The Far Cry New Dawn world will operate differently than the mainstream versions, so you need some basic understanding of how it works to get off to a good start.

Like the other versions, Far Cry New Dawn was intentionally designed for “wrong” compared to the primary performance. Check out the versions like Blood Dragon, Primal; you will see this subordinate group’s “sickness”. This version’s most conspicuous point is that you will shoot each other in a world showy pink, if not counting women with beards in the character appearance correction.

However, the difference in playing is worth noting, and it does not show as clearly as the pastel-colored fields out there. You will need to change some of the familiar concepts of Far Cry 5 to adapt to Far Cry New Dawn.

Building bases determines a part of strength.

In Far Cry New Dawn, you will combine the citadel as Clash of Clans. You will have a separate citadel, Prosperity base, including the main house and the auxiliary houses. The upgrade mechanism will be identical to the one built into the game. You cannot upgrade the sub house beyond the main house level +1. For example, the custom weapon-making table can be upgraded to level 2 if the main house is level 1. If you want to level 3, you must raise the main house to level 2 first. To upgrade the main home, you have to follow special requirements such as completing the story missions and side quests to collect specialists scattered on the map to serve as personnel for the base.

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You will upgrade the main house and auxiliary structures like the castle building game.6

The different houses provide many benefits related to the player’s strength, so upgrading them is directly related to your character fighting strong or weak. Advanced weapon crafting tables will allow you to forge good weapons, strong damage, good features. The health room will increase 50% of your maximum HP for each level. If you max three levels, you will have a health bar of 250% HP. The training house will upgrade your escort guards (Roster); the higher the level, the bodyguards will shoot each other.

Hướng dẫn Far Cry New Dawn – Nhập môn căn bản

Ethanol is an essential raw material for home renovation.

To upgrade your home, you need the key ingredient, Ethanol (as gasoline), which you can get from many sources. Outpost capture is the most abundant source, then to collect and steal the “hearing” boxes randomly dropped by the enemy to supply for the accomplices.

Occupy Ethanol outpost

Outpost now pays you with Ethanol instead of money, and I honestly find it a lot more appealing and meaningful for cash. Ethanol cannot be bought with game money because the post-apocalyptic base doesn’t have money, so this supply is a rare source, so it is not easy to find elsewhere.

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Weak enemies will loosen outpost Level 1.

The outpost will have three levels. When you first capture it at level 1 (1 star), by step 1, soldiers are scouting in small numbers and loose guard. After successfully occupying, you will be rewarded a certain amount of Ethanol and, of course, will award a little more if you settle without alarm or not being detected.

But the latter is attractive.

After taking over, you can reset the outpost (called salvage) to receive an additional ethanol amount. You draw out, the enemy regains the outpost and pushes it to level 2 stars. Level 2 stars will be more difficult due to tier 2 soldiers guarding. There are difficult tier 3 buffalo dogs to assassinate guards. The occupation will be much sourer. Of course, the reward Ethanol will be much higher.

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Outpost accounts will be rewarded with Ethanol.

And yet, when you reset it again, it maxed three stars. This is a bad thing if you want to capture undetected because it has yellow max tier (level 4) soldiers with a crown icon. We can not tag (will disappear when lost vision) shot with heavy sniper bullets, 50cal headshot, or fly hats, let alone die. Defeating by force is also extremely difficult because when the alert reinforcements pull to the east, it includes the high level. But in return, the reward is also very terrible.

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These cows shoot both strong blood and buffalo.

In general, if you complete all three reset milestones of an outpost, you can pocket over 800 Ethanol, which is a good number for you to upgrade your house. If you have enough firepower can try pleased hands.

One way that I think is the “worst” thing to have Ethanol is … rob the enemy tanker. There will be accidental tank trucks that appear in the game. However, this way is very confusing because you have to shoot the driver to stop the car. But have to shoot well because hitting the car will explode, and you get nothing. After stealing the car, you have to climb up and drive it to the nearest outpost under your control. When you get home safely, you will be rewarded with 75 Ethanol, a pretty frothy figure.

Which skill selection is important?

Although Far Cry New Dawn’s skill translates into buildings’ benefits, although having to cut a small amount, it still possesses essential things in combat. First, you need to increase your two gun storage skills as soon as possible quickly. Initially, you only have two default compartments, so there is one compartment for pistols; you can not insert big guns. It is very inconvenient when you need to bring different guns in many different situations.

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High-level takedown skills can take down all max levels.

Another skill that needs to be promoted early is the skill that helps equip the torch in person. With this soldering iron, you can repair vehicles and destroy safes. Safes contain titanium, an important and rare resource in the game, so you need to open the safe skill as soon as possible.

After having the basics, you should note three levels of taking down skills corresponding to 3 levels of enemy soldiers. When maxing this skill, you can assassinate even the enemy soldiers of the max level to help you sneakily capture the outpost easier. The skill of increasing the amount of ammunition carried and increasing the amount of blood bag to take also needs attention. Mostly they are advanced skills with an up arrow at the corner, this type of skill allows you to increase many times with advanced numbers instead of opening one. For example, at first, I could only carry a maximum of 90 rifle bullets (for AK, M4), but after 4 times of buying tanks, I could take 180 bullets.

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Skipping skills are also quite useful and need early.

You may not use skills or need to increase if it is not your taste—for example, wingsuit flight function or recreational fishing function.

Where to find skill points?

Far Cry New Dawn has no leveling system, so skill points must be collected through other means. The first is to hunt for hidden treasures similar to Far Cry 5. These treasures contain certain puzzles that you must solve to open the store. In the warehouse outside of raw materials, ammunition, probably a safe, and most importantly, three magazines. Each book will give you one skill point (perk), so each treasure will be 3 points perk.

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The quest to find the treasure will give you many attractive rewards.

Another way to earn skill points is to complete challenges (challenges). These challenges are quite simple and easy to do. You can go to Challenger in the function menu to view the request. It would usually be to kill so many enemy soldiers with specific guns or hunt an individual animal’s skin many times. Challenges also have many levels. For example, if you use a tier 1 shotgun to complete the challenge, it will open up challenges for a tier 2 shotgun. This is a great perk store if you are free enough to plow.

Taking outpost will also give you perk points per level (1 star – 3 stars corresponds to 1 point – 3 points), but this way is a bit sour at level 3 and needs good weapons to do, so only plow when those other methods have plowed crushed.

Resources and how to find

Far Cry New Dawn runs on resources instead of money like the previous installments. If uploading your house, you need Ethanol. If you want to make a gun, you need components, components, gear, duct tape, carbon fiber, carbon chip, circuit board, titanium. If you want to buy a plane train, you need a spring fork. If you’re going to buy ammo, you need copper (cooper).

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Most of the material is used for making guns.

Most of the materials you can pick up on your adventure. Components, gears, tapes, dipped forks, copper wires can be widely picked up in buildings and constructions in the game. You can also pick them up in the “hearing” bin or kill scavenger randomly appearing everywhere to take.

Titanium is rarer when you only get it in safes, expedition missions, robbing enemy vehicles.

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Selling animal skins also obtains the material.

The rarest is probably an electronic chip because you can only get it through Expedition or buy money (Far Cry Credit) in the resource pack sold in the shop.

You can also obtain raw materials by hunting wild animals for the exchange of resources in the shop. The higher the animal tier, the stronger the skin will be for the rare materials.

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Herbal is used to revitalize bodyguards and quickly prepared blood bags anytime, anywhere.

There is also another group of medicinal ingredients. These include medicinal-pickable plants scattered throughout the forest and in herbal growers in Prosperity. These herbal groups have two main applications: to quickly create blood bags and revive bodyguards who are “dead”. This herbal base is not uncommon. You can pick up in many places; diligently rummage the boxes, pick fresh in the forest or pick up herbal sacks available in abandoned houses.

Above is an essential introductory guide to Far Cry New Dawn; in the following article, I will go into the depth of combat, such as how to make guns, enemy levels, play tactics, gun damage calculation. Please look forward to it!