Do you see an error message appearing regularly, BitDefender Threat Scanner, on your Windows 10 computer? The issue is specific to the presence of a Threat Scanner.dmp file in your Temp directory. In most cases, this dmp file is entirely unreadable in Notepad. Also, if you don’t close the pop-up, then your computer reboots after a forced time.

BitDefender Threat Scanner error occurs regardless of when you have installed this anti-virus software on your Windows 10 computer. After installing the latest solution update, some users faced this issue. However, many out there are not using BitDefender at all but still see the error pop up.

In such cases, Spybot’s file is corrupted. Once you replace Spybot’s corrupt file, everything will work smoothly. Like other popular antivirus solutions, Spybot also incorporates BitDefender technology, which is the reason for creating a dmp file.

So follow the instructions and go through all solutions to get around this BitDefender error.

Solution 1 – Delete temp folder

A pop-up message that error-related information is stored in the temp folder. However, when you locate and try to open that dmp file, it won’t load. So the first attempt you should make is to clear out the items in the temp directory completely. For many users, cleaning this directory bypasses the problem and, in doing so, following the steps given.

Step 1Open Run by pressing the Windows + R keys together to exit BitDefender Threat Scanner. Type temp in the text field provided and press the Ok button.

Step 2 – The above operation will open the temp folder, select all the items, and press the Delete key.

Step 3 – Proceed first, launch Run again, type % temp%, and press Enter to execute. This will open the Temp folder for your user account, selecting all the items. Finally, press Delete to remove all folder entries.

Step 4 – Once you delete all the items from the folder, restart Windows 10 PC. Finally, see if BitDefender Threat Scanner still happens or not.

Solution 2 – Download and run a patch

If you have upgraded BitDefender, you will probably face a BitDefender Threat Scanner error message on Windows 10. So the possible solution that BitDefender shows is to download and run the patch depending on ants. The architecture of your operating system.

Step 1 – First, find out the architecture of your Windows 10 operating system.

Step 2 – Depending on the version and architecture, run the patch accordingly. Go to this website and click Run this patch for 32 bit or 64 bit as required.

BitDefender introduces this patch to fix this particular bug that appeared after updating it. So after running the patch, it will resolve the BitDefender problem.

Solution 3 – Fix Spybot Corrupt Files

As mentioned above, many times, this error also occurs due to Spybot’s corrupt file. The root cause is that Spybot uses this particular BitDefender technology, and when its file gets corrupted, it leads to this error.

Step 1 – Open File Explorer to resolve BitDefender Threat Scanner. Once you launch it, navigate to this path –

C: Program Files (x86) Spybot – Search & Destroy 2.

Step 2 – Here, look for the file called SDAV.dll. This is the file that resulted in the error appearing. If the file seems to be missing in Spybot – Search & Destroy two folder, you will face this error. If the file size is not 32KB, this error message pops up on the computer screen.

Step 3 – If you don’t see the SDAV.dll file in the folder, go to this website and download the missing file.

Step 4 РAfter downloading the file, copy, and go to Spybot РSearch & Destroy two folder (for full path, see Step 1 ). Paste the SDAV.dll file into the folder.

Step 5 – If the SDAV.dll file is already in the folder, then verify its size. If its size is not 32KB, you need to replace it immediately as it is already damaged.

Note – To confirm the size, right-click on SDAV.dll and click Properties. Here, you can read its dimensions.

Step 6 – So to replace it, repeat Steps 3 and 4 and paste the new file. While pasting it, you may see the Replace or Skip Files dialog box on the computer screen. Moving forward, click the first button, ” Replace the file in the destination “.

Once you successfully replace the corrupt Spybot file, the BitDefender threat scanner error message does not appear.


Hopefully, any of the above three solutions will help you get through this BitDefender Threat Scanner error in Windows 10 OS. This error seems to be less annoying, especially for people who are not using BitDefender. However, if you know many solutions that can fix this BitDefender error, please write them to us.