Specialists in Far Cry 5 always carry different special skills, so the selection of suitable companions always needs to be considered.

Continuing the previous section, we will look at the remaining 5 Specialists on the list that Far Cry 5 provides. If the previous 4 people are quite normal, except Nick Rye’s hand is a bit plump, then in the following 5 people will have interesting cases or … difficult to support. Let’s continue the game with the remaining characters!

Hurk Drubman JR – Dangerously stupid

Hurk is no stranger to fans of the Far Cry series, he appeared from Far Cry 3 as a mercenary specializing in explosives. In this section, however, we will learn more about this fire-loving man and his family members.

Far Cry 5

Hurk Drubman JR was troubled by having his father’s election vehicle stolen

Players meet Hurk through the mission of Hurk Drubman SR (Hurk father), a man full of intrigue and ambition running a campaign for the state senator. Contrary to the bumbling son, the extremely cunning father felt insulted when his son let the election vehicle be stolen by the PEGs, so the player went to find him. After standing together with Hurk to steal the car, the old man asked the player to lead the son to hide his eyes .

Hurk Drubman JR (Hurk child) is still a fire expert with the main weapon being a rocket gun . This Specialist is extremely dangerous when fighting with ships, motor vehicles because in the middle of the rocket he has unbreakable destructive power. On the other hand, he fired continuously and became a terribly portable rocket launcher .

Far Cry 5

Despite the strong attack, Hurk is quite “stupid” when fighting soldiers or long range. The only weapon he held was a rocket so the soldiers at close range he wounded himself and the player with indiscriminate rocket blasts. At long range Hurk becomes a farce when the rocket rotates too slowly so the target always dodges in time. Hurk’s secret style doesn’t do much … look at his rocket enough.

Jess Black – Beautiful female hunter

The chance to meet Jess Black comes from the matchmaking of old Dutch man. This old gentleman introduced Jess as his granddaughter being imprisoned by one of the PEGs at one of their outposts . After successfully releasing that outpost, the player will help Jess Black chase her old foe as one of PEG’s powerful minions .

Far Cry 5

After defeating The Cook, Jess lost his goal of striving and temporarily helped the player in his spare time

Jess is a young girl but has good hunter skills as well as experience in the wild, is a quiet introvert type so communication seems superficial but has good fighting ability. She spends a lot of time hunting down PEG’s notorious butcher, The Cook, to make him pay for the crimes he has committed. After being helped kill the enemy, Jess agreed to help the player as a teammate.

Jess’s skill belongs to the group of secret actions thanks to the weapon that is the bow and arrow. This is a weapon that deals high damage in the medium and close range but does not make a sound. On the other hand, Jess has another possibility of not being attacked by wild animals so the problem of being disturbed by wild animals while snooping on enemies is also eliminated.

Far Cry 5

Jess’s weakness, of course, is that in direct combat , the bow and arrow are very strong but not so fast when facing head to head, although Jess has higher damage but the rate of fire is too slow to be easily overtaken by the opponent if have a quantity of 2 or more. Jess’s damage is also temporary, so when confronted with storms of bombs and bullets, this hunter is more likely to be killed than other Specialists.

Peaches – The mighty mountain lion

Looks of Peaches we easily confused with leopards but actually this exact species of this Specialist is a mountain lion (also known as cougar). The reunion situation with Peaches is also quite strange, when the player comes to meet his old mistress. She said the PEGs came to harass and made Peaches angry and escaped, since then he wandered in the woods to kill the PEGs to satisfy his anger. The owner asked the player to use his favorite food sack to entice him to return home .

Far Cry 5

Being “sold by the owner” because she ate too much

After finding and spreading bait for it to find the way home, the old lady changed her mind and “donated” Peaches to the player with the reason “raising too much rice to eat”. Of course, she didn’t forget to curse another old friend down the river, Specialist Adelaide Drubman .

Back to the mountain lion, Peaches is a Specialist who specializes in secret activities, although using melee attacks but it possesses many hidden support skills . Peaches have the ability to take down an enemy in silence, even moving in the bushes is very quiet and difficult to detect by the enemy.

Far Cry 5

The strength of Peaches is its strong damage , fast speed , and when the battle is revealed it is ready to rush to the next enemy immediately. The weakness of Peaches is that only melee attack with not too high health makes it very disadvantageous to attack from a distance. Even when acting secretly, if a player makes a careless order for it to be detected, the probability of being defeated is very high. Although Far Cry 5 will not count as being detected if the enemy only sees and fights with Peaches alone, but if it is defeated without saving it, you have to spend 10 minutes waiting for it to recover to use again.

Sharky Boshaw – Ghost fire pot of mortar

The game was quite unexpected when Hurk said Boshaw was his cousin. Sharky Boshaw had an impressive meeting with the player when he used a speaker to attract PEG’s angel to run into his garden and use a flamethrower to burn clean. Boshaw’s first impression shows him as a mad mad fire , like Pyro in Team Fortress 2 . However, after an “entertainment” game with the angel, Boshaw became unexpectedly friendly and appreciated the players’ fighting ability. He voluntarily joins the player to have even more jarring fights.

Far Cry 5

Sharky Boshaw performs gunfire in the yard

With his debut, Boshaw thought that he would be a heavy loader like his brother Hurk but instead of a flamethrower, he used a shotgun. Of course, with the nickname of fire maniac, Boshaw’s bullets are a kind of fire shotgun bullet which is known as Dragon Breath (dragon breath). Especially this bullet is extremely dangerous in the hands of Boshaw because he has more skills to add fire rate to the bullet.

With that power, Boshaw is an extremely scary guy at close range, with extremely strong shotgun fire that adds the ability to set the enemy on fire , the direct confrontation with firepower when he is with him becomes More fun than ever. On the other hand, Boshaw also possesses the ability to reduce damage to collisions or fires, making him a … stone that can withstand adverse effects except for guns.

Far Cry 5

However, due to the use of shotguns, Boshaw is quite weak when fighting with capable enemies such as sniper, machine gun, AR-C machine gun. Although he was able to remove the gauze a little bit at the rate of burning the enemy, the shotgun did not work well in the mid-range so Boshaw easily fell into the situation of “more bullets than shooting bullets” . The way to deal with this is to take the targets far away first and leave the guys nearby to Boshaw.

Adelaide Drubman – An old lady flying an airplane

This Adelaide Drubman character is probably the pinnacle of the trolls among Far Cry’s 9 Specialists 5. At first, unintentionally or unintentionally, this 66-year-old lady fits well with the slang “old lady’s airplane” when it comes to professionals. helipad. If you do not know, the word “old lady” comes from “old dress”, the funny word for Vietnamese to refer to a type of helicopter in the past.

Far Cry 5

Swing rope by helicopter

The second shock lies in her surname. That’s right, Adelaide is none other than the wife of Hurk’s father and the mother of the god Hurk loves the fire. After many years of living with the cunning husband, she divorced and obtained some of Hurk’s father, such as the pier and the helicopter named Tulip . When the PEGs attacked, they locked her up, stole her helicopter and took the harbor to make an outpost. After being freed, Adelaide Drubman asked the player to search for the enemy pilots to get back his beloved helicopter with the promise that if it succeeds, it will be exchanged by following combat support.

Like Nick Rye, Adelaide is an air support from the sky, but she has other strengths and weaknesses than Nick. Adelaide uses a helicopter so she is low and has less mobility so it is easier to be hit by enemies, in return if the player is shot down the player can revive her. After reviving Adelaide, she could no longer return to the helicopter. She would become a ground support with AR-C guns like a regular fighter. After fast travel or moving the old woman to fly this plane can return to the helicopter.

Far Cry 5

Compared to Nick, Adelaide lived longer but also more difficult to use due to strong fire but the ability to shoot too high. The highlight of the helicopter is that you can use the hook to swing and … sit tight. However, you are not in control, so you have to leave the fate of the “stupid AI” to drive. When on the ground, Adelaide is a pretty good fighter in the middle range so we can say this Specialist option is quite “imprisoned”. In addition, the skill of “delivering” a helicopter for you is quite good, but if you do not like to use a helicopter, it is … good for the whole village. The good is not good, the secondary can be used temporarily.

Select Specialist according to play style

Everyone has their own way of fighting, maybe you like to act silently , maybe you like rain storms or driving cool battle cars . Depending on the play style we will have a specific set of Speciallist to use. Of course the number must be 3 or more because in addition to 2 permanent people must have at least 1 backup if unfortunately 2 main characters are defeated take 10 minutes “cooldown” then there is someone else instead.

Far Cry 5

Depending on your fighting preferences, choose a specialist to follow suit

Here are my recommendations for the main play styles:

  • Secret actions: Jess Black, Peaches, Boomer, Grace Armstrong
  • Frontal attacks : Grace Armstrong, Sharky Boshaw, Nick Rye, Cheeseburger
  • Mechanical attack: Hurk Drubman JR, Nick Rye, Grace Armstrong, Adelaide Drubman

Above is all the information about the Specialist in Far Cry 5, in addition to the lack of friends, there are still 3 recruiting Fighter available to use. They also categorize them as sniper, surfboard or explosives specialist so that you can choose a temporary alternative depending on the situation. Wish you choose a good action team to fight north in Far Cry 5.