Far Cry series is famous not only for its open world features, but also for its unique setting and context.

It can be said that Far Cry is a series of games combined by many strange things from in the game to the outside of the game. It was originally started by Crytek and was released by Ubisoft. However, seeing the prospect of this game, Ubisoft spent money to buy the entire game project from CryTek and took it home to develop itself.

cốt truyện Far Cry

Far Cry first version was initiated by CryTek

That’s why the reason for the big difference between Far Cry 1 is that the game is still heavily linear with a bit of an open world concept compared to the almost completely changed part 2. And also from version 1, the idea of game setting style is also exploited and standardized by Ubisoft.

The character of the Far Cry game context is made correct with the words “Far” and “cry” individually instead of the real meaning of the compound word “Far cry” indicating a comparative difference between the two situations. The context of the Far Cry games is often aimed at distant places (Far) and the pigs are so suckling that no one hears (cry). It is like the Vietnamese who often threaten each other in the wilderness that “you have hoarseness and no one can hear and come to save you”.

Far Cry

In the middle of a secluded wilderness, fighting for survival is more acceptable

This style of setting has many purposes, the biggest being the “legalization” for fighting and shooting in the game. Far Cry is set in areas far away from human civilization such as deserted islands, remote Africa or the middle of the lush Himalayan mountains. The wars in those isolated areas make people do everything to survive without being judged by common moral standards.

If you notice, you will see very clearly through each specific part of Far Cry. Jack Carver in Part 1 must survive on a deserted island with a bunch of mutant monsters, the anonymous character in Far Cry 2 caught in the middle of the civil war in Africa, Jason Brody in Far Cry 3 must fight with pirates or be killed , Ajay Ghale in Far Cry 4 is no better. The whole point of all is that the player is put in a situation to kill to survive and no one can judge such a rational action of survival.

Motgame will have a series of articles to introduce you to each specific case of these characters and the context, story, adventure of each of them.