For a modern shooter like the Far Cry series, choosing a context to account for the jubilant shooting space is an exciting project.

Shooting games is an extremely sensitive game genre because it almost involves shooting and violence in a fight. It is hard to tolerate throwing and killing in the modern civilized world, choosing an appropriate environment to explain that is a problem. The Far Cry series specifically addresses this problem and makes it a unique feature.

Somewhere still, gunshots were heard

In the 21st century, people live in peace, or for the most part. But there is still gunfire somewhere. There is fighting in a remote land somewhere at the end of the world. That is the philosophy that Far Cry makes good use of in its most appreciated versions.

Far Cry và cách chọn bối cảnh độc đáo “bào chữa” cho cuộc chiến

This setting takes place from Far Cry 2 with a “basic” basic style of choice – Africa. This black continent is always world-famous for constant conflicts and instability of people, factions, power. Placing players in two African countries anonymously in the middle of a war that the civilized world does not want to interfere; the two sides are free to fight each other with everything possible. Facing such a battle, you have absolutely no reason to hold a gun and fight. The ultimate goal is to survive.

Far Cry và cách chọn bối cảnh độc đáo “bào chữa” cho cuộc chiến

Entering the most appreciated version of the series – Far Cry 3, the issue is handled more subtly. It completely dismisses the political problem and describes a spontaneous war between an indigenous tribe on a desolate archipelago off the Southeast Asia-Pacific region. Still an anonymous island and a lawless atmosphere, aboriginal people must hold guns against pirates who are taking advantage of the fact that no one stops them from expanding. Once again, the problem of shooting and killing is very reasonable. You have to survive and save your brothers and sisters from the pirates in a situation without any legal representative power to protect.

Far Cry và cách chọn bối cảnh độc đáo “bào chữa” cho cuộc chiến

By Far Cry 4, although still received many compliments, most assess the feeling of not “high” as part 3. The context also becomes more politically heavy when choosing a civil war in a fictional country at the Himalaya’s foot. Players will help the rebel faction overthrow the treacherous dictator of foreign origin (Pagan Min of Hong Kong descent) dominating the nation. As reminded by the US embassy at the beginning of the game, this war will be outside US diplomatic intervention and probably also all outside countries. It also creates an isolated environment in which “oscillating the sword” is free and for survival.

It can be said in the three above games that it is quite clear that Far Cry has its own “quality” when choosing an isolated area and a large-scale battle between the top local powers to make excuses for the scenes shooting jubilantly. People fell like straw but were not questioned about morality, about murder.

Stray notes

Again and again, not all the Far Cry series’s scenes are as good and sophisticated or as unique as the versions mentioned above—still too trivial or awkward contexts.

Far Cry và cách chọn bối cảnh độc đáo “bào chữa” cho cuộc chiến

The first example is the first version of the game. It was still excellent and had a reasonably deep Far Cry. Also, a deserted island in the Pacific Ocean, it is still a war completely isolated from the outside world between a legion of private mercenaries and the protagonist. However, many points make it stray from the standard quality of the Far Cry context. The first is that it is too imaginative when there are mutant monsters. The scientific research is inadequate, making it more like the character of Resident Evil. But it is still understandable that the first version of CryTek was made before it was sold to Ubisoft and from version 2 onwards really formed the “Far Cry” in the game context.

Far Cry và cách chọn bối cảnh độc đáo “bào chữa” cho cuộc chiến

However, until the 5th version, it is difficult to justify the loss of substance. Far Cry 5 is quite shocking when it comes to setting the scene in the United States, a place that is quite difficult to justify a large-scale gun battle. Montana is selected with the embrace of nature and dedication to the way of life of the people. It explains quite a bit of a false cult that develops its army and even installs people in the political system of Montana’s entire state to serve its purpose. But the official sect’s shootings robbed the authorities, arrested the police chiefs and deputies of the locality, blocked telecommunications communications and roads “inside and outside the country” without anyone knowing it was indeed a lie.

Far Cry và cách chọn bối cảnh độc đáo “bào chữa” cho cuộc chiến

Go to Far Cry New Dawn, although it is a sub-version of the same formula of Far Cry game, this time it is the main sequel of Far Cry 5, so it can be considered related to The main storyline of the series. And it takes a very out-of-date context: Post-apocalypse. So far, the substance of Far Cry has not been seen yet. The importance of Mad Max and Rage is popular.

Message from the game context

I like the Far Cry series, especially the classic versions like Far Cry 2, Far Cry 3, and Far Cry 4. The context is quite realistic and contains quite a few mythical details like a miracle like “ Coffee “by Citra in Far Cry 3 or the world of Shangri-La and Yeti in Far Cry 4. It brings a very profound message from those contexts.

Somewhere in this world, there are still bloody fights. There are even scenes where people shoot and kill each other freely without fear of being murdered. During the war, everything can happen, and one has to do everything to survive. This message is mainly portrayed by Jason Brody at Far Cry 3 when he struggled between two psychological extremes. A civilized man who feels horrible when he kills a person and another part of him who is a warrior feels good when he takes down his enemies. And in the end, how many people will choose to be civilized people and their friends will return to the US? How many people will choose to “slash” their friends to become a great warrior who killed thousands of people to fight Public prestige?

Far Cry và cách chọn bối cảnh độc đáo “bào chữa” cho cuộc chiến

The last option is your question about your humanity.

It is this choice that shows you how easily you can turn into a cold-blooded murderer so that when that choice brings consequences, you sit there and realize that “I made the wrong choice!” – But it’s late, can’t choose again.

It was an exciting lesson about good and evil in the middle of the 21st-century civilized world.