The demo revealed a huge shortcoming of Final Fantasy VII Remake, which is the catastrophic camera system that can ruin the whole game.

The release of the Final Fantasy VII Remake demo a few days ago gave players a clearer view of this upcoming blockbuster, most specifically the gameplay changes to a combination of action and turn-based tactics. . However, there is one thing that Final Fantasy VII Remake is complaining a lot about, its camera mechanism and lock-on target are so overwhelming, to the point that it is too damaging to everyone’s gaming experience.

As the Game did in the Final Fantasy VII Remake demo, now you will play a real action game in a style similar to Assassin’s Creed or Horizon Zero Dawn, of course there is still a turn-based element by stopping time. time to use the ATB bar, but in general, slashing still plays a major role in the game, because you simply do not hit, do not have a dream to accumulate ATB points.

Final Fantasy VII Remake also does not have any transitions to the battle, but the style is always smashing, so its pace is very fast rather than slow as the original. Players must slash, dice round, block and move stacks between weapons for continuous use at breakneck speed, Final Fantasy VII Remake is extremely fast speed is probably the fastest in the series. . Due to the short duration of the demo, it is not possible to say much about whether this new game is successful or not, but one big minus point that Final Fantasy VII Remake is facing is the extremely problematic camera design. .

Final Fantasy VII Remake và cái camera tệ hại hết chỗ nói của nó

You also know how important it is in the action games, lock-on or target lock, when it makes it possible to roll around the screen but still keep prey in sight, avoid turning I don’t know what I’m fighting when I’m crazy. Final Fantasy VII Remake is basically a semi-action game, so it also has a target lock but this is also the time when a lot of troublesome things happen.

The first thing to say is that the battlefield in Final Fantasy VII Remake is not very wide or it is extremely small, this leads to the shooting angle is close to the character and the battlefield is too small so even if you move further away, the camera won’t be much taller even after adjusting the options. Now imagine you sneaking into the base camp with a low ceiling, that literally means seeing only … Cloud’s back but not knowing which enemy the enemy is in.

The Final Key VII Remake’s target lock is also very bananas, normally it will have to focus on the main character and rotate in the direction of the locked enemy, but Final Fantasy VII Remake plays differently. is to keep the camera and show the target when Cloud is near. Needless to say, enough to understand how annoying this is, when it makes the attack extremely difficult to see.

Final Fantasy VII Remake và cái camera tệ hại hết chỗ nói của nó

But lock-on is still not as annoying as having Final Fantasy VII Remake for the camera to say is extremely stupid, as mentioned above this game has a too narrow viewing angle and what will be like if you act at high speed? If you are familiar with the action type to evade the attack, then very quickly you will see Cloud spinning in a circle all over the face because the camera constantly moves horizontally so quickly, rather it is for viewing angle away. then distinguish it, so clearly it is puzzling each other.

The remake of Final Fantasy VII Remake is that it doesn’t automatically adjust for the character when it sees an enemy, there is nothing better to watch when you run straight into the creeps and have to start the lock-on from the beginning. Not to mention that if you encounter a soldier standing on the ground and a gun turret up high, it is distorted why the camera will lock into the gun first and let the soldier’s body fall on Cloud’s head.

Trước khi có mái tóc chuẩn đến từng sợi, người ta từng có những quả đầu như thế này trong game

Before the standard hair, each hair was seen in the game world.Since birth, people had hair and until their eyes closed, except for special cases, jewelry. This nature also followed us to the grave.

It’s good to fight bosses because it is better now because the angle is adjusted a bit further, but with such a weird rotation, I can’t imagine the time when the party has many characters or bosses. 2 or more will look like, looks will be quite messy to see.

Final Fantasy VII Remake và cái camera tệ hại hết chỗ nói của nó

And finally, fleeing and interacting with the environment, Final Fantasy VII Remake defaults to entering the battle as nothing else except defeating all opponents, if you want to run, you must go backwards. direction to them, but the problem is if the “opposite direction” is the dead angle like a staircase or a dead end.

I had an extremely frustrating case when I ran away from the nuclear reactor about to explode in the demo, the countdown timer was trying to go up the stairs but I couldn’t because there were a few creepy creeps in the far distance. So we have to steal the tail and go and solve them. Remarkably, Final Fantasy VII Remake must be adjusted to a reasonable distance, monsters must have a range of players, rather than being on the screen to fight.

Final Fantasy VII Remake và cái camera tệ hại hết chỗ nói của nó

Overall, the design of the camera and lock-on in Final Fantasy VII Remake is still very bad, it’s not clear whether Square Enix can fix it when the game is released because there is only more than a short month, because no one likes to cover it. My experience will be ruined by this at all.