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You may be interested in experiencing Bleeding Edge, but after a few hours of playing, everything will start to fade because it keeps repeating.

If you are a lover of fighting shooting genre, then you’ve probably heard the name Bleeding Edge – the game “follow” Overwatch quite famous recently and officially launched. Although not popularly promoted like other blockbusters, Bleeding Edge also attracted quite a lot of players, but unfortunately, after trying all the characters in the game, you will notice, it turns out Bleeding Edge is also not as fascinating as imagined.

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Rei Dunois once again proved that when men know their makeup is more beautiful than women Rei Dunois is a famous gamer and cosplayer from Tokyo, this “girl” attracts many fans for the seriousness of investing. dress with devil’s physique in every shot of makeup carefully

As a game that follows the style of Overwatch, Bleeding Edge is still a fighting style between two opposing teams, seeking to accomplish key objectives on the map with a lot of characters to coordinate. Up to this point, Bleeding Edge has more than 10 characters to choose from, divided into 3 classes: assassins, gladiators and support. A special feature compared to other games is that Bleeding Edge focuses heavily on close-range combat, when there are many characters who only use melee weapons and gun damage is quite adjusted.

The attacks in Bleeding Edge are designed to have quite weak damage, to make it easy to understand that there will be no way you just stepped out of the slash or hit the head and die without understanding what happened. A hard attack will hardly pull the blood more than 2/3, whichever type you will still have enough time to react and counterattack, which makes Bleeding Edge “more casual” and not put a bad temper.

Each character class will have different stats and skills, when the assassin is low but hit fast and move fast, gladiator fighters with a wide range but slow speed and eventually support most possible used a gun, but the damage is weak and the defense is quite bad. Of course, the player must coordinate with each other, not having to weigh them all by yourself.

Ấn tượng đầu tiên Bleeding Edge: Hào nhoáng, vui vẻ nhưng rất mau chán

The difference of Bleeding Edge is that it has a physical bar, this is used for 2 things: rolling to dodge and cast skills. Dodgeing attacks in Bleeding Edge is almost similar to the action games, which means that your character will flip, glide or jump a short distance to avoid enemy attacks. Bleeding Edge has a long i-frame, so if you use it well, you will live extremely tough when fighting, of course, physical strength will take time to recover so the player does not have to like to press like crazy.

Each character will have 3 basic skills (usually basic or passive), 3 activation skills and 2 optional final moves – which will accumulate when you hit the target or get hit. For this part, most gamers are too familiar, you will rotate the normal attack and then use the skill when it cooldown, accumulating enough last moves to kill the enemy.

The characters in Bleeding Edge have a set of skills that must be said to be very suitable for each other, such as Deamon is the assassin form used to assassinate, possessing the ability to stealth and knock unconscious, or Buttercup is her. Gladiators use chainsaws with acceleration in a short distance with long range and ability to hold the enemy, Kulev is an all-powerful supportive model that is extremely difficult to play when both healing and causing damage over time. and cum debuff opponents ..

Ấn tượng đầu tiên Bleeding Edge: Hào nhoáng, vui vẻ nhưng rất mau chán

The attack in Bleeding Edge has a clear rhythm, meaning that some characters will slash faster or have a longer duration to take momentum than other characters. This makes the gameplay of Bleeding Edge very diverse when the player must really get used to it, fortunately because the damage in the game is not excessive, so you can learn and get used to it slowly. have to become sandbags for the other party to practice punching.

Teamwork becomes a key element of Bleeding Edge, especially when we have both melee and ranged character models. The support will have to work more to cover the battlefield, the tempo of the game faster because the two sides are forced to rush into each other, not from a distance, but firing like other games. This makes Bleeding Edge very fun, it is really entertaining game when you can choose a gladiator and then dive in like crazy, then draws healing without worrying that someone shoots you to death in a note. .

Ấn tượng đầu tiên Bleeding Edge: Hào nhoáng, vui vẻ nhưng rất mau chán

However, Bleeding Edge has a lot of very serious problems that are making it a “playable” game – both in terms of server infrastructure and in-game mechanics. Firstly, I don’t know which grandfather designed the game server, but that person should definitely get fired when he came up with the idea … to put all the areas together. There will be many games you play normally, but some ping games jump a few hundred beats at a time and don’t stop asking, it’s because you are being forwarded to a server located in … North America with your teammates or opponents yourself.

This problem is extremely annoying, plus that Bleeding Edge currently does not have a rating mode, so the matches seem to be superficial, not to mention the game has just launched, so it is true that someone tests the character. Toad doesn’t care about tactics.

First impression Bleeding Edge: Flashy, fun but very quickly bored 1

The Last of Us achieved success by focusing on the following simple things.If comparing content layout, The Last of Us uses the simplest and most intuitive elements instead of complicated and sophisticated, but it did not fail.

This is not as bad as Bleeding Edge does not have a system to punish quitters, almost every game I play, there will be a few of them who suddenly exit the game midway through boredom and nothing at all, causing the excitement to drop. significantly. Gamers are screaming like crazy about this issue, when it ruins their experience at the first stage.

Ấn tượng đầu tiên Bleeding Edge: Hào nhoáng, vui vẻ nhưng rất mau chán

But the thing that made Bleeding Edge the most criticized was its fighting mechanism, it was the maximum streamlining and focus on making it as easy as possible that made it lose the core of a fighting game – that is showing skills. All attacks in the game are too predictable and easy to dodge, plus the ranged characters are modified to balance the damage, so as long as you have physical strength, you will be immortal.

The matches thus often turn into 1 vs 1 chase, because basically you can not single-handedly kill anyone, forced to chase prey to run around the map before killing them. Basically, maybe Ninja Theory wants everyone to work together, to optimize the squad in epic battles and make sure no one has just stepped out to be “headshot” dead, after waiting a few dozen. seconds like other shooters.

But they forgot to forget that coordinating allies among an unknown gamer was completely unimaginable, especially when Bleeding Edge didn’t even have rank matches or punish quitters, so what the hell should it be? support when everyone wants to be an assassin.

Ấn tượng đầu tiên Bleeding Edge: Hào nhoáng, vui vẻ nhưng rất mau chán

And even ignoring such things, Bleeding Edge is still very boring, it does not have the hierarchy between good and bad people like Overwatch, most importantly, there is no feeling of satisfaction. I still remember when I was a toddler playing Overwatch and because of the chicken, I chose the lowest difficulty character, Bastion, with the ability to turn into a machine gun. The feeling of just standing in one place shooting at others turns out to be extremely happy, when I have 15 kill streak the first time I touch the game.

Bleeding Edge is not so because as said the game is to eat each other to see which side runs out first, you will have to go around running around to kill or shoot the opponent, chasing him from one place to another instead Must be hiding or looking nervous. It eliminates the most important thing in this game genre is the satisfaction in the divine processing phase, because obviously you only shoot and slash “brainless” only.

Ấn tượng đầu tiên Bleeding Edge: Hào nhoáng, vui vẻ nhưng rất mau chán

Although the gameplay is quite fun and the image is quite beautiful, Bleeding Edge is just like a strange mouth-biting lunchtime snack, when you quickly realize it only has a “crunchy” outer layer. and the inside is completely empty. Bleeding Edge just deserves to be a normal entertainment game that is the main type of play and joke, but also reaching the standard to keep the players long-term is far away.