League of Legends. Nick Rye is a pilot-type Specialist, and his plane is pretty scary. Nick is not very brave if you leave the fight. According to the plot in Far Cry 5, Nick Rye was a private flight charterer with an airplane passed down by three generations.

Far Cry 5

Strong pregnant wife and Nick Rye

When the war broke out, the PEGs took his plane and cornered him. Nick asked the protagonist to steal the plane to transport his pregnant wife to flee Hope County. However, after a combined effort with the player to successfully push the PEGs out of the family farm, Nick’s wife persuaded him to stay and fight to protect his ancestral property.

Nick Rye is an exemplary “air support” with a plane armed with machine guns and archipelago bombs on the player’s head repeatedly. Nick’s powerful bombardment hit all targets that were not shielded on their heads (i.e., outdoors).

Far Cry 5

The specialist’s weakness is that he cannot touch the house’s enemies, in the cave, or anywhere with a roof over his head. And a noisy plane is also not good for sneaky action. It will be an obstacle if you choose to play secretly but will be a fire demon if you decide to play sweep.

Grace Armstrong – Sister, “screaming.”

Black sister Grace Armstrong is the daughter of an American veteran. The influence of the family makes this 35-year-old sister passionate about becoming a great warrior. With the help and training of her father, Grace became a fearsome sniper warrior. When the incident occurred, the PEGs wanted to reduce the people’s resistance by targeting military origin people who could fight professionally that the people of Hope County would rely on to protect them.

Far Cry 5

Grace Armstrong killed the church bell tower with an AR-CL sniper.

They use many methods such as persecution and siege, and with dead people like Grace’s father, they choose to destroy the tomb. With AR-CL, Grace Armstrong rifled into the church in the cemetery to protect the heroic veterans’ graves before being helped by the player. After repelling the PEGs, Grace agreed to give the player a hand against the evil.

Grace is a powerful support fire on the ground. Though she does not charge directly with her sniper skill, this sister can kill most enemies with just one shot. Even hard hands like cult VIP have to collapse with just a single “shout”. On the other hand, with a striking green laser light (all other sight lasers in the game are red), Grace quickly points players to enemies hidden behind obstructions or dense forests.

Far Cry 5

Grace Armstrong does not help much when acting secretly, but it is not as bad as creating situations that lead to exposure. In terms of face-to-face combat, this strong sister was quite strong but still defended before the mass enemy or heavy enemies such as machine gun soldiers and fire-breathing soldiers. It can be said that Grace is a versatile Specialist with mid-high strength, favoring direct combat.

Cheeseburger – Friendly gray bear

There are many interesting points regarding this big grizzly bear. The cheeseburger was initially an orphan bear brought up by FANG animal protection staff. Due to being kept small to large, Cheeseburger was accustomed to humans and was no longer able to return to the wild. The name Cheeseburger is due to the staff secretly feeding it the food that it likes: cheeseburger, but later to ensure its safe nutrition, people stopped, and only the funny name was attached to it, never mind.

Far Cry 5

The bear is big but comfortable to lure. The fish will follow immediately.

When PEG conquered FANG and brought all the pets there as fighting animals by pumping “bliss” poisons so that they became crazy and bloodthirsty, the staff secretly released Cheeseburger to avoid PEG capture. Cheeseburger roamed the region and sought to kill all the PEGs it encountered. When the player frees up the FANG area, an agent reveals the Cheeseburger and asks to find it to help.

Cheeseburger is a tanker. In the melee, it is a useful enemy killer when the time from when it catches the enemy until it sends the victim to flanking the grandparents is the shortest of the 3 Specialist beasts. This grizzly is also an automatic tanker when it uses its noise and its large body to attract enemies’ attention.

Far Cry 5

Cheeseburger is straightforward to defeat if you have to deal with too many enemies that you do not thin in time because of attracting too much attention. Even in a 1-on-1 situation with strong firepowers like machine guns, flamethrowers, or shotguns, the Cheeseburger is easily defeated. The player must make actively thinly thin the enemy to relieve this bear because it initially helped draw all firepower on him. With his big and noisy, Cheeseburger is not the right choice for covert gameplay.