Compared to the disappointing fifth installment, Far Cry New Dawn is a much better version of the gameplay and plot, though a bit sick.

Far Cry New Dawn can be said as excellent post-production of the main Far Cry – sub this pair. Along with the monstrous changes such as the showy scenery, the muddy NPCs, the game also provides many changes that increase the game’s quality compared to Part 5.

If you do not know, from Far Cry 3, this series has a tradition of making the main version and then a sub-version made based on the gameplay, and the map of the original is slightly different. For Far Cry 3, it was Blood Dragon; for Far Cry 4, it was Primal; for Far Cry 5, it was New Dawn.

The story of Far Cry New Dawn is the true ending of part 5

If you’ve ever heard of Capcom’s dirty trick when using the actual ending of Asura’s Wraith cut out as a DLC sold separately, Ubisoft has played even muddier when this real ending is made into a sequel game. When you experience it all, you will see the confusing things that Joseph Seed did in part 5, explained clearly at Far Cry New Dawn’s end. But that’s what you have to experience yourself, not Spoil here.

Đánh giá Far Cry New Dawn – Khi bản phụ chơi “đã” hơn bản chính

Security commander, right? I am Carmina

The plot of Far Cry New Dawn opens with the quote of Carmina Rye, the daughter of Nick and Kim that you once drove Kim to give birth to before. Accordingly, the newly born girl was brought down to the bomb shelter’s shelter throughout the nuclear disaster. By the time she was six years old, people had just started to come back to the field because radiation had dissipated, and the people of Hope County began working to rebuild their lives.

They work hard and after a few years have made some progress, a peaceful and stable life. One day, a huge band of bandits called Highwaymen to Hope County led by two colored twins Mickey and Lou. They blatantly seized the land and declared the strong king, and those who opposed it would be killed or enslaved to work in death in their prisons.

Nick Rye, because of opposition, should be taken away, the plane was confiscated. Kim and Carmina stayed to build the camp into a resistance stronghold named Prosperity against the Highwaymen bandits. They sent a plea to a celebrity called Thomas Rush to help them rebuild Hope County. Thomas Rush was a well-known and capable builder who famously helped regenerate many American cities after the nuclear disaster and happily accepted to help Hope County residents.

Đánh giá Far Cry New Dawn – Khi bản phụ chơi “đã” hơn bản chính

You are a commander in the group of Rush

Rush has organized a train carrying hundreds of people with materials and supplies to help Hope County fully regenerate. In the delegation, there is the main character controlled by the player who is a captain (Captain) under Rush. Carmina is also on board as a guide.

However, the train was destroyed by bandits. Only a few people left all behind, and class materials were destroyed class robbers were confiscated. The protagonist begins his life, along with Carmina, goes to find Rush and solve bandits.

Completely improved gameplay

The weak point of Far Cry has always been based on money and level, so when you blow hard enough, you will quickly get everything, and the next part of the game is not difficult. Far Cry New Dawn eliminates that by leaving the money and level system, causing you to find ingredients and plow skills in a more complex way.

Đánh giá Far Cry New Dawn – Khi bản phụ chơi “đã” hơn bản chính

No money, only resources and raw materials

The game does not have a money system but uses resources, so you have to collect materials when you want to raise something. The materials are used for different purposes, but the words made from that material are complementary. It’s other than using a unit of money to buy everything. For example, if you use Ethanol to upgrade your house, it will open good weapons, but if you want to have a weapon, you must use other materials such as components, duct tape, circuit board… to assemble a gun. You have to play to a certain extent to get a genuine gun instead of plowing a little is enough to buy a few good Prestige guns.

Besides skill points, too, it is also considered as a material that you have to go to do certain things to have, such as treasure hunting, completing challenges, clearing outposts at levels.

Đánh giá Far Cry New Dawn – Khi bản phụ chơi “đã” hơn bản chính

The truck is full of ingredients that make you feel more excited about attacking.

From here, a series of other features are added or pay more attention when plowing materials or plowing skill points (perk) instead of nobody paying attention as before. You will have to pay attention to snatch random parachutes on the map or steal enemy trucks to collect resources instead of ignoring the previous ones because the rewards are too low.

The game also adds a minigame mode called Expedition. This is a quick task for you to enter a small map with a marker of smoke. You go to the smoke column and steal the material bags of the Highwaymen and then flee their pursuit until the helicopter arrives. This is a series of tasks because it is the most abundant supply of Circuit Boards, which is the rarest raw material used to manufacture high-end guns. There are many maps to choose from, and each level of difficulty will increase with stronger, more crowded enemies.

Đánh giá Far Cry New Dawn – Khi bản phụ chơi “đã” hơn bản chính

Expedition mode is a minigame “rob the goods fleeing” quite interesting.

Far Cry New Dawn built the house upgrade system as a mobile castle building, which means you will have a main house and annexes. Each annex will increase your benefits, such as a garage that provides a train to buy, a weapon desk to supply guns for manufacture and use, and a health room to increase your health bar. This upgrade with Ethanol material. The main house has to be upgraded by completing story missions and rescuing NPC specialists in side missions. The annexes that want to upgrade must follow a certain level of the main house. For example, if you wish to upgrade Garage level 3, you must have the main house level 2 or higher.

The battle system and play hierarchy have been taken

Unlike the main version, Far Cry New Dawn divides the system into tiers (levels) of almost everything from enemies to bodyguards (rosters) to guns. These levels show the power and gap difference is quite excellent in the style of RPG.

Đánh giá Far Cry New Dawn – Khi bản phụ chơi “đã” hơn bản chính

The enemy Elite is extremely cattle.

A Tier 1 enemy shot with a Tier 1 gun would be expected, but using a Tier 1 gun to shoot a Tier 2 enemy is starting to struggle. Use Tier 1 gun and shoot Tier 3, you will know the two words “tired” how it is not to mention Elite level (Tier 4 = elite crown). The gun is also calculated by damage, and the damage is calculated based on the enemy’s shooting position. If hit a weak point like a headshot will be fatal and yellow damage can be several times the gun’s standard damage. Of course, if hit by armor, will be deducted damage. This motivates you to continually have to race arms not to be “squeezed” by the higher level if they accidentally hit the road.
Đánh giá Far Cry New Dawn – Khi bản phụ chơi “đã” hơn bản chính

The sniper is the strongest in the game, but if it doesn’t have armor-piercing bullets, it can also shoot high-level enemies like scratching.

It was from here that spawned unique ammunition stores such as armor-piercing bullets, fire bullets, and explosive ammunition. They have incredibly thick armor and regular guns for the high tier guys, and Tier is also difficult to defeat. You have to make armor or fire armor to disable this armor. Never in the game has toy equipment been noticed by gamers like in Far Cry New Dawn this time. Especially after you hold the strongest sniper gun in the game, the SA50 headshot is an Elite enemy that doesn’t even fly a hat, let alone fall. Everything will be solved with a headshot with armor-piercing bullets.

A unique feature is that some guns have a knife or scissors attached to the front. It helps melee faster and better when pressing “F” while fighting to stab. When stabbing the enemy to death, there will be an animation of the scene of “burning down” to the enemy similar takedown.

Đánh giá Far Cry New Dawn – Khi bản phụ chơi “đã” hơn bản chính

There is a challenger for this melee.

With Roster, your supporters also have this tier and upgrade with the Training Camp sub-house. Roster tier 1 will shoot quite a jail, but when on the Elite, the buffalo is exceptionally terrible and shoots. Besides, each Roster also has its skill system that gradually opens according to the character’s skill index. The ultimate moves are awful. For example, Carmina will throw three dynamite at a time when fighting. You can imagine how explosive it is.

Graphics and sound

It can be said that the scenery environment in Far Cry New Dawn is better than its original version. Although it is showy, its flower fields are more pleasing than the one-colored white sequence of the central part. Buildings have also been rebuilt with a state of ruins buried after a nuclear disaster. Thanks to the inheritance from Far Cry 5, the other graphics should also be gorgeous, significantly when it is redesigned in the makeshift patch of post-apocalyptic style from guns to vehicles.
Đánh giá Far Cry New Dawn – Khi bản phụ chơi “đã” hơn bản chính

The exhilarating world

The sound is not very special except for one thing that is very well made: the roster’s sound comes from. You can hear them shouting and cursing at enemies incessantly when fighting or regularly reporting their position while stealthily. Choose Carmina, and you’ll see that very clearly.

Good but a bit short

Maybe the key to Far Cry New Dawn is a better-designed game than the previous Far Cry 5 in gameplay mechanics and plot. At least I will not be unreasonably grabbed by the enemy in the “I like its style I will catch it. ” In return, the game performance is relatively short. When the game ends, there is not much to do in the remaining open world because its map is relatively narrow, only taking one corner from Far Cry 5.

Đánh giá Far Cry New Dawn – Khi bản phụ chơi “đã” hơn bản chính

Honestly, even though the price is much lower than the original, it feels worth the money than the other one. It seems because it was the unfinished ending of the previous big one.

Minimum configuration:

  • Operating system: Windows 7 SP1, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 (64bit required)
  • CPU: Intel Core i5 2400 @ 3.1 GHz or AMD FX 6350 @ 3.9 GHz
  • Memory: 8 GB RAM
  • VGA: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 670 (2GB) or AMD Radeon R9 270X (2GB) or better
  • HDD: 30 GB of free hard disk space