Far Cry 5’s setting in the US is inherently controversial, but why choose Montana? What is unique about this state compared to the other 49 states?

Only five days left, and we will be able to touch the Far Cry 5. In this launch, promising many exciting changes such as new features, removing the mini-map, allowing creating a unique character appearance, or removing the system of climbing the tower to open the map, especially, is indispensable for America’s water context.

Far Cry 5

Background Far Cry 5 is located in a fictional place in Hope County, Montana.

The selection and placement of a specific game like the Far Cry series can be quite tricky and sensitive in the US context. A feature of the survival shooting genre where the lawlessness of just killing or being killed is placed in a country that respects freedom and peace like the United States is an annoyance for the mainstream gamers. On the other hand, it brings up another issue of religious extremism instead of the wars against terrorism, civil war, or crimes as before.

But, game makers from France, Ubisoft, decided to choose Montana’s US state to set Far Cry 5. So what were the reasons for them to choose this place? Let’s analyze it!

Large natural environment

First, even Ubisoft acknowledged in the Far Cry 5 development diary that one of the main reasons they chose Montana to build the idea of Hope County was due to the nature of the region. Montana is one of the states with the largest natural area in the United States, with rugged mountains almost completely separated from the civilized world.

Far Cry 5

Lake St Mary in Glacier National Park, Montana

It is also home to Yellowstone National Park (part of this park spills over into Wyoming and Idaho), one of the places where the fictional disaster outbreak in the famous 2012 movie. This is a nature reserve area with a vast landscape, where the indigenous people began to live 11,000 years ago.

Far Cry 5 – Tại sao lại là bang Montana?

Waterfall at a canyon of Yellowstone National Park

Possessing a vast natural wilderness area north of the Rocky Mountains, ranked 4th in area, Montana has one of the least population densities in the United States, ranking 44th out of 50 states. The number of people in 1 square kilometer.

Far Cry 5

The typical scenery of Montana is reproduced in the game.

This unspoiled wilderness is very suitable for the isolated scene with wild animals, the natural environment for typical hunting that Far Cry 5 game can take advantage of to reproduce.

Religious characteristics

First, please confirm that Montana’s religions are not violent or extreme, as described by Far Cry 5. The problem lies with the idea of the reverse game-maker. Although not explicitly stated, Eden’s Gate’s violent and violent congregation in Far Cry 5 is likely to be taken from real cults raging in the United States.

Far Cry 5

The isolated outback is a common scene in horror movies.

The latest example is the discovery of polygamy in Texas, led by Warren Jeffs. The closed complex was built as an impregnable fortress for years. No one knew what happened inside this cult until it was revealed. Sounds like Joseph Seed, right?

Perhaps it is because these characteristics, combined with the Montana people’s self-contained character, have evoked game makers’ idea to create an opposite image for comparison, like angels and demons.

Far Cry 5

Montana people like to live a closed life and become an inspiration for Far Cry 5

“(During the Montana survey trip) we met a lot of people who didn’t like to be disturbed,” said Dan Hay, product manager of Far Cry 5. “They want to be alone. And they give us the feeling that they can take care of themselves. And from here, from this distance has created an inspiration for us. ”

Of course, please note again that what Far Cry 5 says about religion does not mean to slander or infringe on religion. Instead, it is a world warning message about extremists, heresy, and condemnation. Those who take advantage of faith to do nonsense.

Freedom of guns

Speaking of guns, you need to know that Montana is one of the easiest states to control guns. Under state regulations, you can carry your guns in public places without a permit. You can also put it in the trunk of the gun car without even asking anyone’s permission.

Far Cry 5

The freedom in gun management is partly to help fight against wild animals.

The state only forbids hiding guns in people, i.e., you hide your possession of guns. This behavior needs to be licensed. Besides, guns are also banned from hiding in the company headquarters, public authorities, and especially prohibited guns in schools. It is also illegal to hold a gun when drunk.

The easing of gun management may come from the state’s vast natural area, where people need guns to defend not only human attackers but also wild beasts like the grizzly bear ( Grizzly Bear).

Far Cry 5

The gentle gun management policy also makes the context of the Far Cry 5 storyline more reasonable.

This freedom of guns has helped Montana fit into Far Cry 5, where Joseph Seed efficiently invested in building his armored army and explained the forces. Anti-war also has easy weapons.

From the above, it can be seen that Montana is an ideal place when it meets many of the “difficult” characteristics that Far Cry 5 needs to have to suit the specific features of the Far Cry line. And even if the shooting happened on the US side, remember that the last message of Far Cry 5 is still the beautiful value in the middle of the shooting. Is the protection of freedom and human rights against evil, atrocities, and cruelty.