Far Cry: New Dawn has been added with an RPG element by Ubisoft, perhaps a test step for the next “Cry” version of Far Cry to be released in the next few years.

Over the years, perhaps world gamers have become accustomed to exploiting Ubisoft’s Far Cry brand: a numbered main version, followed by a spin off version that reuses the map of the version. ago: Blood Dragon, Primal, and now New Dawn. After the cyberpunk background of the Blood Dragon and the primal time of Primal, gamers will now come to the post-apocalyptic era in New Dawn.

Trailer plot of Far Cry: New Dawn.

Specifically, New Dawn said that Joseph Seed’s prediction was true, and a nuclear war called “The Collapse” happened. Nuclear weapons sweep the surface of the earth, destroy human civilization and cause survivors to form small, isolated communities while nature recaptures the outside world. According to information from Ubisoft, the game will also reveal the fate of both the main character and the villain in Far Cry 5.

As usual, you will notice the familiarity of the terrain in New Dawn because it repeats the map of Far Cry 5 as a background for a new game. Your opponent is not the Ghoul or Mutant in the Fallout, but the Highwaymen, a gang of Mad Max-style psychopaths with weird hair styles, wearing metal and thorny pieces full of people under the leadership of Two sisters Mickey and Lou. In the midst of that, the player is the leader of Prosperity (Phon Vinh), a small, peaceful shelter for the residents of Hope County. The threat of the Highwaymen caused the player to knock on the door of the survivors from the Eden Gate sect of Joseph Seed every day, and made a proposal to cooperate.

Far Cry: New Dawn - Không chỉ là FPS

Two sisters Lou and Mickey, boss Highwaymen band.

Perhaps like the Assassin’s Creed series, Ubisoft is looking to change the formula of the Far Cry series. New Dawn will not be a mere shooting game because Ubisoft is trying to create a mixed hotpot by adding a very immersive flavor to the game. Enemies in the game will be graded from 1 to 4, the higher the stronger, the more blood, the thicker the armor and the “harder to play.”

The damage from your shots will be measured by the numbers splashing from the target, just like the Borderlands – except that the enemies of New Dawn will not be as buffalo to the level of the Super Badass in the Borderlands. . Some opponents require you to take advantage of their disadvantages, such as shooting at the feet of the shield-bearing floods, sneaking out with bulletproof masks … all things that are too familiar to skilled FPS gamers.

Far Cry: New Dawn - Không chỉ là FPS

The health bar and numbers indicate the damage flying out from the target.

In addition to the enemies from the Highwaymen, the creatures in Far Cry: New Dawn are also divided into 4 similar levels. To deal with high-level enemies, gamers of course need weapons with higher stats, but reflexes and aiming skills are still as important as a normal FPS title. You will still find satisfaction when driving your character through the bushes, performing impressive takedowns like catching the enemy from behind, pulling the knife he wears and launching into an opponent’s face. the enemy was more than a dozen meters away.

In addition to slaughtering opponents outside, players also need to take care of what happens inside the Prosperity base. There are many different buildings that give you special advantages, such as gardens that help upgrade blood bags, training camps for better assistants, garages and armory that bring vehicles and weapons. better ”… They all demand oil, the kind of resources you can find from Highwaymen outposts scattered around the world. Ubisoft said that “Prosperity’s level of prosperity will affect the story of the game,” so think it will change the outcome of the story.

Far Cry: New Dawn - Không chỉ là FPS

The power of weapons in the game is now expressed by the index.

But New Dawn’s RPG probably just stopped there. This is not The Witcher, Mass Effect or Dragon Age, where you have to make decisions that affect the branch of the plot and dozens of different missions. The only really interesting decision in the game is probably just occupying or robbing outposts (Outpost) of the Highwaymen you have conquered. Occupying gives you some oil, a safe stop and a place to teleport, while the robbery brings more oil but soon this outpost will be taken back by the Highwaymen by higher-level soldiers. . In this way, gamers can “plow” the enemy outposts to earn more and more oil, while challenging themselves by facing new enemies.

Far Cry: New Dawn - Không chỉ là FPS

New Dawn’s equipment system is a bit of a plow hoe, perhaps to pave the way for in-game microtransaction. For those who like to plow hoes, New Dawn promises to always have new items to upgrade, new achievements to unlock, new equipment to play with, and they will give gamers the feeling of “I’m advancing.” sets ”help keep them engaged with the game. The game will also have several missions that take gamers on a small, isolated map (similar in Far Cry 4) to “change the wind.” This is nothing short of groundbreaking, but it gives players the opportunity to explore places that can’t appear on the main map, such as a rusty carrier on the ocean.

Far Cry: New Dawn - Không chỉ là FPS

Overall, it looks like New Dawn will be a very familiar game, but with a few minor changes worth noting. New Dawn’s world of pink apocalyptic, full of green trees will come to gamers on February 15.