If you need a shooting game that challenges all your skills and brings the ultimate sense of achievement when you win, comes to Doom Eternal.

And so, after months of waiting and delay, Doom Eternal came out. Vietnamese gamers are allowed to play early at 10 pm on March 19 instead of waiting until March 20 like Western gamers, and I flew into the game as soon as the game was unlocked and updated completely. After spending about 8 hours plowing the game, I made this article to tell you about my first experience with this shooter.

Cảm nhận Doom Eternal: Cuồng loạn và căng thẳng

Why wait until 8 o’clock to write about the “first feeling”? That’s because Doom Eternal is more complicated than its predecessor, and he wants to make sure that he understands the gameplay mechanics before he starts talking about the game. Doom Slayer now has more tools to “treat” the demons than Doom 2016, from entirely new things like flamethrowers on the back or wicked knives on the left arm to old items. But upgraded like Super Shotgun, Rocket Launcher, Balista, Plasma Rifle,… The pistol has disappeared from the Doom Slayer’s arsenal. He is now starting with Combat Shotgun, but that’s a perfectly reasonable thing because His opponents are more ferocious and far more dangerous.

Doom Eternal: Cơn ác mộng của quỷ dữ đã trở lại!

Indeed, Doom Eternal demons are no longer the looming monsters, slowly waiting to rip & tear like Doom 2016 (although they will eventually be rip & tear). Instead, Software has upgraded the demons and gives them incredible maneuverability, no less than our main character. The Imp keep moving in search of a good position, Whiplash crawls on the ground to avoid bullets and approach you to whip, Cacodemon is ready to “keep firing” when you come;… They are also given their weaknesses and strengths, from the ability to stop you from rushing to finishing down the fallen monsters to immunity to damage from the shield of energy surrounding you. This change requires gamers to continually observe the battlefield, identify situations, and make quick decisions to destroy the most dangerous or annoying enemies.

How to most effectively rip & tear in Doom Eternal? Doom Eternal enemies can now give you a taste of failure even at medium difficulty (Hurt Me Plenty), so please refer to the following tips!

In return, Doom Slayer also becomes more formidable than ever with an arsenal on himself and many new skills. You will need quite a bit of time to be able to master all these skills and buttons. Let me tell you: Doom Slayer has grenades (Ctrl), flamethrowers (R), chainsaw (C), dash (Shift), change mod for weapons (F), change grenade type (G ), slow down time (right mouse), … Fortunately, Doom Slayer will unlock them slowly, leaving enough space for players to remember and turn new lessons into natural reflexes before launching. Add new features to the player’s face. Once you have all those skills, Doom Slayer will join the monsters playing a hide and seek game full of blood and bullets comprehensive to narrow arenas.

Doom Eternal: Cơn ác mộng của quỷ dữ đã trở lại!

Marauder, a very dangerous opponent I just defeated for the first time.

And those areas have also been upgraded compared to Doom 2016. Because Doom Slayer has many skills to move in the air, the arenas between you, demons are expanded and expanded better than that. Fair use of bars, jump platforms, ledges in the arena is the key for Doom Slayer to stand before the flood of demons that Doom Eternal continuously poured into the player’s face. In the silence between battles, gamers will enjoy simple puzzles that require flying, swinging, climbing;… believing that even adventurers like Lara Croft or Nathan Drake will have to “Squint” by the sublime skills of Doom Slayer.

Each level of Doom Eternal is also very long. Do not expect yourself to sit down and play from screen to screen, but you often will have to pause for “charging” because the time lasts up to hours (or more if increasing difficulty and scouring all secrets). I only played average (Hurt Me Plenty), and the screen to visit old acquaintance Samuel Hayden lasted more than 90 minutes. Each game screen’s long duration gives gamers a long-term adventure, about 16-25 hours long depending on the level of your plow hoe.

Cảm nhận Doom Eternal: Cuồng loạn và căng thẳng

Don’t let these skins fool you because Doom Slayer is still the embodiment of rage.

With gameplay upgraded from A to Z like this, it is not surprising that Doom Eternal is one of the games that can win the GOTY 2020. If you need a try-and-shoot game, challenge all your skills, and bring a sense of ultimate achievement when winning, come to Doom Eternal.